Bella Martha (English subtitles, Full Movie)

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I love to serve them roasted.
It gives them a more robust taste.
A wonderful side dish would be ravioli
with boletus or truffles, per season.
But you need a good pigeon
You could also cook them in a pig's bladder
in Madeira, cognac and port.
It keeps the pigeon safe and juicy.
Serve it with tagliatelle with onions,
truffles and shallots in a thyme sauce.
Truffles are perfect for pigeon dish,
because the delicate pigeon flavor...
Do you feel ill? - No, no.
Please go on.
Start with crayfish, mussels... - Martha.
May I change the subject for a moment?
Why do you come to therapy every week?
Why do you ask?
Well, I thought perhaps...
it might be helpful to know.
My boss says she'll fire me if I don't go to therapy.
Why do you think your boss believes you need therapy?
You know what? I have no idea.
Table 19 has asked for the cheque.
On with 14! - When is 6 ready? -4 minutes.
Gregor says the lamb is great. - The Steinbergs are here.
I'm busy. - Martha, please.
2 rucola salads, one without the duck.
Not too long, or... - I know.
Dry, Lea. Qualis go dry, not tough.
And hold off table 9. - Yes
Let's go through next week's menu later. - Okay. Lea, table 14!
The quails were tremendous! Amazing! Magical! -I'm glad.
My husband worships you. I'm jealous!
I worship everyone who tickles my palate.
Heaven knows why he married me.
He won't allow me to make a cup of tea.
There's one thing lonelier than sleeping alone:
eating alone. And I love you.
Excuse me.
Table 9 asks what this is. - Lemon thyme.
Should I remove the plate? - Please.
What is it? -I'll handle it. - Now what?
I wanna talk to the chef! - I'm the chef.
Is that so?
Bernd, please! - You stay out of this!
Your foie gras is undercooked!
Excuse me? - I'll take it off the bill.
Never! - My foie gras is not undercooked!
Believe me, dear, I know what's what.
I am not your dear! This was perfectly poached at 140C in the oven,
and a water temp. of 80, for 25 minutes.
And it's got the right rose color.
"Comme il faut," as the French say.
I don't give a damn! It's undercooked!
Would you like something else?
Casting pearls before swines - What!?
D'you think you are at a snack bar?
You want liverwurst, go someplace else!
Excuse me, please
Why not pour out the wine too! With all that smoking
you won't taste it anyway!
I'll never cook for you again!
I told you to pull yourself together!
No, you always have to make a scene!
He's a barbarian! - He's a customer!
If he says it's undercooked, then it is!
It's cruelty to geese! - Shut it!
It's perfect! Not a matter of taste.
I know. But the customer is king.
And who am I? The fool?
If you weren't the second best cook in the city
I'd fire you on the spot!
Second? What's that supposed to mean?
What does she mean by that?
She only said it to annoy me
I'm sure she only said it to annoy me.
One knows a good chef by simple dishes.
For instance salmon in light basil sauce.
Most people think it's no big deal and put it on the menu.
But frying or steaming it just right
and putting the right amount of salt and spices in the sauce is difficult
In this recipe there's no distraction,
no design,
no exotic ingredient.
There's only the fish
and the sauce. The fish and the sauce
Just a minute!
Yes? - You're the new neighbour?
Was the music too loud? - No.
I live in the apartment above you.
And I thought, as you have only just moved in
You can't have settled in yet.
Yeah, it's all a bit chaotic.
I haven't had time to clear it all up.
I've made something to eat. You hungry?
Are you inviting me to dinner? - No...
I could bring you something.
You don't even know me!
You're Samuel Thalberg. An architect,
divorced, 2 kids. Friends call you Sam.
Frau Schumann talks too much.
The gossip in the basement.
Don't listen to her, she thinks I'm nuts.
And you are? - A chef.
Martha Klein. - Nice to meet you, Martha.
If you're hungry... - I've an appointment.
I'm sorry. Don't let me keep you.
