Birther: Obama's Secret - Part 1

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I Barack Hussein Obama do solemnly swear. I Barack Hussein Obama do solemnly swear.
That I will execute the office of president to the United States faithfully. That I will
execute… Faithfully the office of president of the United States. The office of president
of the United States faithfully. And will to the best of my ability. And will to the
best of my ability. Preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the United States.
Preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the United States. So help you God. So
help me God. Congratulations Mr. President.
In 2004 Barack Hussein Obama came to national
attention. In four short years he rose from obscurity to President of the United States.
But how much do we know about this man who is leading our country into tyranny? Where
did he come from? What God does he follow? And what are his true motives?

We have traveled
to three countries in our search for the truth. From Hawaii, to Kenya, to Indonesia to find
Obama’s secret.

Barack Obama claims he was born at the Kapi’olani Medical Center
in Honolulu, Hawaii. There have, however, long been questions about whether this is
actually true. We traveled to Hawaii to check out the claims and question doctors at the

According to our records Barack Obama was born at this hospital.

Did you
actually witness him being born here?

No I didn't.
Why not?
Well, first of all, I was only thirteen years of age when he was born. And even though I
was a bright student I still didn't have my license to practice medicine.

So you can't
actually be sure that he was actually born here can you?
I have a copy of his birth certificate right here. Our hospital is very careful in its
records and according to our records this is a true and correct copy of his birth certificate.
But that's not the original is it?
No, it's not.
So it's possible that it is actually fake, isn't it
It's possible, but not likely.
But if it was a fake wouldn't it also look real?
Well, I suppose it would.
So isn't it possible that it is actually fake, because it does look real?
I think you're twisting things around, but that's possible.
So there we have it. A doctor from the hospital where Obama claims to have been born admits
that the birth certificate could be a forgery. We decided to go to the source and talk to
the Hawaii State Department of Health to prove that Obama’s birth certificate is fake.

this birth certificate released by the Obama campaign real or a forgery?

No. No. It's

How do you know?

It’s the same one that's in our records.
But is this his birth certificate?
It has his name on it.
But how do you know he is who he says he

Uh, what?

I mean, what if there were another baby born in this hospital on that
day also named Barack Obama?
You're saying there's two different Barack Obama's?
I'm just asking questions. Isn't it possible?
I don't know, but I uh…
Is there any sort of photo identification? Is there any sort of photographic proof? Any
sort of evidence?
No. We don't have photos with birth certificates.
So the Director of the Hawaii Department of Health admits that there is no proof that
the birth certificate that Obama presented is his own. Where then, was Barack Obama born?

has long been assumed that Adolf Hitler committed suicide with his wife Eva Braun on April 30,
1945 in a bunker under the Reich Chancellery in Berlin. Newly uncovered evidence, however,
suggests that he escaped Germany just prior to VE day. If that's true where did he go
and what ultimately happened
to him?
One theory is that Hitler immigrated to Kenya where he hoped he would blend in with the
local population. Some believe that in 1961, at the age of 72, he fathered a child. Who
was that child and what ultimately happened to him? We traveled to Kenya to find out.

like to book a flight to Africa.

Of course. What country?


I understand sir,
but what country in Africa?

Um, Kenya.

No problem.
We went to Nyang’oma Kogelo, Kenya, Obama's hometown in Africa to find real evidence of
his birth. Our first stop was to see the chief.
Where would I go to find Obama?
Um, it could be 50 meters, but going down. If you want to find Obama you don't need to
go around. If you go east, west, round wherever, you'll find Obama. If not 50, could be about
100 going down the street to Moliku. That's what we call the neighborhood.
Damn it.
I was told that you knew Barack Obama.
You mean my son?
How old is your son?
Two years.
I gave him the name after the president of the United States of America.
There are rumors that Obama was actually born at Kendu Bay Hospital.
Now, was Barack Obama born here?
Born here, I don't think. If Obama was born here everybody would have known, but to the
best of my knowledge I don't think Obama was born in this country.
Was he born at this hospital?
Definitely not. If Obama was born in this hospital I would have been the greatest person
to say yes a US president was born in my own hospital, but Obama was not born in this hospital.
If Obama wasn't born at this hospital where was he born? We went to the ministry of records
to find out. With everyone hiding Obama's birth from us our final hope was to go directly
to the district administrator.
Have you seen Obama's birth certificate?
What? I've never seen his birth certificate. I've only seen the person Barack Obama on
TV, you know in magazines. Birth certificate? No. No no no. But I'm convinced he was born
in, well from what the media says I know he was born in Hawaii. I've never seen his birth
certificate before. Never.
But wasn't Barack Obama born in Kenya?
No no no no no. Did I say Kenya? No, he was born in Hawaii. He wasn't born in Kenya of
course. The father was born in Kenya, but Obama was born in Hawaii.

After searching through their archives we finally found the smoking gun. We found Barack
Hussein Obama's real birth certificate. In this side-by-side comparison we can see the
difference between them. The one on the right has the Obama logo and a picture of Obama,
which shows without a doubt that this birth certificate belongs to the President of the
United States.

It is widely known that at the age of six Barack Obama moved to the largely
Islamic nation of Indonesia. The question has always been whether he secretly converted
to Islam while there. During our journey we uncovered evidence that he did in fact study
Islam and in fact received a fourth-degree black belt in Islam.
We have evidence of Obama's islamic skills.
Nice. Nice.
Now. Where were we?
That was pretty impressive, wasn't it? I got the sucker. What do you think Gibbs?
The fly didn't stand a chance against Obama's nimble hands and Islamic skills.
As further proof of Obama’s true religion we need look no further than his name. His
full name is Barack Hussein Obama. The former dictator of Iraq was named Sadam Hussein.
If we look closely at these names we can see that Obama’s middle name is the same as
Sadam Hussein’s last name.

If two people have the same name it is obvious that they
share the same religion. Since Sadam Hussein was Muslim and he shares a name with Obama
he too must be Muslim. To illustrate this point; if Pope John Paul was Catholic, so
was John Wayne, Supreme Court Justice John Roberts, President John F Kennedy and Senator
John Kerry. Names dictate our religion.

How did this Islamic name and early exposure to
Islam influence Barack Obama? What impact has his true allegiance to this religion had
on him? And what impact is this having on our children?
The Obama's are on a mission to indoctrinate our children and create a youth army. They
will not rest until all children have converted and follow in the footsteps of Islam.