How to Make Sweet Potato Pone : Baking Tips for Sweet Potato Pone

Uploaded by expertvillage on 20.01.2008

Hi, my name is Karl James, owner of Creolesoul Catering located in Round Rock, TX and on
behalf of Expert Village I'm here to show you a sweet potato pone recipe. Our pan is
ready, our mixture is ready since both of these are ready lets put them together. So
we're going to put our mixture right there into our aluminum pan, spread that out. What
we're going to do now is I'm just going to even everything out in our aluminum pan and
we're going to take this now put it in our oven at 350 degrees. Let it bake for about
fifty minutes to an hour. One other thing you can do at this point is you could just
create a topping using brown sugar, butter, pecans if you want it and a little flour.
Basically you crumble that together and then just crumble on top and it will give you a
sweet kind of crusty topping. But, on its own once you bake and let this the liquid
bake out it should naturally create a crusty, kind of top on its own. So we're going to
bake this in the oven, uncovered, about fifty minutes to an hour so everything is ready
to go in. I'm going to take this and put it in the oven and I'll see you back at the next