Maybe some other time. - Yes, maybe.
What'll I cook?
Nothing, we'll order pizza or eat out.
No, that's out of the question.
What does Lina like? - Everything.
Except oysters. Nothing that's alive.
No oysters, okay. - Hang on.
Lina, I've told you a hundred times
to take off your rollerskates outside!
Sorry. You still there? - Yes.
Mom! - I'm talking. What are your plans?
No plans. - Go to the theatre, the movies.
It's your day off, right?
Call a friend, have a nice meal,
go dancing afterwards. - Maybe I will.
But do it, don't just say you will.
Who is it? - It's Martha.
I'll see you on Friday. - Okay.
I'm not compulsive, I'm precise!
Precision's most important in a kitchen.
Precision and timing.
Have any idea how complicated it is to coordinate 47 customers?
Logistics is half the battle.
Can't master logistics? Forget cooking.
I hope you like mussels.
We agreed you wouldn't cook for me.
I didn't cook it for you.
I've just tried out something.
You want me to throw it all away just because you've got principles?
If you'd at least join me,
I'd say that we're making progress.
That's a good one! - Calm down!
One with the hair loose, one tied up.
I just looked at him and said:
"If you're looking for an actress who strips
"and lets a priest whip her,
"you're wrong!" - Only in her spare time.
Like the guy at table 17 who brings a different chick
every Friday: rich but uptight!
The special for the Steinbergs. No salad for him.
she wants it after the fish.
If he stares at my tits again,
he's in for it! Tip or no tip.
Now I've to ask him to be patient!
You must eat something.
Could someone answer the damn phone!?
If it's my sister, I'll be home at one.
Yes, she's here. Martha, for you
I'm busy!
Keep an eye on it
I'm on my way
Hello, dear, it's me again
I wanted to let you know we'll be late.
I had to see Lina's teacher, and that took forever,
so we hit the road way too late.
I don't know what time it is now, but I've got about 200 km to go.
So don't worry when I'm not there.
See you, bye.
Miss Klein?
Have you seen Lina yet?
I was just going to.
No one has told her about her mother yet.
Do you know how to reach her father?
Christin didn't keep in touch with him.
I don't even know his name. - I see.
Excuse me.
Lina hasn't touched her food. Could you talk to her?
She should eat something.
I will. - Good luck.
Does it hurt real bad?
Don't you want to eat anything?
You know what?
When they let you out,
I'll cook you the best dinner you've ever had.
Is Mom dead?
If Martha doesn't find a replacement soon, I'll have my baby right here.
My friend has been in bed for 6 weeks...
In the tank,
a lobster eats itself slowly from the inside.
You have to weigh it when you buy it.
If it's not as heavy as it looks,
it has been in the tank too long
Some people still kill a lobster by throwing it in boiling water.
But by now everyone knows
that for the animal it's the most agonizing death,
because it takes so long for it to die.
The best way to kill a lobster is with a well-placed stab in the neck.
It's quickest
I'll be right there.
Go home, Martha.
I just need a minute. I'll be all right.
You don't understand. It's no suggestion.
I want you to go home.
I've brought us something.
I'm not hungry.
Neither am I.
Would you rather get some sleep?
I'm not tired.
This Friday you can go home.
Did you know that? - Yes.
You and I need to talk about what to do.
Can I go back home?
I'm afraid you can't.
Why not?
You'd be all alone there.
I've been alone a lot.
But your Mom would always come home.
Why can't I live with my father?
What do you know about your father?
He's called Giuseppe.
Giuseppe. Do you know his last name?
From Italy.
Well, that's a start.
I'll try and find your father, Lina.
And in the meantime you could live with me,
if you like.
What do you think? - Until you find him?
Until I find him.
I don't want to eat.
Rather have something else?
Aren't you hungry at all?
May I go back to my room now, please?
I have to go out for a moment. - Okay
Your dinner's in the oven. - Okay
Do you need anything else?
