Geoffrey Dual Credit Video

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>> I'm Geoffrey.
I'm a student at MCTC through PSEO.
I have Asperger's Syndrome.
I'm on the autism spectrum.
I learned about PSEO from my case manager in high school,
and a few of my friends who had gone on to college.
PSEO has a bunch of programs that work
on a dual credit system, which lets me work towards high school
as well as college credit.
They provide assistance, as well as,
if necessary, accommodations.
In high school I had a case manager
who would advocate for me.
In college I have to advocate for myself.
You have to seek out disability services on your own,
you have to suggest what accommodations you may need,
and they will tell you whether or not they can do that.
I like the social environment in college more than high school,
because you will find probably the best group of people to hang
out with, to socialize with, to talk with that you've had
in your entire school career.
I would like to do science writing so that I can get a job
with a scientific journal in order
to work my way towards a doctorate
in medical microbiology.
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