[ENG SUB] MBLAQ's Sesame Player Ep 10 Part 1 (1/2)

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MBLAQ's Phone: MBLAQ's Japanese fans!
The reason why so many people have gathered here?
To meet MBLAQ!
Before debuting in Japan, they did a promotion event for "Your Luv"'s single~
The meeting the japanese were waiting for!
Adding Mir, there they are, the five brothers! (hyungs)
This is MBLAQ's power!
One of the songs of the debut album, "Daijyobu"'s performance~
Have the Japanese Fans died after hearing their voices?
So handsome(cool)! (x2)
The moment to take a picture with their Japanese Fans!
Mischievious Mir has returned!
A special present to MBLAQ's fans!
Japenese fans~ Jealous~ I'm jealous~
"Jenboo Aishitteru~" I love you all~
Time to share some love~
Now is MBLAQ's time to say goodbye~
Now that is over, MBLAQ is saying goodbye~
The time where they felt fame after so little time
The result? Right after debuting in Japan, they were in the top charts!
Hello~ Here we are in Japan, where "Shinkansen" is placed~
Right now, we are in Tokyo, and now we have to leave.
Mir... what are you doing now?
He looks like the one from Death Note!
Mir = Ryuk???
Imitating Ryuk!
They look alike!
Because of Mir's similarity, we have cut Cheondoong's words.
Whatever, I don't wanna go on.
Is he still imitating Ryuk?
Right now, we're in front of "Shinkansen"...
He has nothing to say...
Right after this, we'll see MBLAQ's Japanese debut performance!
What does he want to do with that?
Yah, I've prepared a game!
Would you want to play only with your body?
Now is Modern Cheondoong to prepare a game
Today's game: The memories' table games "Twister!"
If any other part of the body (excluding hands and feet) touches the ground: Punishment!
1 Round: Split into teams!
We'll split "Changwon"'s style~
We'll~ split~
Cheondoong & Seungho Vs Joon and G.O
Twister... start!!
First is Joon; Left hand ~> Blue circle
They are still quiet~
Foot, foot~
Cheondoong? Left hand ~> Green circle
G.O? Right foot ~> Green circle
All green circles are occupied!
Hairy G.O: out?
It looks yellow
You have to spin it again, then! Eh! Wait!
He makes it spin as fast as possible
G.O? Left Foot ~> Blue circle
Leader Hyung has suffered an invasion!
Seungho? Left Hand~> Yellow circle
It's payback~
This is a good way, being a man!
It's Joon's turn but...
Joonie? Left Foot ~> Red Circle
Oh, your hand is there?
These are bad manners!
Sorry, sorry.
From now on, the key is flexibility!
G.O? Left Foot~> Yellow circle
There's no space, there's no circle available!
Is he out, then?
He lost, I can't take it anymore!
His own teammate asks G.O to lose!
Sadly, Cheondoong falls
Is he going to lose like that?
He has numb legs!
Lee Joon vs Seungho: Yang Team/ "Myeongssik" representatives!
Joonie? Right Hand ~> Yellow Circle
Hurry, my arms are shaking!
Seungho? Left foot ~> Red circle
Oh, that's it!!
His hand isn't touching the floor?
That's how G.O and Joon win?
Seungho's mistake is accepted
He returns to his uncomfortable position
Who will win?
His arm is paralyzed
Yang Leader gives up!
Hairy-Joon brothers bliss!
Today's punishment: Take a note and accept the punishment!
My future is in his hands
What is Seungho-Cheondoong's punishment?
Automatically, a disgusted expression!
The punishment is revealed!
Eat a lemon while laughing!
Happy, Leader Hyung screams!
I'm doing it already!
Is not that I want to delay it...
Hyungs are already suspecting...
If you want to take off all the skin, you'd need like 20 minutes...
Time passes while they're curious as to what he's planning to do...
He won't try anything, hopefully.
Is time to eat it, Cheondoong.
Obediently, they take the first bite!
Their laugh comes out naturally!
He forgot what he was going to say...
Cheondoong, laugh more!
Today, he even more shy than normal
He likes it so much that he makes a "wek" sound
A bold guy!
