Multicam Editing with Final Cut Pro X Makes Editing Multi Camera Shoots Easy

Uploaded by FinalCutProHelp on 09.02.2012

With the 10.0.3 update, there is now a built-in multi camera tool for
Final Cut Pro X.
Just select the clips that will be merged into a multicam clip.
With the clips selected right or control click and choose new multicam clip from
the pop-up menu.
You can manually sync the clips or check a box to synchronize them based on audio
After clicking ok
Final Cut will go to work. When finished a multicam clip will be available in
the Event.
Click the button at the top right of the Canvas to view the Angle Viewer.
The Angle Viewer lets us see all of the angles at once.
Change the Angle Viewers settings
to show more angles, up to sixteen at once.
In the Event double click on the clip to see all angles on the timeline.
If an Angle is not in sync,
use the timeline to drag the Angle into sync.
Add or remove clips from the multicam clip
at any time from the drop-down menu.
On the right side you can drag a clip up or down
to change the order.
Now that the multicam clip is set up,
we're ready to start editing.
Drag the clip onto the timeline
and make sure the playhead is at the start of the clip.
In this video
the only audio that will be heard is the mastered audio track.
To change which audio track is being heard, click on the enable audio only
switching button
and then click the audio track.
With the audio set it's time to edit the video.
Press the enable video only switching button.
Playback the project and, in real-time,
click on the angle you want to cut to.
When finished, the edits are made.
Using Final Cut Pro Xs tools,
adjust the edits and cameras is simple.
Just click and drag to roll the edit points.
If you need to add a cut, make sure the playhead is at the correct spot
and then click on the angle you'd like to add in.
If the angle is just wrong and you'd like to change it,
hold on the option key on your keyboard.
Then, click on the clip you'd like to use instead.
That's really all there is to multicam editing in the new Final Cut
Pro X.
Watch my previous video on multi camera editing and you'll see this is a nice
If you like to learn more check out An Awesome Guide to Final Cut Pro X on