Recensione Acer Iconia Tab A100 [eng sub] Review

Uploaded by netbookitalia on 29.09.2011

Hi, welcome back on, today we’ll see a video review showing the strengths
and weaknesses of the Iconia Tab A100, that is the new Acer 7 inch tablet.
Let’s start with the strengths: surely, the technical specs and the operating system,
because here we have Google Android 3.2; 1 Ghz, dual core Tegra 2 processor; 1 Gb of
RAM; 8 Gb of disk space; a 7 inch screen with a resolution of 1024x600 pixel, that is good
for the web surfing.
Here we have the whole equipment that includes WI-FI, Bluetooth, GPS, and then micro HDMI
and micro USB sockets on the bottom edge, two stereo speakers, the power button and
the headphone jack.
On the side we find also the auto-rotate lock and the up/down volume control, and finally
we have the micro SD slot here on the right edge.
The hardware equipment is really complete, and it deserves to be included in the strengths,
especially in comparison with the rivals available today.
This fully-featured tablet has also a 5-megapixel camera with LED flash on the back side, and
a front-facing 2-megapixel camera, that is useful for video-chatting; moreover both are
good at recording HD videos and photos of high quality.
These technical specs allow to have another strength point too, that is the response time
of the touch-screen, of the basic type, not IPS, and this will lead up to a weakness point
like we’ll see then.
However it’s protected by the Gorilla Glass screen, so no troubles with the scratches,
and it’s really responsive: with this multi-touch screen you can easily surf the net; actually
with this device, this screen and this hardware, the touch-experience is really positive.
The same reasons that make this tablet so responsive, make it good at playing video
I suggest you to take a look at the video linked to this Iconia Tab A100 review, where
I connected the tablet to the HDMI port to let you get the idea of the potential of this
product when it’s connected to a larger screen or anyway just how good it is displaying
digital contents too.
The last but not least, among the strengths: the sale price, that has influenced very much
the opinions on this tablet, for being so low.
In fact, in Italy this product is sold at 299 Euros, and actually this is a price lower
than any other competitor model, especially with these technical specs and compact size.
Moreover, thanks to discounts, special offers and the price trends, this Iconia Tab A100
is now available at a lower price, about 250 Euros.
And so, that’s why this product, at this price, is actually more appealing than the
similar rival models( that maybe with the same specs are not so cheap!)
Obviously, such a low price makes Acer to give something up, and so here we are at the
The first, as mentioned earlier, is the screen, that is not IPS type and so the viewing angles
are really bothering sometimes.
I’m not talking about the right angle, in fact here in some way we can keep some visibility
and saturation, but rather the left one, as you can see: it doesn’t take much to see
nothing at all.
To make matters worse, I have to notice that the screen is really reflecting, but no news.
In spite of this, brightness and colour contrast are good, you just need to find the correct
viewing angle, without moving too much from the perfect position.
Talking about this Acer Iconia A100, aesthetics is not its strong point, in fact I’ve added
design and weight in the not-so-good features of the product.
It is 13.1 mm thick (half-an-inch) , and actually it’s not so much, but this particular shape
(the same of all the Acer tablet of the Iconia Tab series) makes it less modern, not kept
up with the times, that means ultra-thin tablets, e.g. one of the latest Samsung models with
its 7-8 mm.
Well then, this Acer model, with less than 500 gr of weight and its “old-fashioned”
design, is not among the best representative models of the field, from this point of view.
Another weakness of the product, that is a technical issue, is the battery life: we have
a 100 mAh battery, below the standard of the field, that means 5-6 hours of real and full
use of the device with brightness on “auto”, WI-FI on, games…
I personally tested the product and I almost reached the 5/6 hours in these conditions.
On the other hand, with standby mode, screen off, WI-FI on and Google notifications, I
noticed that the device discharged the 20% every 14 hours, and it means 2 or 3 days of
battery life in these conditions, that’s not so much for this type of device.
We don’t have such a disappointing effect, as one can expect considering the low capacity
of the integrated battery, but however we don’t have either a device that can be forgotten
switched-on anywhere, maybe hoping that after some hours one will still find it with a reasonable
battery-charge, because unfortunately with this product it won’t happen.
For further information, I suggest you to read the complete article (the link is in
the description of this video).
Take a look at the other videos too, so you can see with your own eyes the tests I’ve
done with the HDMI and the integrated cameras.
By and large, for this product my opinion is positive, because the price is really competitive
and the web experience allowed by Android is fulfilling.