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GRACE HELBIG: Is this what you asked for?
GRACE HELBIG: Hello, my dear friend strangers How are you?
Real special because you know that today is Zachary Efron,
Ne-Yo, and Bristol Palin's birthdays.
You had no idea?
Well, educate yourselves.
Your lack of basic knowledge is disgusting to me.
I'm over it.
Let's check out MFCFLTS, my favorite comment from last
Tuesday's show.
It comes from Taylor Phelps with numbers instead of
letters, how innovative.
What was your most embarrassing childhood
Halloween costume?
We all had them.
I was a chubby Hershey's Kiss.
Now, were a--
were you chubby and just dressed as a Hershey's Kiss or
was the costume specifically a chubby Hershey Kiss?
Because I'd like to meet one of those.
Um, my most embarrassing Halloween costume is I went as
Bugs Bunny for three years in a row because my mom bought me
a Bugs Bunny costume, and I loved it so much that I wore
it on a very consistent basis.
You can see that that trait is something I carry with me into
my adult life.
Anyway, I have a sort of OK, barely decent person with me
on today's show because everyone else in the world was
unavailable, even Ne-Yo.
Can you believe it, on his birthday he's got plans?
What a jerk.
Please welcome our stage manager and resident snore
festival, Nate.

Thanks for being here, Nate.
GRACE HELBIG: We'll shake like we don't know each other.
NATE: Hiya stranger, how are you?
GRACE HELBIG: Welcome to MyDamnChannel LIVE,
this side of it.
Usually you're over there, behind things, giving me the
middle finger because you're a jerk.
I'm off the clock so I'm not going to do that today.
Well, Nate--
spoiler alert--
just started his own YouTube channel today.
NATE: I did, yeah.
It's YouTube.com/okaynate Oooww.
Now, how would you describe it to those people out there that
haven't checked it out yet because they're newbs at
internet jargon.
NATE: Newbs.
Uh, I don't know, I guess is just a lot of
random stuff about me.
NATE: This first one is a lot of, uh, semi-embarrassing
confessions, and maybe, it'll be a lot more of
that from now on.
Let's find out together.
GRACE HELBIG: You guys comment, tell him what you
want to see from him.
NATE: Yeah.
GRACE HELBIG: I watched the first log.
I was sort of impressed with it but--
NATE: Really?
GRACE HELBIG: I hated it that I was impressed by it.
So if you like things that are charming, go check it out if
you want to.
Now, Nate and I will answer some of
your internet questions.
Let's do this.
Nate are you excited?
NATE: Yes.
GRACE HELBIG: Stop answering.
GRACE HELBIG: Let's take a question from Twitter.
It's from sarahvlegume.
For Nate, which Disney princess is your favorite?
I guess Grace can answer too.
NATE: Uh, probably Snow White cause she's hangin' out with a
bunch of tiny people and that's awesome.
GRACE HELBIG: That's something you're into?
NATE: Yeah, why not?
GRACE HELBIG: Is that what you look for in a woman?
A woman that loves hanging out with men half her size?
NATE: I dated one girl taller than me and
that was pretty cool.
Yeah, sure, why not?
GRACE HELBIG: It was coo--
OK, I don't--
Yeah, I like a guy that's taller than me.
But anyway, my favorite Disney princess, um, I--
I think it--
I want to say Jasmine, but I don't know why.
She seems like she's got the greatest hair of all time.
NATE: I know why.
It's because she owns a tiger.
GRACE HELBIG: That's why.
She's a modern woman.
She didn't get a cat or a dog, she got the combination of a
cat and a dog, a tiger.
Good for her.
Let's take a comment.
This is from mynameisalyv.
All right.
Nate, would you like to get married sometime casually?
NATE: Wait, what?
What's a casual marriage?
Is it just like, hey, let's go get married right now, boom.
GRACE HELBIG: I don't know, it's like, um,
maybe we get married.
I don't know.
NATE: Hm, all the bars are full, so let's go to the
NATE: --and just like make this thing legal.
GRACE HELBIG: Is anyone here ordained?
You are?
We'll, uh, buy you a drink if you'd come over.
NATE: I'll make up some vows on this napkin.
GRACE HELBIG: He is so casual.
But she wants to know, would you ever like to get married
casually at some point, maybe?
