Black Jack TV - Full Episode 15 (Official & HQ with subtitles)

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I saw your image in the flower that is blossoming sorrowfully
I love rain, yet it felt frosty today
The season changed, the forest was colored,
The wind played a tune, memories gushed out
Gather the pieces of the moon, decorate the dream, and sleep
Even if I sprinkle the sand of time, I cannot return to the past
Those searching for the meaning of life are all travellers
I set my course on this endless journey
for the place beyond the thorny path....
The artist of life who produces miracles through his godlike scalpel skills.
The genius surgeon whom the era has yearned for.
Black Jack.
Ms. Michiru, it's time for your shot.
What are you drawing?
A house that I'd like to live in.
The inside will be full of bright-colored furniture.
The yard is filled with flowers.
I will invite people every day, and...
You're getting better, Ms. Michiru.
Doctor, please tell me.
How many more days will I live?
What are you saying all out of a sudden?
Doctor, I have cancer, right?
I already knew it.
It's spread all over, and I will never recover, right?
That's not true, Ms. Michiru.
Your guess is wrong.
Please don't hide it, doctor.
I want to use my remaining time effectively.
Ms. Michiru...
It's okay to tell me the truth.
Please, doctor!
Two or three weeks left.
One month at most.
I see.
That's rather short.
But Ms. Michiru, never give up hope until the last.
What is my hope?
There's still hope.
The Fabricated Wedding
Originally by Tezuka Osamu "The Temporary Love"
Michiru, tell me anything.
We will get you anything you want.
So tell us.
Then I want to get married.
I want to experience something happy.
But Michiru, you can't get married alone.
She's right.
You're right.
But all I want is a wedding.
I want to have a wedding.
How about this?
I will marry the first man who walks into this room.
That's reckless...
Isn't it cute, like in a fairytale?
Michiru, that's a bit too much...
That's fine!
I will ask around, too!
That's fine, if it makes you happy.
What are you going to do about this?
I had to tell her that.
Mr. Aotori,
your daughter is...
Hang on!
What is it?
I'm right here.
Please let me marry!
There's no time.
So please, Mr. Kuma.
I want to grant, Michiru's wish!
I, marry your daughter?
Sure, we've been friends since we were children.
But that's drastic!
But please!
Just the ceremony!
She won't last long!
I understand.
I will come, for Ms. Michiru.
Hey, Kuma, is the article done?
My sister's in a coma.
I'm sorry!
Kuma Brother!
Wait for me, Michiru.
Mom, hasn't a man walked in yet?
I'm sure a man who will surprise you will come.
I guess someone is here.
Come in.
Are you Mr. Aotori Michiru?
I'm a doctor named Black Jack.
In this hospital?
I'm an outsider.
I was asked by a doctor from here.
Doctors are exceptions, right?
The encounter was destined.
Sorry I'm late.
Who are you?
Kuma Brother, he's the man I'm going to marry.
she asked the impossible, to marry the first man who walked into this room.
Impossible is right!
And I'm the second?
I'd like to marry Dr. Black Jack.
I said the first man.
I came here to operate on you.
I won't recover, will I?
I'll be the judge of that.
Doctor, are you married?
That's not important now.
It is important.
I won't allow the operation if I can't marry you.
Don't be ridiculous!
I'm serious.
I want to have a wedding before I die.
Marriage is not a game.
The operation will be useless.
Most of all, the patient herself has given up all hope.
Do you think so?
I think she's putting all of her hope for life in the wedding.
Hope for life?
Doctor, this is her last selfish wish.
Even if it's just an act...
This is just a make-believe?
Doctor, I know it's rude to do this,
but I'd like to thank you...
I won't accept pocket change.
Give me ¥50,000,000 as a dowry.
Just to have a make-believe wedding?!
That includes her operation fee.
The chance is low, but I will do my best.
Dr. Black Jack...
It's the first time, even for me, that there's been a wedding and an operation together.
Do you know what marriage is?
The meaning of husband and wife?
Once you are married, you must trust your partner.
You must, too.
I will slash your body.
I may tear it apart.
I don't mind.
Your cancer has spread to 18 locations.
We need to make 34 separate excisions.
In other words, I will take away most of your organs.
Depending on the organ, we may transplant one from someone else,
or implant artificial organs.
Aren't you scared?
I need to trust you, right?
The operation is not guaranteed to be successful.
Do you still not mind?
Hurry up with the ceremony.
Please tell so to Mom.
Your daughter would like to talk about the wedding.
Hey! What in the world are you doing?!
You don't know anything about Michiru!
And to marry her?!
It will be a surgical operation with 18 incisions.
If such a small act can give the patient some energy,
I'll gladly take part in a make-believe wedding.
A make-believe wedding?!
Michiru is being serious!
Then cheer her up yourself.
If you can give her hope, then all I have to do is operate on her.
I can't...
We'll have a big dinner tonight.
I can't come home tonight.
It'll be a major operation.
Sorry, Pinoko.
Eat the dinner yourself.
Dr. Black Jack.
What was that voice?!
That voice?
She's the doctor here.
Don't stay up too late.
Hey, wait!
Doctor, can you give me any advice?
I sense that something is going on.
Isn't this cool?
It's a new mountain bike.