Right, I'm off then
I didn't see you come in.
I was on my way out. I forgot something.
So, how are you?
Have you had dinner?
Today? - This evening, yes...
Neither have I. Would you like to have dinner with me?
I'm sorry, I can't right now.
That's too bad.
Maybe some other time.
Yes, maybe.
Bye. - Hadn't you forgotten something?
Yes, of course.
Thanks. - You're welcome.
I'm off now. - Okay.
Only a well-fed cook is a good cook.
First you must saturate your taste buds
and only then season to taste.
If you're satisfied on a full stomach,
then you're a really good cook.
What are you doing here?
Tell me the secret of your saffron sauce.
I beg your pardon? - Lea didn't want to show me and...
How he savours the song! Fantastic.
I meant to call you. This is Mario.
This is Martha, our chef.
Believe me, the world would be a sad place
without your pigeon with truffles.
You could've asked!
You had other worries. - But... - Evening.
Booked a table? - Yes, Mendel. For two.
Let me show you to your table.
Great. A madman in my kitchen!
It's my kitchen and he isn't mad.
He's eccentric. Your coats, please
Eccentric? Are you mad?
An Italian! - Someone'll be with you soon
We agreed that I would choose my staff.
Lea would've coped for a few days.
And what does he want my recipe for?
I... - Clm down! I needed a replacement
He's a superb cook. Be glad he's here.
Lea shouldn't work at all after 8.
Soon we'll have to do without her.
If we're lucky, Mario will stay on.
He could do the fish dishes.
Hang on! The fish dishes!?
You know we've got to change.
Nowadays people want light dishes.
They watch their diet, their cholesterol,
blood pressure, salt content of water!
Olive oil instead of butter. Light!
Want to get rid of me? Tell me now!
When I do, you'll be the first to know!
Good morning
Didn't I have to go to school today?
It's 8:30.
D'you need anything? A pen? Maybe paper?
No, thanks
Want to take sandwiches? - No, thanks.
I can't find my scarf. - Hurry up.
Put on your jacket.
I won't go without my scarf!
What did you say? - I can't find my scarf.
You can have mine. - I want mine!
We're late. Put on mine today
and yours tomorrow, okay?
Is that it? - Yes.
Thank God! - But I didn't put it on him.
Good morning.
I'll get you some.
Good morning.
Who are you?
I'm Sam, your neighbour.
There you are. - Thank you.
Have you had breakfast yet?
No, but we've got to get to school.
Isn't she a little too old for that?
Goodbye. - See you around.
Why go to school if I'm going to Italy?
Because all children go to school.
I don't know when I'll find your father.
Have you started looking at all?
I don't really know where to start. - In Italy!
Two chefs in one kitchen is like...
Like 2 people driving a car. Impossible.
My wife and I often drive together.
But you're not both behind the wheel.
You'll manage to avoid the worst.
The worst?
That he'll put up with you for a while.
Are you this nice to all your patients?
Only to those who deserve it.
I know you don't need a babysitter,
but this way I'll know you've everything.
I don't need anything.
Or if anything happens,
like a fire, I don't want you to be alone.
She's probably nicer than she looks.
And she brought a book, to read to you.
I can read myself.
Maybe a game. - Haven't you got any?
When will you be back? - Late.
It's ready. Veal's in the fridge,
everything else is here.
All you have to do is...
Heat it up.
Here's the recipe.
You can cook, can't you?
Not a bit. - Great!
Why, why, why...?
Hire a detective.
No. They find nothing, and cost a fortune.
My sister once hired a detective to find her ex-boyfriend.
He bled her,
but never found him. - Just what I said.
Isn't Mario there yet?
Maybe changed his mind. - Don't you dare!
Good day.
Missed out on something? - Not really.
We've been working here for an hour.
Hey, chef.
No, thank you.
I never eat in the afternoon.
Martha, my mother whispered this recipe to me on her deathbed.
It's been a family secret for centuries.
I made it especially for all of you.