That was the most politely asked very serious
question of all time.
NATE: Casually?
Yeah, sure, why not?
GRACE HELBIG: I want to get married really dramatically,
not casually at all.
I want there to be stories that are told for years about
it after the fact.
NATE: So there needs to be like swashbuckling?
GRACE HELBIG: Yeah, it will be like World
War II but real romantic.
NATE: All right.
GRACE HELBIG: You heard it here first.
NATE: World War II.
GRACE HELBIG: That's the story of my life.
Let's take another comment.
This is from LivTheLife, what is the best kind of hug?
A hug that you actually want and know that it's coming.
NATE: Yeah, from the front.
NATE: Usually--
NATE: From the front.
GRACE HELBIG: Yeah, uh-huh-- a hug that is--
NATE: From somebody you may know.
GRACE HELBIG: Yeah, a hug that is consensual.
I think that's the best kind of hug, and it doesn't linger.
A hug shouldn't linger for that long.
And there shouldn't be too much space, and it shouldn't
be too close.
NATE: You ever had a hug with too much space?
GRACE HELBIG: All the time.
There's always that kind of hug that people that want to
show that they're like not sexually attracted to each
other hug with--
like this.
They keep their pelvis'--
NATE: Like middle school dancing.
They're kind of like, hmmm.
GRACE HELBIG: Yeah, you hug like this.
But then when you like the person, you hug like this.
You know.
You want to demonstrate a hug?
NATE: Yes.
An improper or proper first?
NATE: Improper hug first, then.
GRACE HELBIG: We are business acquaintances.
NATE: We're going to have a business meeting after this.
GRACE HELBIG: See, that's the wrong way to hug someone.
You've got to get sort of there, but
not all the way there.
You know, you've heard this a billion times in
your life, I'm sure.
You person, that's always asking how to do that.
How are--
Are you hugging people really, really, weirdly that you need
this advice?
NATE: What other kinds of hugs do you think there are?
GRACE HELBIG: Who knows.
The world is a weird, scary place sometimes.
Let's take another comment.
This is from allyqtful, you are so modest.
Who is your most favorite person in the whole world?
Oh, wow.
That's a big question.
NATE: We have to pick just one?
And also--
NATE: Oh, w--
GRACE HELBIG: This guy, who loves everyone.
NATE: I do.
No, I don't.
GRACE HELBIG: He makes me furious.
Um, I don't know.
My most favorite person in the whole world?
People would get offended.
I'm going to say Barack Obama.
NATE: Sure, that's--
GRACE HELBIG: No, I'm going to change it, Michelle Obama.
Michelle Obama.
She's the greatest person in the world.
NATE: Wow, I like, uh, Joe Biden's pretty cool, right?
NATE: He's like your cool uncle.
GRACE HELBIG: No, he's like the uncle that while you're
sleeping hovers over you, and then you wake up, and he says,
this is all a dream.
NATE: He's the one who hugs you improperly?
GRACE HELBIG: Yeah, he does weird hugs.
He's like a side hugger.
He's like--
NATE: He's not my favorite person.
Picking your favorite person, you shouldn't
ask somebody that.
I mean--
GRACE HELBIG: That's basically, that question is
saying, who in your life do you not like very much?
NATE: Who are you drawing the lines in the sand to make
enemies with--
NATE: --or make jealous?
GRACE HELBIG: Stop asking questions like that.
Let's take a Twitter question.
This is from danrkinney, what are you guys' thoughts on
NATE: Love 'em.
GRACE HELBIG: They're fine.
They're cool.
They're ever--
I've never actually carved a pumpkin before.
NATE: What?
NATE: Why?
GRACE HELBIG: Because in New Jersey you paint pumpkins.
NATE: That's way worse.
GRACE HELBIG: Yeah, New Jersey's a weird place, guys.
Yeah, we never carved them.
My mom would bring paints and we would paint things on them.
And we didn't have the slap fest that
is carving a pumpkin.
NATE: Ah, you're missing out on all that.
Your mom didn't give you like a ridiculously big knife to
just start carving--
NATE: Go, here you go.
Here's a pumpkin.
Here's a knife and just stab at it's head for a while until
something forms and the mouth and all that stuff.
GRACE HELBIG: No, maybe that's why I'm obsessed with
childhood now as an adult, says the 27-year-old female in
a koala onesies.