In one bite~
This is to be healthier
Today, Cheondoong's winks are shinning~
C'mon, clap, we already ate it.
Seungho's punishment: Completed!
He imitates hyung, taking it in one bite!
He laughs like crying; Completed!
Hairy hyung to the rescue!
He makes him eat it
Close your mouth!
DoongDoong returns half lemon!
Cheondoong's punishment: Fail!
Go, eat it again!
Thats why... Cheondoong has to do another punishment!
Will it be better than the first?
Wear some stockings on your head for three mins
He wanted to escape the lemon's punisment, and now he has something worse.
Today's the day where Cheondoong is going to wear stocking on his head!
Get ready to see how Cheondoongie wears the stockings
I like it, how handsome!
Seeing that he wants to waste time, the hyungs stand up inmediately
Since the beginning, there are some pretty cool symptons!
Ah wait, wait!!
This can't be!
This is our (MBLAQ) visual (maknae)!!
What has happened?
Who is this person?
I don't know in which situation I am
Go, see yourself!
He tries to look at himself
He also gets scared
Cheondoong's punishment: Wear the stockings for three minutes
He streches it a little and now he looks differently
Yah, don't laugh!
He crosses his hands and starts to stare
How do you want me not to laugh?!
You really, really look ugly. (lol...)
Thanks to being ugly, they laugh a lot.
Everyone, would you also want to hit (on?) him?
The Pirate's game: You put the swords/blades in it, and if the toy jumps, punishment!
But, if the one who lost grabs the toy, there he's forgiven!
We have like 80 percent chance of losing
If you're pro, it jumps.
Then, I'll grab it!
But I'm quick (sufhifh)
Let's go that way?
We start with Joonie and then we follow clockwise, GO!
- Game: CUT -
Joon's punisment
They're so excited, that they're already planning the punishment between the three...
How annoying, really!
What's this? What's this?
Joonie's punishment is revealed!
Take a trip to Seoul
We'll introduce our manager who'll help us with this!
Our "Gom" (bear) manager!
You simply have to pull him upwards
We'll introduce who'll do the "Seoul trip" punishment~
This is our manager, and if you take a closer look, his shirt says "No Rice, No 'Rife'" (lol)
"No rice, no life"
The moment to take Joonie to Seoul~
Joon screams for the new experience!
Ah!!! AH!!!!
The public likes it a lot
And send them cheers
Our manager is really strong, he (Joon) couldn't even go down.
Oh Joon, your neck looks larger.
It was as if he was breaking my neck
"Gom" manager's Trip of Seoul~
We'll start again
Joon starts this time, GO!!
Ah how relaxing
This game seems to make them nervous all the time
G.O does it good
At the first try!
Doongdoong also manages to do it!
They get even more nervous now...
Seungho hyung, not there, it's not there!
CH: It's not there? - SH: Yes, it is.
Hyung, I tell you... is here
And how do you know?
I'm pro
G.O Believes him~
Conclusion: G.O did it well~
Their confidence increases!
I'll only listen to your words
Yah, let me tell you where this time.
"Yeogi~" (here~)
They have even more confidence between hyungs
Meanwhile, Joon also passes
What are you doing? Why so quickly?
This... this is fun
Hyung, not that one!
Yang leader guesses right without listening to Cheondoong!
One more time, Cheondoong begins his guessing
This one
It jumped!
They have staked(?) their lives for the game!
This situation makes him laugh~
Ah... you scratched my entire neck!!
Mission accomplished!
Do you see it? I'm pro
Yang Leader vents(?) with his friend
I thought they would rip my neck off!
Let's replay Yang Leader's situation >>>
He's indeed doing it
For scratching my neck, your punishment is to pull your sideburns for 3 seconds.
G.O has his sideburns really attached to his hair; it's perfect.
Ah yes, like 'Elvis'
The one to help us is Yang Leader
He's now happy
My face got larger
Everyone! Take a picture of it and put it on the internet!
Mind your own business, Cheondoong.
It's because I don't know how I looked with the stockings on...
I think, if you put in here...
It's your turn!!
Quietly, he passes!
Joon also passes
It jumped!
Grab it, grab it!
Protect your heads!!
A strange aura approaches their heads
Second victim?
They have returned to the world
I'm sorry