The Cheat Report (Part 6/7)

Uploaded by dpschenk on 06.05.2009

The electronic-company Raptoxx was distinguished with the most promising project.
In co-operation with the ministry of defence and the police they called the PACT into being.
An employee explains what the PACT exactly is all about.
PACT stands for Physical Anti-Cheat Tool,
and got realized because of the Anti-Onlinecheat-resolution.
It is an autonomous legal capacity,
which puts its fighting against cheating into immediacy.
The PACT is connected to the Steam-, Gamespy- and WON network
registers via Anti-Cheat programs illegal gaming-actions,
gets in touch with the provider through an interface
locates the physical place of residence of the cheater
and forwards these information to the core of the PACT, a special task force.
At the same time a message is being sent to the local prosecutor,
who only has to confirm it.
From there on everything is just police-routine.
We were interested in this routine, so we visited this task force.
The four bedrocks of the PACT are
practice, attackpower, coolness and toughness.
Our unit takes only the best of the best.
- We get them all.
We got everything you need to fight against this cheater-nuisance.
Hightech equipment by Raptoxx, rifles model AR15,
maschinepistols Heckler and Koch MP5 for house-to-house fighting
kevlar vests, GPS position-finder,
flashbangs, grenade launchers, maschineguns
heavy weapons, items of laser technology and air-support
Barret .50er sharp-shooter rifles
weapon arsenal... hm?
And we got handcuffs.
Now, whenever a Cheat is in sight, everything happens as quick as a lightning.
The satellite-network checks the exact location, locates the polar-coordinates
and sends it to the headquarter immediately.
Here, everything is in state of alert.
A Cheater in the south-west, large distance.
The caught in the act is essential, the speed is everything.
Not a problem for the armed team.
We were allowed to take part.
A maximum of twenty-one minutes until arrival, anywhere in Germany.
Faster than playing a Public round.
Last preperations during time of waiting.
Then the beginning of the end.
Oh my god!
Stay calm!
PACT! On the ground!
Hurry, down on the ground!
Hands on the back!
Shut up!
Martin Dummkaup, we arrest you for illegal program-manipulation!
Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
If you cannot afford a lawyer one will be provided for you at government expense.
March him off. - Reinforcements on their way!
Subject seized. Confiscate system!
Go go go!
What's going on here? Don't touch me!
What are doing with my son?
Your son was cheating.
- Shut up!
Did you know, your son was cheating?
No, of course not. How could I.
This little prick.
It had to come this way.
Never listened to his mum.
Such a good-for-nothing.
In winter 2000, 2,085 players were cheating constantly.
In January 2005 it has been 385,120.
Insiders of the scene guess,
that in 2010 there will be already 18.5 billions of them,
but this projection is not being confirmed.
An alarming tendency.
At this exact moment there are 514,419 Cheats
and 19,151,514 illegal Programme-manipulations.
These numbers keep on rising daily.
Cheating is not a bad habit anymore,
but a conviction,
which grows quickly and takes part in all areas of life.
Cheat-networks are the temples,
Coders are the gods.
Cheaters are tourists of misery,
their fun is what kills the fun of others.
Whether they are victims or culprits stays open.
But it´s up to us, to bring this mischief to an end.
Future is not written yet.