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The time has come for the dance The long walk to the stage Rain the dance teacher. Rain "Are you judging me as your dance teacher?
I can guarantee you will do well, just try it first"
And so Rain and KSA's two week Tango training has begun...
My"..."Secret"..."Dance Teacher"...
Count down begins! ..
Rain and KSA's first practice 2 weeks before the show
KSA arrive at Rain's dance studio Feeling excited yet nervous about their first session KSA "Excuse me"Rain "oh, Sun-ah noona,
you are here!"KSA **nervously** "hello..."
Rain "oh you dressed so casual, it's so cute"KSA "ahh yes, I wanted to look a bit more relaxed and trim" Rain "Oh really"
Rain "Right, so I want you to watch the dance first so you get a feel of it and have an ideal of what you have to learn" KSA "OK"
First the dance teacher demos
Nappeun Namja - Rain's debut song. KSA's challenge to learn the tango version of this dance.KSA ...hmmm...looks quite tricky...
Oh my, can I really do this?!?
dance moves so smooth...
KSA "Oh My God!! No No No, wait wait wait" Rain "Come, come try it with me" KSA "God, no no, I can't, please, please wait"
Rain "Just calm down for a moment" KSA "Yes, I know I know" KSA You expect me to dance like that?" Rain " Yes Yes, I will show you"
KSA "To dance like this, to move my shoulder like this?!?"
KSA "You have to lift me up as well?!" Rain "Yes of course" KSA "wait wait wait, plese wait a second. Please let me loose some weight first"
Rain "It's very simple, noona don't need to worry about a thing, just leave your body to me and everything will be fine"KSA "wait, wait,
I am feeling very nervous now, it's not simple at all!" Rain For now, I am your teacher, so please just listen to what I tell you ok"
Rain "At the start, the steps will seem quite simple but it will progressively get harder as the dance evolves"KSA "oh really...
hmm...burden burden.."Rain "First, you need to move your leg like this "This is the first move Rain Step like this"Rain "When you swing your
leg like this, it will look very sexy"Rain "left, ok, right, ok" KSA "like this?" Rain "Yes yes, not bad" KSA is off to a good start Rain
Put your arm up like this"Rain "and then use your hand and pull me up by the chin" Rain & KSA "1,2,3,4 up, 2, 2, 3, 4" Rain "left foot,
right foot, left foot, right foot, very goodRain "Just like this"
KSA...a sigh of relief...Rain "Very good, I can see that you will dance very well"KSA "I do like to dance but it's just that my body won't
co-operate!"Rain "You will have to push your butt out a bit more, it's the Tango stance" KSA It's a bit embarrasing, I am sorry" KSA "I feel
a bit uneasy" Rain "Don't worry, it's beautiful" Rain "It's great, it's sexy" KSA "Really" Rain "You can do it!!""Rain "What's important here is the flow
of emotions between us and how we look at each other. We have to take it slow and just let it flow..."
Counting the beats together, Rain "1,2,3,4...lift my chin up...turn.START. clap clap clap clap clap...yes that's right..." KSA mummbles to herself
"turn right, 1,2,3,4...ok" Now it's starting to look like Tango!
Rain "Now, this is just the basics. It's only about 5% of what we need to achieve."Oh man, this is so hard KSA is thinking ..."man what ever
possessed me to agree to this!!" Rain "Right, you need to bend back like this and I will support you. Keep bending back and then spring back up
towards me. It's has a kind of cabaret feel to it"It's just like watching a cabaret show.At the beginning the two still looked a bit awkard together
Rain "Why do I feel a little odd right now?but their relationship is improving and they are starting to relax... Rain "Do you know what is
the most important thing?" KSA "The way we look at each other" Rain "Yes, definitely"Let the emotions flow then. Rain "Right, next when we dance,
I will swipe my hand down your body like this..." KSA "hmm...
I still feel like such a idioit, I don't think I can do this. I am really dumbRain is thinking "OMG, please...YOU can do this"
KSA "Oh teacher, I am sorry, it's just that this dance is so difficult" Rain Look, I don't have to swipe your body if you don't want me to touch
you I can just pretend to swipe." KSA "oh no, that's no good for the viewers, it's ok, just go ahead and swipe".If it's fake, it would be such a shame for
such a passionate dance! Rain "Relax, be more natural, come down and then I will grab your hand, then START, left foot first, 1,2,3,4,
right, yes, good."Rain "Very good, I will show you up to here and now we practice from thebeginning ok. 1,2,3,4, 2,2,3,4. What's important
next? I will swipe now, ok, are you ready,
like this.KSA "Oh God, it tickles, hahaha" Rain "Hey hey, it's not that I want to touch you like this, it's just the way the dance is ok, LOL" KSA "I know I
know, but the truth is, I am very ticklish that's all". Rain "Fine, then I will just pretend to touch you" KSA "oh no, that would not work. When people
watch it and it's pretended it would look awful".Rain "Are you ready, we are about to start" KSA "Which side are you going to touch? This side?" Rain "Right
right side. That's right, swiping from bottom all the way to the top. Then I will hold on to you here".Ahh, now their relationship is much closer than
at the startRain "Woman needs to be beautiful, right?" KSA "Teacher, please wait a moment" Rain "Ah, let me help you"Rain goes and ties her shoe laces
up for her, such a gentleman!**KSA can't help herself and had to touch Rain's shoulder, haha! Rain is in a playful mood and pushes her back! They are
warming up to each other and getting comfortable.First time trying the dance along with music. Counting beat. KSA "I nearly forgot! Rain "Don't laugh!
