Making of JO WEIL pure Pt1 - with English subs (cc)

Uploaded by MercuryMay01 on 02.10.2011

I'm doing very well. Today we're doing the photo shoot for my new calendar 2012.
We'll start in a sec, and I'm optimistic... They'll pretty me up now.
I can't talk.
Yeah, it's good.
Do you want to take a look... - Yeah. - ... to see what direction this is taking?
Let's start at the beginning.
So, we've successfully finished the first theme.
It went quicker then we'd thought. It came out very beautifully.
Now I'm changing my clothes. As you can see, right here on the Rhine.
Is there anything better an enthusiastic naturist like myself can do?
Yeah, and then comes the next one. Now let me do my work. Go away!
Say it again. - Yeah, I can see you guys shivering from the cold.
The challenge is that we'll shoot 9 different themes today.
That's quite ambitious for one day of shooting, if you want good results.
We'll have changes of location et cetera.
But I think, when I look at Jo, he's a rather nice model, I think.
We've got something to work with, that is,... ...if the make-up is right.
What's it like, working with Jo?
No, it's great. Everything's fine.
Just in time, I managed to give you a threatening look.
Can you hold the umbrella a little bit higher?
What you can't see, and especially can't feel, is that it's about 900° C.
Having your picture taken wearing a pullover isn't necessarily the greatest thing you can do in this kind of weather.
Everybody else can wear a T-shirt. I can't.
So, now we're already doing the next theme. An abandoned area with railway tracks.
It's getting hotter and hotter, and I consider myself very lucky to wear a leather jacket for the next picture. Yippee!
But I don't have any sweat stains.
Next comes a very important theme: August. My birthday.
What did you just say? - It [the make-up] got stuck.
I understood 'You look worn out'.
Would've been true.
Are you worn out? - Mhm? - Are you worn out?
Well, I look like I am.
I'm damn old.
Do you actually know how old I am?
Yeah, you're approaching 40.
Okay, I want to break it off at this point.
Happy birthday to Jo!
Jo actually doesn't need it.
True. It's just Jo's secret fetish. - Yeah.
Let's not fool ourselves.
Jo Weil... - Yeah, because I think it's hot. Right?
Yeah, the great things is that you don't have to go to the tanning salon and on vacation.
You just put on the brown make-up, and you'll look as if all is well.
I actually only ever fake my holiday pictures.
Which month will this be?
This will be November, and as you can see; we've already made a bit of progress in the year.
I'm a little bit tired right now.
The bad thing is that we're not doing the shots in chronological order.
So there are many, many, many, many more months to come. At least 38.
For the thinkers among you, ponder over what part of that statement was wrong.
I think this speaks for itself. For the next theme, they're making me wet.
And because it's so hot today, somebody thought they would be doing me a favor if the water was cold.
Men! - Not every favor is such a great one.
My skin is celebrating. I'm getting sunflower oil rubbed into my skin.
Let me tell you, this is a feeling... ... that brings joy to me.
Does it make you feel like salad?
At least it makes you smell like salad.
I'm enjoying a short break right now because now we'll be shooting naked and wet, so to say.
You can't watch. You'll see it later in the calendar.
If you want to see me naked and wet, you won't get around it: You'll have to buy it.
Silly but true.
Naked and wet.