You're here at just the right time.
Can you give me a ride to the general hospital in the next town?
I can't.
Riding with two people is not safe.
I need a ride!
That's it!
Let's go!
Hurry! Hurry!
Are you really going to have the wedding?
I can't help it, with all that's been going on.
This is it.
What are we doing at a jewelry store?
We need a ring for the wedding.
I don't know what she would like, so can you pick one for me?
Do you need to do that much?
I intend to complete the operation while the anesthetic called hope is still effective.
Would you like a ring?
I think this one would match you well, ma'am.
No, she would pick... This one.
What are you doing with those?
We will have the wedding in this room,
so I'm going to decorate the room for it.
I see.
Michiru, I just got the wedding dress ready.
Thank you, Daddy!
We're finally here.
This way, please.
What's going on?
It's as if there'll be a wedding.
A wedding?!
Why are you here?
Could it, could it be you?!
I am the doctor's wife!
I won't allow you to marry my doctor!
Hey, hey, she's just a doctor at this hospital.
You like Doc, don't you?
And that's why you're marrying him in the hospital, right?
Oh, no,
Dr. Black Jack is marrying someone else.
Oh, thank goodness...
Oh, my goodness!
I must go now!
Excuse me!
Your wedding partner is me, Pinoko.
Pinoko, this wedding is just make-believe.
I'm your wife!
Don't marry anyone else!
Stop it, Pinoko.
This isn't a game.
Are you serious?
Do you, Black Jack, take this woman to be your wife?
Do you promise to build a healthy life with her and love her for as long as you both shall live?
I do.
Do you, Aotori Michiru, promise to become this man's good wife?
Yes, I do.
If you want to cry too, I'll let you use this.
Now take the ring.
How cute.
Now they have been happily united.
Congratulations, Michiru.
You're so pretty.
Thank you, Dad, Mom.
I'm happy.
Now, let's go to the operating room.
"Operation in progress"
Incisions will be made at the thyroid gland, rib number eight, right breast, right axilla,
upper abdominal median line, second left lumber vertebra, left groin, and...
That's impossible!
To do all that all at once?
We will start with the extraction from the thyroid gland.
Continue the oxygen supply.
Is the oscillograph reading okay?
We will now move on the the right breast.
He finished the extraction from the thyroid gland in just five minutes!
Let's believe in Dr. Black Jack.
We will do the right axilla.
He's serious about doing all of them.
It's been three hours.
Finished with 33 focus areas.
One more left.
Are you tired?
Aren't you?
Next, extract the rectum.
We will make an artificial anus.
However, we will raise the pelvis,
and operate while keeping her on her back.
We've never operated like that!
Operation complete.
I appreciate your support.
Thank you.
I have removed all focus areas.
It's now all up to you.
Thank you, doctor.
Will Michiru be healthy now?
Let's watch her recovery progress.
Pinoko, where's breakfast?
You're going to go see that woman again, aren't you?
As your wife, that's unforgivable.
She's my patient!
Oh, yeah?
It's been two weeks now.
As far as I can tell from the X-ray images, it's looking good.
Doctor, have you ever loved someone?
I'm deeply in love for the first time in my life.
He's the only man for me in the world.
And he is standing in front of me and he married me.
I like being appreciated for saving your life,
but don't mix that up with romantic feelings.
But I love you, doctor.
If you walk away from my life,
I can't continue to live.
Don't say that!
But I'm okay if I die as long as you are by my side.
Don't be so selfish!
Don't ever say such a thing!
Remember, you were supposed to die back then.
But now you have just started your new life!
Just when you're supposed to enjoy your new life,
you want to die again?!
How could you?!
I'm sorry.
But we got married.
That was only make-believe.
But we swore in front of a minister, that we would love each other for life.
I'm not a man who should be loved.
Forget about this.
But I love you!
And only you!
Believe me!
I only healed a patient as a doctor.
Wait, doctor!
I can't live on if you walk away!
Put an end to such fantasies.
Don't hide in your dream.
Live with your dream!
Mr. Kuma,
Ms. Michiru is crying.
She needs to be cheered up.
I don't know anything about her.
Dr. Black Jack.
Ms. Michiru.
You're from that time...
I won't allow any more of these wedding games with Doc!
Oh, I won't play that again.
That's good, then.
These drawings are nice.
I draw illustrations for that children's magazine now.
But eventually, I'd like to publish my own children's book.
You can do it.
I'm sure of it.
You still have that?
It's a precious ring given to me by the man that saved my life.
Doctor, I will be marrying Mr. Kuma next month.
Thank you very much.
I love you, darling; If I can be united with you,
I couldn't be happier...
I wanted to see you forever
I'm laying on the grill,
being heated up by you,
so much that I change color
I dress up with sparkly grains of decorations
I love you, darling; Please love me more and more
I love you, darling; If I can be united with you,
I couldn't be happier
How does it taste?
Are you a robber?
I need money!
Where are we going?!
Was she kidnapped?
Yes, I'm worried about you being an unlicensed, albeit excellent surgeon.
Do you smell Pinoko?
Miss, do you want to go on a trip with me?
I will see you at three o'clock.
Next Karte - Missing Pinoko.
This wedding is just make-believe.
I'm your...
What's this?!