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It's Polina and ShowNews
In today's issue I'll tell you
About the European release of
Wii U console,
Successful devise of virtual reality
The results of WCG 2012 in China
As well as new lineup of
Natus Vencere
Let's go!
Japanese company Nintendo
plans to enter the Russian market
with its new console - Wii U
on December 21.
This console is the official work on the mistakes
that the great guru of game development made
in the manufacture of Nintendo Wii,
which has not become an outlet
for hardcore gamers.
The novelty promises to remedy this unfortunate gap
and entice major gaming audience away
from Sony and Microsoft.
The most interesting thing in the console is its controller,
equipped with a touch screen with a diagonal of 6.2 inch.
Analog sticks, cross, four main action buttons,
four triggers, microphone, camera aimed at the user,
as well as a gyroscope and an accelerometer
are located on a some kind of remote control.
Interesting thing is that you can play with the controller
even when the TV is off, such miracles.
As for the filling: Wii U has a three core processor IBM Power7,
2 gigabytes of RAM,
ATI Radeon HD 6770 is responsible for
the graphical component of the system.
The basic version of the console with 8 gigabytes of memory
will be available in the official Nintendo store
for $400, and premium version with 32 gigabytes of memory
will cost gamers $470.
The console selling in the U.S. and Europe
have been relatively successful and we'll know
how Russia will meet the new gadget very soon.
A guy named Palmer Lucky decided to make
his small revolution in the gaming industry, and it seems
that he has a success.
Development on the creation of virtual reality
head displays are conducted by many companies, but
only Palmer managed to get the blessing
from directors of Valve, id Software,
Epic Games and many others.
The best advertisement for a young kickstarter project,
which is Oculus Rift, is impossible to make.
The device is a display in the form of glasses
including headphones worn on the head.
The screen inside the gadget is capable
of producing a panoramic image size of 40 inch TV
with a viewing angle of 90 degrees.
To start the production Oculus Rift
it was necessary to have $ 250,000.
Now the project has $2,437,000 as they say,
the process has begun.
Price of pre-ordered copies is $275
retail customers have to shell out $500.
The first game to support this technology
will be Doom 3: BFG Edition.
The shipping of the first orders Palmer plan to begin in March 2013.
From November 29 to December 2
in the Chinese city of Kunshan the Finals
of World Cyber Games 2012 were held.
Unfortunately, in general this year
was a bad one for members of the CIS,
and despite the decline of prestige of the event,
such low results look depressingly low.
But let's start from the beginning.
In the discipline of Warcraft 3,
Chinese representative Ted got the 1st place,
beating his compatriot Fly100%
in one of the best finals of recent years.
He became the first Undead champion
in the history of WCG.
Unfortunately, the only representative of the CIS,
Hawk, lost all his games to Asians and has not left the group.
As for Fifa, we were more successful here.
On the virtual football field Yozhyk
protected Na'Vi tag and reached the semifinals,
where he lost twice to future champion from Germany deto.
The both times happened in the penalty shootout.
in match for the 3rd place
Zhenya unfortunately lost 2-0 to Argentinian player
Just a step away from the World Cup finals
stopped Belarusian LoWeLy,
who plays in the discipline of StarCraft 2.
The first place as it was expected
went to the Korean Parting,
although the lineup was not much impressive.
The real adornment of the tournament
was the presence of Dota Allstars among the disciplines.
In the grand final of which
two Chinese teams TongFu and LGD have met,
but there was no fight and the first team gained the victory.
In the second part of Dota Chinese IG and DK
gained the grand prize.
The guys from Invictus gaming
proved to be stronger than their opponents
and deservedly received another title
after their triumph at The International 2.
Ukrainian mix uaShechki failed to show
an outstanding game against the Asian teams
they haven't come in the play-off competition.
The only medal for the CIS countries
brought the tankers from the Russian team.
The RED Rush team in the finals
just defeated the representatives of China 3-0.
In addition to the gold from the World Cup
the guys deservedly received $28.000.
In the first edition of our exclusive column Na'Vi inside
we told you about the lineups
which may soon join the ranks of Natus Vincere.
Today we managed to bring to justice the "father"
of the project ZeroGravity, and
as it turned out it was for a good reason.
Alexander's love to the fair sex is not a secret,
so the idea to get a female lineup
in the discipline DoTA 2 was practically in the air.
The names of the five beauties are still unknown,
there's no doubt they will be the most talented
girls of Russian DotA scene!
Here was Polina and ShowNews
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