You can't say no, that's impossible.
The memory of my mama is more...
Yes, very.
I thought your mother lived in Nice. - Yes, no.
We thought she wasn't going to make it,
but then... It was a miracle!
Table 15: 3 tureens, 1 rucola salad, 1 angler, 2 lambs. 6 minutes
Lia are you ready?
Carlos, 1 lobster, 3 artichokes
Let me know if you need help.
Lea, table 3, 30 seconds.
Carry on with table 6. - Tables 2 and 4.
Lea, now 1 quail and 1 rabbit.
Carlos, 2 rucola salads, 1 tureen.
2 mousses, quickly, please
Excuse me.
I'll need that. - You'll get it back.
May I ask you something? - Lf you must.
Who taught you to cook this good?
Pere Bise.
Pierre Bise!?
Pere Bise.
That's French for "father".
In English he'd be a pear.
What's wrong with you?
Anything wrong with my cooking?
It's my kitchen. I worked hard for it.
I won't let you take it away from me.
Why would I want to do that?
What else could you want here?
Now you listen to me.
I don't need this job.
I can work anywhere I want.
I'd like to work here. I admire you.
It's an honor for me to cook with you.
But most of all I like to work
where I'm wanted. You understand, right?
So if you want me to leave, just say so and I'm gone
What's going on here?
What is it you want?
Sorry, Frida, find someone else.
Why? Martha, what have you done?
Nothing at all.
Please stay, Mario, we need you.
I'd need to hear her say so.
After all, it's her kitchen. - It's mine, too. - No.
It's your restaurant, but her kitchen.
Without her, it's just a pile of metal. It's for her to decide.
All right, if there's no other way.
We'll give it a try.
You want me to stay?
Didn't I just say so? - Excuse me?
I want you to stay.
All right, I'll stay.
I'll stay.
Your towel's on fire.
"I am at Sam's"
I'm sorry, I'd hoped the babysitter...
That's OK. It was a pleasant change.
How could I thank you?
You could go out with me some time.
I don't go out. - No? What a shame.
What a shame. We could stay in together.
Well, good night.
That bitch's not coming back. I promise.
She wouldn't come anyway.
Did you have anything to eat?
You want anything? I'll make something.
I want to go home.
Sleep with me in the living room? - No.
I'll stay until you fall asleep. - No
All right.
Good night then.
Gnocchi? You want to serve gnocchi!?
Why not?
I've never made gnocchi. - That's okay.
Mario's, in sage butter, are glorious.
Wonderful! Was it his idea? - No, mine.
Gnocchi! Of all things!
They need to be made with great care.
With gnocchi you take your time.
They tend to get tough and inedible, if you don't do your best
I always do my best.
With cooking, yes.
Could you do me a favor?
Here, I just need his address.
If his wife answers, say you're an old friend
and you forgot the address.
What's wrong now?
If I have to lie, I want to know why.
I want to send this letter to Giuseppe.
Could you translate it for me?
5 wants the crayfish as a main course.
She won't touch anything I cook
Give her time. - How long? Until she's...
skin and bones? She fainted today.
Do you like it here?
My mother was a vegetarian.
Show you how to make creme brule?
No, thank you.
Carry on with tables 7 and 11.
The Steinbergs want to speak to you.
Excuse me.
Here, smell this.
In Italian it's called "basilico".
You've got company now? - Temporarily.
And? Do you get along?
I don't know how to deal with children.
How amusing!
Amusing? - The little boy in every man.
But seriously. You prepared the angler?
Lea, take over table 5, will you?
This is delicious!
12 still not ready? Get a move on!
Leave me some.
I thought I was never going to get...
Thank you.
See you tomorrow. - Right, tomorrow
Good night.
I hope she finds a home soon.
She needs a home.
Does anyone want a ride? - Yes, please.
Take care.
Nearly finished. First this arm...
And now this one.
Wake up!
It's late, we'll be late for school.
Just tell them it was my fault, okay?
