Sirius' Christmas Special | Christmas Saga 2010 (2nd Half)

Uploaded by motzPHaragas on 19.12.2010

[phone rings and pick up]
RISSY: Sup, Rissy here. NEENA: Hey, Eris. I found the stalker. He
kick ass like Chuck Norris.
RISSY: Great, I will surely kick him out of this holiday season. Tell Laura that I will
be here. NEENA: Who's Laura?
RISSY: Whatever, Crystal. I'll be there. Dang it!
[TV static, Hypnothis]
[Tarzan Boy] DJ: May we all sit down and let's make it
more sentimental with this 80s vibes.
TIM P: For this coming year, I think we form a new friendship with my old pal, Douglas.
For that, cheers!
NUR: Cheers to the new quartet! CLAWS: Hooray.
DOUG: Thanks, Tim. BRIT: Well, what just happened with that gay
TIM P: Holy beef brisket in a casserole! You've been punch out by that gay guy like boxer
Manny Pacquiao. And, my God, you're acting like Kesha! Please, wash your face in the
BRIT: Fine, I will.
[foot steps]
BRIT: Hello. NEENA: Hey there.
[door opens and closes]
BRIT: Oh. my. Loid! Why is my honey calling me Kesha! He doesn't like Kesha. I don't like
it either. I don't drink alcohol nor I put glitter on my face.
[faucet, door opens] [dramatic cue]
BRIT: AmaterasuDialga! What on earth happened? KYRO: Hey Brit. I was tripped into mud. I
wasn't looking at it.
BRIT: Maybe, you wore the mask because you hate exposing yourself. You know what? Those
guys who do this prank were jerks. Don't worry, I'm on your side.
KYRO: I believe so. I will.
RISSY: Thank god, I'm here. Now, for the final part.
TIM P: Well, what are your plans for 2011? NUR: So many, I can't say.
CLAWS: Me, too. DOUG: So am I.
RISSY: (clears throat)
BIRD: Holy pop tarts in a blender! What happened? TIM S: OMGWTFBBQ, seizures!
[seizures starts] [explosions]
[Everytime instrumental]
BRIT: Douglas, anyone, come on. Send him to the hospital quick. He's unconscious.
[siren, car brakes]
DOMINGO: Sorry I'm late. BIRD: This is horrible.
DOMINGO: Why? Why are you all gloomy? TIM S: Motz had seizures. His pals are going
to the hospital. His car is used by his friend, Douglas.
DOMINGO: Just my luck. Jump in to the car, now!
BIRD: Seriously?
DOMINGO: I say again, jump into the car damn it. We're going to the hospital.
[open and closes door]
BIRD: Ris, how could you? ERIS: Me? I am angry with that stalker. You
should kill him.
BIRD: He already ended the argument last March, what's the big deal anyway?
TIM S: You know this girl?
ERIS: Hey man, shut up. You have no rights. TIM S: I have rights. You're underage.
ERIS: I'm 13, for taco's sake. TIM S: What are you saying hoseteaser, eh?
BRIT: What is the meaning of all this, you're going to disrupt my moment of silence for
him. DOUG: Yeah, what she said, I also do it. What's
all the fuss, Eris?
BRIT: You, you must be the one who is responsible. ERIS: Hey, bitch. You know what? I have something
to say 'bout your husband?
BIRD: Will you all just shut up? [pager system]
MR. I-BOT: Paging Domingo0022Iway. Paging Domingo0022IWAY. You are called by the recovery
room by Dr. Elo Well. [pager system]
DOMINGO: Uh, Doctor Elo Well. How was he?
DR. WELL: He had a mild psychological stroke. He got a nostalgic feeling. Then, he got screwed.
DOMINGO: You mean. He is a retro.
DR. WELL: Not exactly, after CT scan, I found out about his recalled memory last Christmas.
DR. WELL: Well, he's in the normal state. He will be home as soon as possible.
[Sa Araw ng Pasko]
DOUG: Tim, are you OK? We made peace talks with the 3 noisy users.
NUR: I am OK as well. Got injured a bit from the explosion.
CLAWS: I am fine, too. TIM P: Alright, I hope we will be friends
throughout 2011.
DOUG: Go for it! CLAWS: It's on.
NUR: I'm on! BRIT: Tim, We had peace talks with the one
you stalk. However, for the best and worst of times, I'll be with you.
TIM P: Til we die together? BRIT: Totally, yes.
[doors closed, car off]