Maybe we're in-- today's the day we learn where it all
stems from, because I never got to carve a
pumpkin as a child.
NATE: That's it.
GRACE HELBIG: Mom, how dare you?
NATE: Fix it.
The one thing in my childhood that was horrible.
Let's take another comment.
This is from Candice Chetta, what is the most intimidating
thing in starting a brand new YouTube channel?
Great question.
NATE: Uh, confessing just stuff that you never really
think you'd talk about.
It just comes up and then you start going off on it and go,
oh, do I really want to share that?
And then, you do because it's kind of endearing, right?
GRACE HELBIG: Yeah, that's--
The internet is based on people telling secrets.
But now, welcome to this world where you've just exposed
yourself to so much judgment.
NATE: Right.
GRACE HELBIG: Because these people out here that say that
they're your friends, if you suck for a second, they will
tell you that you suck for a second.
They are so honest.
NATE: Oh, great.
GRACE HELBIG: So how fun, welcome.
It's gonna be a weird ride.
NATE: Yeah.
GRACE HELBIG: Let's take a Tumbler question
and shake it up.
Would you be willing to buy more animal onesies?
um, yes, of course.
If anyone out there is associated with an animal
onesie company, I would like to create a human zoo in my
apartment for myself.
NATE: What would be your next one?
GRACE HELBIG: I almost bought the giraffe.
I was really, really close and I kind of regret not buying
the giraffe because this one has got such a derp face.
Gots the derpiest derp face of all time.
NATE: Can you imagine, as much as possible, like--

GRACE HELBIG: Hm-mmm, Yeah.
This is--
This koala is hollow on the inside and doesn't know how to
express real feelings.
Let's take another comment.
That is from rosacarota, which is the weirdest
funny fact you know?
Oh, the weirdest funny--
I don't know.
I don't know if I can--
I know--
I know next to no facts, um, in my life.
But let's see.
Oh my gosh.
NATE: My weirdest fun fact.
GRACE HELBIG: Weirdest fun fact.

Look what you did to us.
You brought this upon yourself by asking this question.
NATE: Blank slate.
GRACE HELBIG: Um, all I can think about is "The Facts of
Life" and Tootie, and that I watched it as a child.
And my brother and I couldn't make it through an episode
without laughing at the name Tootie.
Why'd you call a character Tootie?
NATE: Because your parents hate you.
It's more--
We're learning a lot about how my
childhood went, guys, today.
Uh, you stew on a fun fact.
Let's take a Twitter question.
This is from rkfisher28, what is your favorite guest star
or-- who is your favorite guest star on
mydamnchannellive so far?
Um, I really love Mitchell Davis.
Hannah was great.
Dan [INAUDIBLE] was a really fun time.
Uh, Bella Thorne from Disney Channel was so, so, so, sweet.
Um, oh, who else has been on the show?
Tyler Oakley might be coming on the show in the future.
I don't know, just putting rumors out there.
Um, let's see.
Who else has been on the show?
NATE: I can tell you some of mine.
NATE: Who come to other days of the week.
To me, I live in a universe all unto myself.
NATE: Grace pretends that it's just her day.
GRACE HELBIG: There are other shows that
happen during the week?
NATE: We all go into like suspended
animation when she's gone--
GRACE HELBIG: You're all cheating on me.
You're all cheating on me.
No, who were some of your favorite guests?
NATE: Uh, David Wain--
NATE: --was awesome.
NATE: Kurt Braunohler--
NATE: --is amazing.
Even though he pulled out a gun and tried to play Russian
roulette on the set.
GRACE HELBIG: Classic, that guy.
NATE: Yeah.
GRACE HELBIG: He lives for it.
He's also from New Jersey.
There's a fun fact.
NATE: Oh, oh, there you go.
GRACE HELBIG: I nailed it.
NATE: People actually come from New Jersey sometimes.
GRACE HELBIG: It's cool and weird, queird.
Queird peoples.
Take that internet and run with that word.
Let's take another comment.
MALE SPEAKER (OFFSCREEN): Actually, guys, I just want to
let you know that we are over 1,000 viewers right now.
GRACE HELBIG: Oh my god!
GRACE HELBIG: 1,000 viewers.
NATE: What do you do?
GRACE HELBIG: I don't know.
This is what koalas do.
NATE: Dude, they don't--
GRACE HELBIG: They do this.
I watched a YouTube video before this on koalas.

