T-ara Hello Baby Ep 10 4/4 ENG SUB

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Hwayoung mom wanted to become world strongest girl
What had you became?
Mavin continued on safely
Are you alright?
Not answering to the question Its fun
Hwayoung mom this time pulled two sliders at the same time
Wa~ You are the best Ryu Hwayoung
The puller is being separated
Your leg too long
Keep your legs somewhere safe then come back
Hwayoung mom pulling Started in a safer way
Hwayoung mom didnt get the right centre and she fall
Time to play other game
Mavin didnt have enough of playing with moms pulled sliders
Mason trying to operate the slider
Theres this kind of principle
Mavin, Mason, this is Science principle
We are getting nearer. We are going to get hit
Driving skills is good~
I am going there I am very fast
Mason able to master how to control the slider
Hello. Do you want competition? Do you want competition?
Starting Slider competition
Close competition of the Battle of Slider
Foul play
Mason foul
Mom, go slower
Moms getting too into the game and forgot about Mason
Number one
Number two
Slowly going is counted as win
Because Mason didnt get number one, he simply changing the game rule
Mavin, what do you want to play?
Should induce Mavin on how to jump
Dont go there
Go play others
Mavin already gone crazy. Played till completely crazy
Boram mom Hold me
Are you happy?
Lets play this
Mavin gone crazy
Mom, I so happy. There There
What to do with him?
Moms, its so fun
I also want to play
Bin(referring to Mavin) ah, come down. Slide down Slide down
Come to mom here. Mom
Still want to play
Maknae MAden also want to play slide
Moms also followed to join in
Moms, lets okay together
So happy
Its so fun~
The moms are playing much more happily
T-ara family attracted into slide games
Me too~
Still wanted to play once more
He's going up again
For Maden, this is better than Mount Himalayas
I must go up
Slides are so much fun
Maden got addicted after playing with slide
Trying other way of playing once again?
Over there Coming down Coming down
Have to go stop him quick
Lets go. Go play other games~
Play this Play this one
Played too much. Really hot
Lets play bang bang
Bang Bang?
The moms are more energetic than the 3 brothers
Moms lets play together
Where is Mason? Mason Mason
I am over here
Wah So good
The moms and Mason found back their childish-ness
Mason, come up I'll help you
Come and catch Mason~
The moms are still playing happily even falling down
Is it fun?
Still have me
Dont know when Hyomin mom followed up with Mason
Mavin played till crazy
Mavin ran towards happily after found other games
He almost floated already
Imitating Mavin
What is this?
Trying to hug the mascot after seeing it
Mom, look at this raccoon
Hello~ hello~
Maden seemed to like the raccoon's nose
What is this?
Goodbye Raccoon~
High Five
Maden also high five
Is this Hyomin?
Is this Hyomin?
(White box: being suspected to be Hyomin mom) Actions that always Hyomin did
Seemed like this action like Hyomin
Wouldnt Hyomin became this after acting as santa?
Because Hyomin mom ever acted as Santa so they suspected more
She came. Not Hyomin
Its not Hyomin. We still thought that one is you, Hyomin
Because Hyomin mom came, the suspicious is being cleared
It kept on doing this, thought it was you
Why have to copy me?
That is what i do
The raccoon kept on imitating Hyomin mom
This is mine
Since when Hyomin mom got one raccoon fan?
Hyomin mom and the raccoon looked alike 100%
Hes copying me
The ears also same as mine
Help to search for bin(Mavin)
Mavin addicted to all these games and didnt want to go home
Bin(Mavin) ah, moms are going
Mason, is it fun?
Nope, still havent played enough
Since we are so near to here, we'll come here often
We'll come again tomorrow?
If Mason eat a lot of kimchi, we'll come to play again
Kimchi? Have to eat again?
If Mason will eat kimchi and rice tomorrow, we'll come play again
Dont want. I want to play now
We didnt even finish playing everything today. Lets go
Mavin Lets go home
Bin, we are going
Lets go together
Still want to play
30. Go skiing court together with 3 brothers Completed
Next week
Changed for the 3 brothers Indoor Kindergarten OPENED
Head Shoulder Leg Knee Leg
Dancing happily
Learning while singing
Very happy~
Also speed guessing game
T-ara moms capabilities?
Gave up on acting Teaching Hyomin's incredible posture
According to my opinion, I dont think you can act in future
T-ara MC Soyeon
Today we are going to do full body massage
Chinese new year is coming soon
Tips prepared for every hardwroking moms
I am going to get massage
How...you dare...
Relaxing the neck and shoulder's muscle. Between the head and shoulder, use the thumbs massage slowly
Unable to bear. Skip to the next one
From the waist to the butt Use two palms to massage
Its so weird
How to describe this kind of feeling
Burst into laughters
Unable to hold in anymore~
Everyone should try too
Must do it with someone really really close
Relaxing the knee and legs From the legs keep on massaging
Whole body massage Tip
Hope everyone will get more closer with this massage
Presented by T-ara
Must have someone very strong to help massage
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