"Rain "leg leg"Rain "Now look at me, look into my eyes. I will stroke your face lightly"
KSA "oh wait, there was some part where I was late. I clap and then what?" Rain "When you clap, you move the leg too late"
Rain "Shall we try it again?" KSA "yes" Rain "Do you want to carry on? KSA When are break times?" Rain "Ah, you want a rest do you?" KSA "oh no, I am
fine. I just thought that Teacher wants a break cause you are looking tired Rain Oh no, I am not tired" KSA "oh really" Rain "Yes, are you ready"
It seems teacher can't pick up on my eye signal that I wanted a break, sigh. Rain "are you ready?"Rain "The feel of today's dance is...you have to feel
that this is our dance" KSA "Ok"START...you and me...dance...the exchange of their sincere looks into each other's eyes. Breathing the same air.
KSA is still ticklish.**Shy shy**The feel of the Tango is here!
Rain "well done" Teacher has helped KSA take her first steps Rain "Now, you need to learn to match up with the music as well. But I can tell
that you still feel a little lost with some of the steps".
Rain "It's ok. We will stop here today, but you will still need to practice continuously Rain, a very strict teacher to his students.
We look forward to seeing more of these two in the next 2 weeks. finished!Training has finished. What is going on now then?
Sending a messge to 'The Lady that Tangos" The Dancing Teacher is now online.Rain "Hello, are you home safely now?" KSA "I am worried if I
will do a good job or not"Rain thinking **Hmm...I should reply**Wow, it's very rare to see someone who types so slow nowadays...KSA...
Why is it so slowwww Rain...How can she type this fasttt Rain's special slow' typing technique, haha Rain "I type a bit slow at night time"KSA
"HAHAHA. You are TOO slow"KSA "Why did you ask me to be your Tango partner?
Rain "Tell you next time"KSA "I am curious, tell me now"Rain "Because you are a really beautiful woman"KSA "HAHAHA. If it's because I am pretty,
then we should go on a date Rain "HAHAHA I was only joking. You are not shy are you"Rain "Have a good sleep, good night"KSA "good night?? no way,
answer me"Oh...teacher has gone offline! KSA "oh my god, i am still curious"
Count down D-10 - Practice being sexy
Rain "Right come here please. What we need to practice today is, being sexy. Havea try at being a sexy woman, Give me a look that will turn me
me on make me want to date you right away" KSA **shy** "how's this? *shy What does sexy look like? Rain "Move your butt like this KSA **does the
move as instructed by Rain's thinking "What kind of expression was that!?!" KSA Why are you laughing, I just followed what you did, LOL" Rain "you need
to learn this sexiness"Rain - "1,2,3,4.KSA - "Do I need to move my butt like this?"Rain LOL"KSA "Is it not like what I did?? Teacher, I am sorry,
so really my movementisn't correct?? Rain "Oh my, I am going to die"
Rain - "We need to dance to music now" KSA - **Mumbles to herself"hmm, I've been learning for so long now..."Rain **cuts in** "MUSIC" The
dance is starting to form, KSA has practiced a lot already.
Rain - "Don't make mistakes! Remember the steps well" From this point, these are all new dance steps learned today.
KSA - "Did I make a lot of mistakes?" Rain - "Yes, tonnes! Yes, you make a lot of wrong moves. But the first part, you did very well.Rain
But I sawyour sexy of which was great"Teacher was very pleased with the sexy expression. Rain The truth is, the dance really isn't looking great
at the moment. But I believe it will be great once you practice more.KSA Really?" Rain "Yes" Rain Therefore, we need to practice again" KSA "LOL,
ok so the trick is with practice being sarcastic** Rain "Yes practice practice" KSA Evil teacherRain - "Here let me wipe your sweat off for
you"KSA "Can I not say thank you to you...hehe"Rain - "Are you ready?" So here we go again...SexyAnd so the story of teacher and student Con.
Rain - "Here, why don't you just sit and have a rest"KSA is thinking **Finally, I can take a rest!**Rain - "I will give you a massage as
you take a rest, to relax you" KSA - "I am feeling really chilled now"