NATE: That's like what we do when you ask us if
we know a fun fact.
GRACE HELBIG: Yeah, but that's the noise a koala makes when
it feels anything at all, whatsoever.
So thanks, guys, wow.
It's all for frigging Nate.

NATE: Do I need to just--
GRACE HELBIG: I've been here every other--
once a week, pouring out love for you, and today's the day
you all decide to tune in?

Let's take a Twitter question.
This is from majanguyen1.

How do you pronounce that last name?
NATE: Nguyen?
GRACE HELBIG: Is that how you say it?
NATE: Nguyen.
NATE: Maja Nguyen.
GRACE HELBIG: I've tried to pronounce this last name
before and I always fail.
NATE: I think it's Nguyen.
NATE: Maja Nguyen.
Grace and Nate, what's your favorite Pokemon?
Oh, was like?
NATE: Uh, Slowbro.
GRACE HELBIG: You would.
NATE: Because--
GRACE HELBIG: You would.
NATE: --slow.
GRACE HELBIG: You would.
That sums up this guy's entire personality.
NATE: Thank you?
GRACE HELBIG: You're welcome.
Gotta catch 'em up.
I just found out, in my head by myself a few weeks ago,
that Ash Ketchum, his last name was Ketchum.
NATE: What'd you thing it was?
Do you think it was just his nickname like Tootie?
I paid no attention to it.
His hair was just too much for me to handle so I didn't, um,
put it together at all.
It's like the time in fourth grade, a kid named Alec
Farrell came up to me and said, your
name's Grace Helbig.
I know a kid named Kevin Heavensmall.
And I said, that's cool and then I walked away.
And I didn't get it until high school.
I thought about it and then I realized that he
was making a joke.
And I never, ever went back and told him that I was sorry
for the confused, weird look.
But now, if you're watching Alec, though, that was a great
joke for a fourth grader.
Good Lord.
Let's take a comment.
This is from AmeeraRose, if you could be a character from
any Disney movie, which character would you be?
Lots of Disney questions.
NATE: The answer to this one, Tarzan.
Because I really liked Phil Collins' work on that album to
the Disney soundtrack.
Do you ever wake up in like a sad--
Why are you laughing?
GRACE HELBIG: Your personality continues to stun me.
GRACE HELBIG: You're welcome.
GRACE HELBIG: So you would be Tarzan
because of Phil Collins?
NATE: Yes.
Have you heard that soundtrack?
Sing it.
GRACE HELBIG: How's it go?
NATE: Uh, there like, I want to know, can you show me?
GRACE HELBIG: Someone give that.
Welcome to the internet.
NATE: Oh,god.
GRACE HELBIG: That will live forever.
That three seconds will live forever.
NATE: Listen to it next time you wake up.
GRACE HELBIG: I want to be--
I want to be a Apu.
His name was Apu, a poo, a poo.
They're sneaking in some crazy stuff into all of these--
NATE: It's like a weird psych evaluation.
GRACE HELBIG: Everyone that works for Disney is a pervert,
known fact.
There's a funny fact for you.
On that note of me dissing everyone that works for a
really well-respected company, let's end the show.
Thank you for watching and make sure that you subscribe
to Nate's channel, which is right down here, okaynate.
If you enjoy a solid medium time and Phil Collins.
Nate leave this place.
Thank you and check me out every other day of the week on
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