Engin Akyürek Interview (English Subtitles) Kısaca Sinema (TRT)

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Now we present to you a pleasant chat we had with Cinema and TV actor, Engin Akyurek.
Subtitles by: Serap
How did I begin acting? For me there are two periods...
Firstly there's the period in which I did theatre in Ankara
just after university. The other period is when I came to Istanbul
to enter the industry... doing TV shows within the industry.
I came to Istanbul in an interesting way, I came here via a talent competition
and it progressed after that. Things happend, things happend..
My coming to Istanbul, and being in this industry is all due to that competition I'd entered.
Of course TV (roles) can be of long duration, for example...
you can film 100-200 episodes, they can go for three years, that's why
you need to think about them in long term, prepare and devote alot of concentration, it's ongoing.
If you do a film role, 20-30 days
and it's done. Then you concentrate on something else.
TV shows have an interesting...tempo
Within that tempo, you show the development of the character
depending on the popularity of the show, and the public reaction..it can evolve into something else and
and you have to always be prepared for that.
This is how it can differ from the theatre or cinema
there's a certain scenario there, and you play that scenario
in a series you don't know what's going to happen in the 50th episode
but whilst you're acting in the 1st episode, you have to think about what may occur in the 50th episode.
As an actor doing theatre is always an advantage. To enter into the Conservatory is a big advantage also...
but this is all dependent on the individual.
Because it's a very individualised career, that requires talent
ultimately this isn't medicine, there's no life or death danger in what you do. It's completely up to you.
Someone who hasn't graduated from the Conservatory (or Arts) can still be incredibly successful.
But you can always graduate from the Conservatory, get an academic understanding of the industry...
these are all to your advantage
But there are still many people(actors) , whom aren't Conservatory graduates that are still very successful.
Acting is a very emotional thing
therefore you approach it from the perspective of the character... What is it that I'm playing?
Or what is it that I'm trying to represent here? What's his motivation?
I place alot of attention to that regarding the roles I play
Who are they? What is their motivation? What are their weakenesses? What's their passion?
Of course as well as this, Who's filming it? Who's producing it? The strength of the script, and what it's trying to tell...
Foremostly, what story is it trying to tell?
These are all general aspects you look at. But they'll be one core thing
and that can change. It could be the Director for example. Sometimes the role.
Sometimes the job itself, the production itself...I don't know.
Regarding short film, I can say this
Short film is not something that exists too much in my life but...
I can say this to our friends who film 'Short Flim'
One of the fundamental aspects of this job is Directing actors
based on my own career experience, that's all I can say
To be a good director, to film a good story
on a base level relies on the relationship you form with your actors
Or the direction given to actors. Its for that reason by watching good actors' performances
they can secure something.
Because this is a basic fact. No matter how good the script, or how accurately you portray the story
if your actors don't give good performances, you're film will be limited in its success
It's for that reason, they need to solve the situation. How can they do this...?
Whether it's within the training that they provide...
maybe the education and the development of the actors
maybe assistance could be asked for, from established actors
from their acting coaches.
For me personally, the one thing I can say to our friends who work in short film is regarding the direction for actors.
Daily we see the acting profession changing...
even in short film. Because in short film you generally work with amateur actors
and when you're working with this many amateur actors
you need a different direction (or approach). This can take you to an entirely different place
For example if we were to watch an established Directors first films, you'll still see good direction given to actors...
Personally, that's all I can say.