EP Tany's MAX TALK! Hidden Treasures -63kg

Uploaded by K1 on 07.07.2011

Tany: Let's talk about K-1 Hidden Treasures!
We are trying to discover prospective fighters who come from all around the world
by using Facebook. And the Facebook page is called K-1 Hidden Treasures.
We have already started this project for -63kg, -70kg and WGP.
And we are thinking of giving them chances to fight in K-1 in the near future.
Picking up some prospective fighters and having a camp with them might be a good idea.
Every fighter can make an entry here. And it's also a good place for fans to have fun.
So please go visit those facebook pages and enjoy this new attempt.
Today I want to introduce some -63kg fighters who I have found from the page.
First fighter is Konstantin Trishin from Ukraine.
He once fought in K-1 MAX in 2008. I remember him.
He fought Daiguji and won. I saw him sparred at a gym in Tokyo and he impressed me.
As far as I remember, he belongs to the same gym as Artur Kyshenko.
What do you think of him, Kubo?
Kubo: I was there and saw this match in the arena. I remember he moves quick and very technical.
Tanikawa: Second one is Cyrus Washington from USA. He looks so tough, doesn't it?
He's definitely tough but His weight's over 70kg and we need to confirm if he can fight at 63kg.
I've been always thinking that we need black people in K-1 MAX. He could be the one.
Kubo: His body is big and must be so powerful. Can he really cut down to 63kg?
Tanikawa: If he preferred to fight in 70kg, then he could though.
Next one is Christian Lopez from Argentina.
I've been saying that I want a martial artist like Benny Urquidez for the K-1 MAX -63kg tourney.
This fighter could play the role in the world tourney. Do you know Benny, Kubo?
Kubo: I know only his name.
Tanikwa: You have to check him. He is the legend.
How about Lopez then? He's great, isn't it? I love this kind of fighter.
Kubo: Yes, he is. I want to fight this sort of fighter once.
Tanikawa: For the -63kg division, awesome fighters must be existing in South America and Asia.
I want to find out fighters like Oscar De La Hoya and Manny Pacquiao from the world.
Lopez vs. Kizaemon Saiga could be a great match. I want to see it.
Last fighter I introduce today is Javier Hernandez.
He's the present It's showtime -61kg champion and made an entry to K-1 Hidden Treasures.
He defeated Karim Bennoui last June then became the It's showtime champion.
Kubo: I want to represent K-1 and fight against It's showtime champion.
Tanikawa: Not to mention, he's a strong fighter.
I want to gather fighters from Europe, USA, South America and Asia for -63kg world tourney.
I introduced 4 fighters today and There are many more good fighters exist with the Hidden treasures.
And I want to introduce other fighters next time.
I hope some K-1 stars will come out from this project.
We also have started this project of K-1 MAX -70kg and K-1 WGP already.
Please check those 2 pages as well.
I hope you enjoyed this program. see you next time.