Dance Showdown Presented by D-trix - Good Neighbor Episode 1 Rehearsal

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NICK: Competition better take a seat.
Talking to you, Tay Zonday.
BECK: That's right, competition better--
take a seat!
Because we're coming onto you, and I don't want to hear it,
and we're going to take you number one, we're going to
take you to the top and win 25,000.

KYLE: We're going to tear 'em apart.
GOOD NEIGHBOR (IN UNISON): We're Good Neighbor.
BECK: From around the block.
NICK: I'm Nick.
KYLE: And I'm Kyle.
BECK: And I'm Beck.
NICK: That's B-Boy Supreme.
BECK: B-Boy Supreme Level Five.
NICK: Moon Man, Rugger Buds.
KYLE: Moon Man.
Those are our words for friends' names.
BECK: What's your words for friends names?
Put them in the comments.
NICK: Leave a comment below.
IAN EASTWOOD: I heard you got some serious moves.
KYLE: Yeah, man.
A little bit.
IAN EASTWOOD: Just seeing them right off YouTube, they are
very interesting, really random.
KYLE: What happened to all your friends?
NICK: They're a bunch of turd herders.
BECK: A bunch of what?
NICK: Yeah, real disgusting people.
You don't want them around here.
BECK: Ah, perfect.
IAN EASTWOOD: Their comedic timing
is absolutely brilliant.
NICK: Show him something.
IAN EASTWOOD: All right, go off.
That's pretty good.
I think we're done.
BECK: All right.
IAN EASTWOOD: Seeing as Good Neighbor is really the only
group, that got me really excited because that's a
unique opportunity to try something else that no one
else is going to get a chance to do on the show.
You guys do that spotlight, and do your spotlight thing.
We can mess around with that.
The routine that I'm choreographing for Good
Neighbor, I took a lot of inspiration from their very
own videos, especially the video, "Toast."
NICK: I spin, you spin.
KYLE: I spin, you spin.
BECK: I spin, we spin, spotlight!

BECK: Ian played the song, and I loved it.
It was full of energy, and it was full of the cranking that
I like in a song.
BECK: My mom says I have great rhythm.
IAN EASTWOOD: We started with the concept of just sitting on
the chairs and nodding our heads and getting the music
flowing through us.
NICK: I think it was off camera, but he wanted the four
of us to kiss a little bit.
I don't know if that was weird to you guys.
KYLE: At first I thought it was weird.
BECK: At first I thought it was weird.
NICK: And I thought that was not a good way
to go with the dance.
KYLE: But he talked us into it.
NICK: I don't know if-- we haven't mentioned it, but Beck
and I are formally trained in dance.
I took two years of jazz at Moorpark College, and I don't
know if Beck has--
BECK: I've been in many musicals.
I played Jean Valjean in Les Miserables.
NICK: People don't know us as the dancers that we are.
So he's trying to ease people into it by having this kind of
transition from just chilling on a couch made of chairs into
just like, whoa, what's going on?
IAN EASTWOOD: Before you know it, we're dancing, and then
there's going to be moments where--
spotlight, and then one person will do a little breakdown.

We kind of started throwing in some fun stuff where it was
just quote, unquote "stunts."
NICK: That's really fun.
KYLE: And I've got to be honest.
I really do think Ian was the worst at the chair walk.
NICK: Was he?
KYLE: Yes.
NICK: First of all, he broke a chair.
That's wildly irresponsible.
BECK: He wasn't graceful with the chair.
I know what they teach you in dance school, but--
NICK: Apparently it's just break everything
that's around you.

There's something about the power that you have, just
holding Ian's tiny life in your hands, that you can leap
over him like a god, and fly over him and just crush his
face or not.
The goal is to crush you?
IAN EASTWOOD: Yeah, the goal is to just destroy my life.
KYLE: You want to be our best friend?
KYLE: Whoo!
New best friend!
IAN EASTWOOD: New best friend.
BECK: We need to make him think that we're best friends
with him so that he'll put his all into the dance, and we can
take it to that next step and win the round.
NICK: Then we win the big bucks, and then we
say, bye bye, Ian.
KYLE: Sayonara, sucker.
NICK: We're going to break all those other little--
YouTube, we're on YouTube, we make videos!
Look at my new dance!
I'm on YouTube!
IAN EASTWOOD: We will break their faces in half.