End of Season Tomatoes: Part 2

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Hi. My name is Kirsten Segler from The Greenery
It is now the end of September and we've done our final harvest of our "Beefsteak Type" tomatoes and
our "Roma" type
we've got just a few of each
of those families displayed here
on the counter
ones that we thought performed very well either in yield
or have good form
as we slice them open
to display them just to give you some points on them
and maybe you'd be interested in trying them
for yourself
next season.
The first group we want to talk about are the
"Roma" type
We've selected three that
we thought had to be mentioned this season.
The first one here, we actually just
brought in the harvest from one plant just to give you an idea of
what kind of production this variety does. This is "Plum Regal"
this is it up
sliced up
these here, these two boxes all came from one plant and that was strictly just the fall
or end of summer harvest.
There was some picking done
earlier in the season as well.
The one in the center here
this is called "Sunoma"
and the one in the back
here, this is "Fresh Salsa".
Now, all these types of tomatoes, they're thicker-walled,
not a lot of juice or substance in the center.
This make these type of tomatoes ideal
paste, for whole canning
and as you would imagine
with this called "Fresh Salsa"
really good for making salsa.
This variety here
has a little more of a box shape to it
a little square and more blunt
than the typical "Roma"
"Roma" type.
These next varieties of tomatoes that we chose
these are all classed as
beef steak or
large slicing type tomato.
They all look
fairly identical. Again, this is probably because we have selected the varieties we thought
uniform in their texture
from the outside
not too many cracks at the top of the crown
and again when we cut them open
they all look
very similar
and now again, they're all going to have a bit of a different taste
and I could give you my opinion on how they taste but we'd like leaving that up to
you, the customer
because everyone has a different taste
or what they like or acidity. That's the key, the acidity of the tomato
we may do more of that in the future but for now we just wanted to give you a little idea of
what they look inside
and the varieties that we definitely know you're
going to be happy with.
With the yeild and the texture and this kind of thing.
So starting
over here, kind of in the middle, we got a variety called "Whopper". I've mentioned this in previous videos
and still close to one
of our better selling
four-pack tomato varieties.
comes out as a smooth tomato
I've never seen any shoulder crack
and just really consistent
good texture and so on as well.
Moving along here, this is "Champion"
again a variety we do in the four-pack section
not in the specialty section. So a high-volume selling variety. Again we have
a lot of good comments
on this variety too. If you haven't tried it before, give it a shot
Over here, "Beefy Boy"
First year I've tried this variety
and again,
I'm very happy with it and I think it could have the second-highest yeilding plant
in the garden
or kind of tied with "Whopper"
A little bit of green shouldering on this variety that you'll notice here
it doesn't ripen as uniformed throughout the tomato but still
really nice
and over here
this is called "Super Sonic"
it's all-around
good average
looking tomato
very nice
a little bit of a shoulder crack there
but you know there wasn't too many in this variety.
sometimes you get a variety of tomato where you get all
these shoulder cracks developing
at the top
and late in the season. That's where you'll develop a little brown spot and rotting occurring.
That's one disadvantage to getting and running into a tomato that does that.
The tighter they are, the less cracks
and a whole longer in the cooler, wet season
and later in the fall.
And to my left here
the very last variety we're showing in this type of tomato
this here is called
"Beefmaster". And we again decided to show you
what came off of one plant
at the end of the season.
Pretty remarkable
not as uniform as some of the others but
again, that's
typically the case with the true beef steak. This is classed as a true beef steak variety
and look at the size too. We've picked one that is fairly larger
that will almost cover
whole slice of bread. So good
good meaty type for
hamburgers as well you know.
Now over here
one variety we didn't mention earlier,
this is called "Geronimo"
now this is a variety
that typically is grown in the "hot house" market. So its a "hot house" variety of tomato
but we started selling it
with our other varieties
and we got a couple of field growers in the Okanagan that
work with this variety.
One of them does buy quite a few plants from us and
sizes them up in the cold frame and gets them out after that
and she's getting really good
yield and production
size as well. These are actually
a fairly small example of "Geronimo". They can
get quite large as well
and that sold early on. In March we'll have some
larger plants of that variety
No matter what, everyone has their favorite variety of tomato. We're are not saying that
you have to change over to one of these varieties that we
but it's always nice to save a spot in the garden for a new variety, expand your horizons
see how it goes from there.
Again, we love your input and maybe there are certain varieties that
we're not promoting enough that you think are your favorite and we should suggest to other
So give us your feedback, send us an email
give us a call, come by and talk to us about your experiences in the garden
with tomatoes
You know, just an example here,
this gentleman every year he always buys
a variety from us called
"Great White". It's in our heirloom tomato section
and he sent us a little photo here of a tomato he grew this year.
Two pounds, one ounce. Just amazing
He's got that on the scale. So these are the cool little things that we like to hear about
because, you know
honestly if I get a question about this variety, I can suggest it for
a large sized
mild tomatoes like anything that's like any city tomato and that's what's
come out of this.
so it's just great to... Again,
keep in touch with us about the things you learned as well.
I just want to end by saying we had a great time this year doing the trial between about
sixty varieties of tomatoes
including the
grape, cherry,
plum type, smaller tomatoes, Beefsteak and Roma
You know, next year were going to do a little trial involving a little bit more of the slicing type tomatoes
and we gained a lot from it
and hopefully you have too
with the information we've given you
on these videos
we hope it benefits you.
The key again is just trying some new varieties yourself as well
and give us your own
feedback too.