And that it'll never happen again.
I'll pick you up later!
This is for you.
Could I have some cheese, please?
The rosemary first. Smell.
In she goes!
Smells wonderful, right? Now the fish.
What is it? - Don't fall down!
Don't fall down!
Watch the potatoes.
Are you crazy, those are truffles!
Martha! The baby's coming!
We need an ambulance!
An ambulance!
Oh my God!
I'm sorry... - You forgot me!
No, I didn't. - Yes, you did!
No, I didn't
I took Lea to the hospital
We were at the market when she...
You forgot me!
All right, I forgot you.
I'm really sorry.
Let's go home
Come, it's freezing here!
Come on, will you?
I'll make you a deal: make a wish.
You may wish for anything you like,
and I'll do everything to make it come true.
Then forgive me for having forgotten you.
All right, I forgive you.
I'm off to work. Are you coming?
Martha? - Yeah?
Tomorrow's your day off, right? - Yes.
And Mario, too?
Yes, why?
But why can't I cook for us?
We could cook together... - I prefer Italian food.
Martha, could I see you for a moment?
What do you suggest I do?
I can't leave her at home alone, she's only 8.
Exactly, she's only 8
She should be at home, play with kids,
do her homework and go to bed early.
Why don't you find her a babysitter?
She doesn't need one, she needs a mother.
It was Lina's idea, not mine.
Now why doesn't that surprise me?
OK, all right.
And I'll do the shopping.
We've got everything. - I do the shopping!
He's late.
He's always late.
What if your letter gets lost?
I sent it by registered mail.
I'll go!
Where's the kitchen? - This way.
I'll take it. - No, I've got it.
Have you got an iron pan? - Of course.
Hands off!
Tonight, Lina and I will do the cooking. Just Lina and I.
But I could...
Why can't we eat at the table?
We haven't got a table! We're camping!
You forgot the plates. - No, no, no.
No plates.
We don't need them today.
No plates?! - No plates!
What's wrong? You suffer from asthma?
Allergy? Hold on.
You've got to breathe into something,
like this. Breathe!
You've moved it!
Good night.
Good night.
Napoleon's Casaro killed himself.
He couldn't get the mascarpone in France.
Or was it Louis XIV's personal chef?
I can't remember.
Anyway, one of them hit the dust.
Bit the dust.
Bit the dust.
Why are you telling me this?
Some things cannot be changed.
No matter how hard you try.
Have you ever been to Italy? - No.
Has Lina got her own room?
Why do you ask?
We only have her best interest at heart.
She sleeps in my room.
Together with you? - No, I'm on the couch.
I see. - It's only for the time being.
I've been in touch with her father...
Her father? I thought he was unknown.
I've found him. He's Italian.
He'll come pick her up. - An Italian?
And you believe he'll come and get her?
Yes, of course!
Right, anyway, this is not about
Lina being late for school regularly.
No? - No
It's about her not coming here at all.
And if she comes, she falls asleep.
And her excuse for her lack of sleep?
That she has to work late!
She says she works as a kitchen help,
to earn her board and lodgings with you!
What did you do the whole time?
Nothing, I just walked round.
You must go to school, and that's that.
I don't want to. - Why not? -Just because.
I can't take you to the "Lido" anymore.
What? Why not?
That isn't place for a child.
And if I promise to go to school?
Not even then. I just can't take you.
But why not?
You're only 8, Lina! - So?
You go to school and be in bed by 8.
You shouldn't spend your evenings...
You're so mean! - Me? Mean?
You're the one telling stories!
Then I won't go to school at all!
Want to become a foster child? Go ahead!
It won't be my fault!
You don't want me anyway!
Lina, come back!
Let me go! I want my mommy!
When Dad arrives I'll get away from you!
Let me in. - Go away! I hate you!
That's enough, open the door!
No! You can't order me around!
Open the door, or I'II...
You're not my mother and never will be!
I don't even want to be your mother!
