CWA-The Journey TLC Match (Part 2)

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oh hi
yeah for it's like
that's been going on like nafta hope that mister crist of arnelle and he is impressed
thaksin who inskeep
all that is off
although Stephen turn it off
yes the very few months example what you see in the latter
police meal
you start with you
I can see a think that the if you keep changing
yes it's the series the moses not commercially successful during scenario don't think that
the the sky a little stop
the in and slide no koppel
well all the issue wrong
the adriatic
I game
now what's your reaction
okay that did not look good
I'm not sure hope the students don't stop believing because you know we got to see what
Gary stoller I think he's waiting for the bell later arnelle what is it not
well they're of all that family of an eighth
all good toward on a lot of the morning
the crowd is yelling leafy again and again
and that's the way he wants it
anyway I like these and what is the reading
daniel stein spending old
well by the ideal you thought of him
my aunt sher that's impressive
does the military has been and since the early teens
I've been a fan since coming to power
we carry student unions
it's not of what it's all about help
it's no way to get meal I saw
I think he did
I have a point
this is all in this case
teacher danielson get lost
but yes it did not find it very close for attorneys we found are going overseas time
all that impressive
all hurts
others are now
he's on the road to he's going far
the males it
the okinawa drop
that to suppress on in the senate
so we think there's an advantage over all
well out at the CIA
well knows the country's here it is
at all forms of omitted TV ads to here
all women tensions
he's got the high spirits
you have the on
I do agree that's the funny thing
at this
that wasn't the out
well Obama's heart ailment
that's where the meals here he's a good thing he's doing well in the mantle world
all interesting for me at the NATO leaders
no I just said downloaded escaping frontiers juries best now off the internet
we need to help wait a minute what is arnelle me
the sir
I know but on
you just said and it's not are now driving Steve duty
we got back up
like yours meal designs that vote
only these things about
and he's this threatens to split the all
at least it replaced by with jury
yeah he is the second home
I think the reason this much hearing minute wait a minute
%uh came back
following his treasury to intervene
she now open always Mary standing up with you
no they're not
the US senate and be of the gate
I don't think he could use off-center take a look at the latter point
apparently the chair
the reason it's it's like to be
it is needless to the stand
he also and it's just amazing
well we at least get up the ladder death row
well what's he doing now
you know okay
that's of the says that is getting more more better by the second is the brutal
I've never seen this kind of TLC that it's better than that
all that was important
he talks about the letter
witnessing is you get it
white this day
on the other hand polls
he's for computers
the competitors in store for weeks the after
the journey
they're not going to find out that arnelle's be about youngstown state the united states
a reasonable laugh-in
at the bank will
Bloomberg needs are I don't know
we need to move because we believe that queens
you're health benefits accrue the formally TLC dance
you'll see it as an excuse
he can do you think he's
late thirties tigers the blitz old
we thank you
one hundred two hundred fifteen pounds
he even takes that are found
as well
hundreds of women
it was incredible
he's in good spirits
these high I don't know
what is neil doing week print media blackout
has infuriated that
so both teams in the key miss renwick it's interesting when Kosovo doing really well
do you recall one percent at the most
what is
well unfortunately
have time to die
only those to evolve lines yeah I think so
I think that arnelle is done the most to try to get the bill said that there's no Steve
only gets kicked in
I think this is more President at it than that
CDI children that details
let's know the characters
long that I know
is this and maybe this long ago old for a lake near is on the tape
cells are now
Bob hope
it's a black hole
and recently
that their culture
what is their damage leaders on everyone down there in dallas and back and forth
same thing with all of them
all action
is that why John
the I don't wait wait you get up the ladder
what is okay
the only what is he doing whole of the one that was a good you want it
well we at least no all
having realized the minute scramble answer
what's the deal
ve got me on get his escape by arnelle
well chain reaction
yes what a chain reaction
overruled the tape primary
right well that's it
but you really got youth turnout in exactly the results center I I forget
felt very sad the say instantly be doing
if you can get in the ring will
well the latter
three times now
I don't know
foley what the hell was very deeply
well all
I hope
he took their all free people
and he's acting
all twenty Chicago
with that
for of all
the party
all the others
do you think the taxol for guidance in help
ridiculous I mean this bloodshed
I'm not and I could be surprised by seats with KITV Mary
on execute climate
it's wasteful the CNN of politics windows be back to you
with every stop
the with is going to get it
does he get sick
she classic during his watch
and you're denying
does the internet one point six million seats
although disappointed looked on the new journey space but you know the thrust of the that