And I never asked to be, damn it!
Sorry to disturb you.
Is everything okay?
May I...?
Could you do me a favor? - What favor?
Could you look after Lina tonight?
I know it's on very short notice,
but I've got to go to work.
She probably won't come out of her room.
Could you look in on her now and then?
One more little devil won't matter.
Thank you, that's very kind.
Come on, let's play.
Up there! Film that, Lina, the kite!
Stop it!
This is a serious moment. Listen to me.
You're not in the picture. Now you are.
Our first holiday together!
Throw sand at her - No!
Thanks for the tip!
Mom, I want the camera! I want it!
Is that her?
At the station, buying a ticket to Italy.
For 22 marks!
Keep an eye on your niece in the future.
Don't ever do that again, you hear?
I was so worried about you!
I'm sorry.
I wish I had a recipe to follow
I know I can't replace your mother.
I couldn't, even if I wanted to.
I'm just doing my best, you understand?
I know I'm not doing a very good job.
But I'm trying very hard, believe me.
Where were you going? To Giuseppe?
He'll come, sweetie. I know he will.
I'm starting to forget her.
Oh Lina, come here.
Do you know what time it is?
It's very, very late.
Cognac, white wine.
Frida was raging mad, as you can imagine.
Onions and garlic.
I'm sure you got along fine without me.
It was hell. Open your mouth.
Very good.
Would you like another? - Yes!
Hand me the jam, will you?
I'll go!
Martha, could you come?
Can I help you?
Are you Martha? Christin's sister?
You wrote to me. I'm Giuseppe Lorenzo.
Lina's father
You'll be fine there. - Yes
Giuseppe's very nice.
You'll like Italy. It's beautiful there.
The sun nearly always shines.
And the food is simply delicious.
Have you ever been to Italy?
No, but your Mom always told me about it.
Yes. Me, too.
Your mom will always be your mom,
even though she's not with you anymore.
Always remember that, you hear?
Lina... That's a beautiful name.
Do you know what it means?
It's short for "Bellina".
In Italy that means "beautiful girl".
That's "girl".
Beautiful girl. - Yes.
Very good.
Have a good trip. Drive carefully.
If I'd known...
I'm really sorry.
I wish I'd met Lina
under different circumstances.
Lina is...
She's a little bit like me. You know?
A little bit.
She's not easy to get to know.
She likes to cook.
So if you...
Lina will be fine with us.
Of course. I know.
Take care, my angel.
You too, Martha.
Go away, leave me alone. I can't...
I told you to leave me alone!
I want you to go!
Table 7 wants it rare.
It is rare.
Obviously not rare enough.
Any rarer and it would be raw.
Please, not tonight. Make a new one.
From the asshole at table 7.
He asks: Ever seen a really rare steak?
Rare enough? I'll get you salt and pepper
and you can eat it raw!
You'll get a clean tablecloth at once.
No need, I'll do it.
Now excuse me, I've got things to do.
If you go now, don't come back tomorrow.
I know, but I have to go.
Take care, Frida. Good luck
I need your help.
Let's go.
Do you think she'll come back with us?
Of course she'll come back.
Why would she want to stay with her family
in sunny Italy
when she can go to cold and grey Germany
to live with a nutcase like you?
You're so mean. That's not funny.
Lina loves you.
Don't you know that?
Not quite.
Not quite?
Something's wrong.
But I made it just the way you said.
I followed the recipe step by step,
the way you wrote it down.
Prebaked the crust for 15 minutes?
Exactly 15 minutes at precisely 210C.
You sure your oven heats up to 210C?
The thing is brand-new.
Perhaps you neaded the dough too long?
Not a second longer than necessary!
Then it must be the sugar.
The sugar?
Did you get the Belgian like I told you?
Can you tell differences in sugar?
Of course not.
I can taste which kind you didn't use.
I give up.
I'll be right back.
English adaptation: Nurith Yehudai
Subtitles: Cinematyp Ltd.