Meeting the DotA 2 Champs - Interview with Artstyle - Part 3

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- Hello.
- I donít even know how to start
a conversation with him.
This is Ivan ìBalanarî, tournament MVP,
the best teamleader of 2010 and unlike XBOCT
and Dendi isnít the first millionaire in his city.
They are first in their villages but you have a tough city,
still need to fight through it..
- You need to win few more times to lead the listÖ
- Yea, few more victoriesÖ Win tournament in Seattle next year
and it is going to be alright. XBOCT told he was going to
buy an apartment on a left bank of Dnieper
and what will you do with your money?
Dendi told he would buy himself someicecreamÖ
- I already have an apartment.
- Where?
- In Kharkov.
- Will you upgrade it?
- I will.
- They all arenít bums and have their own apartments.
- What about a villa at Barcelona?
- Later on.
- Why later, you donít have that much money.
Or are you going to follow ìa standard schemeî?
- Standard scheme: letís just share Dendiís money and itís all ok.
- Okay, now tell about the tournament: was the groupstage ok?
- Pure ownage.
- Yea, especially versus GGnet, right?
- Yup, it was a rampage.
- We took down favorites there.
- We had favorites in our group: NeVo.
- Wasnít it your own words to name them as tournament favorites?
- Thatís what I am talking about: they were the favorites, NeVo.
But we kept the fight, we struggled and eventually won.
- We got lucky!
- With Eatenfish finishing with 1 to 18Ö
- Right. That was him.
- Okay, letís move to the second most interesting game,
at least for me, match versus M5.
You gave up Balanar but still won.
- Yeah, we knew how to counter that:
they didnít have Ivan and so we won.
- Is that all you can say? What do you think about M5ís result?
- Thatís all. Well, actually I got Santa and NS drunk
but kept sober myself. And that how it worked.
- I see, okay. Next match was the semifinal versus
the team which costs $6 300 000. Did you feel it?
- I donít remember the match, to be honest.
- XBOCT, what was going on there?
I remember XBOCT played PotM and Dendi using Apparition.
- The strategy proved to work.
- What about me?
- I donít remember, you were maybe a Slardar or Ö
Whom did he play versus iG?
- Viper.
- Was it tough to fight this $6 300 000 team?
- I donít remember playing myself as a Viper.
I had three matches with Viper and donít remember this oneÖ
- That team was sweet!
- Ah, right, I remember them nowÖ
- They had a Weaver, xiao8!
- They were so sweetÖ
- Were they sweet enough?
- Definitely.
- Okay, the next match against Scythe.
Iíve heard the first match was very intense, is it true?
- Yea, we didnít have a walk in the park in the first matchÖ
- How long did it last?
- 25 minutes.
- Yet, they prepared for the second match and it was quite hard for us.
Because of Dendi, wonít deny.
- The second gameÖ I was shouting ìTP, TP hereîÖ
- Ö and because of Lost too!
- And no one does TP and Ivan and I were killed 1 vs 4.
- It was because of Dendi and him *points at XBOCT*
- No, Dendi, Dendi, I was giving you an invisibility.
- I see. Alright, you defeated Scythe and entered the grand final.
We saw a Pudge, there please be honest:
did you want to show off?
- HmmÖ. No. I couldnít sleep before the grand final,
I was running over the hotel, knocking in every door
trying to find EHOME and tell them we were well prepared.
- Did you find them?
- I found a lot of GermansÖ
- Who werenít aware of you?
- Yea, I didnít know EHOMEís names so I couldnít ask
at the reception and so I decided to find it out like that.
I failedÖ Wow, you cancelled a call because of meÖ
You didnít do that in DTS times.
- Okay, we all remember the first match in the grand final.
The second match was kind of funnyÖ
- We tricked them and picked Spectre.
- You could do that in every game:
donít ban Spectre and just pick it.
- No, they had a FP and they would pick it first.
- So what?
- Lol, they would easily win that way.
- What about Balanar?
- They banned Balanar! Can you see how smart they were?!
- Okay, I wonít ask you about the third match ñ
everything was smooth there. I wonder what do you think
about 357 and 820, are they now offended?
You didnít let them pass the groupstage at WDC,
snatched a millionÖ They could simply buy themselves
a castle, build a Chinese wall, hire 46 slaves, set up a factoryÖ
- Actually I donít care about these two.
There is X there who is really good and I respect him.
- Would you take him instead of XBOCT?
- Only to work as a flying carrierÖ
- Who, X?
- YeaÖ
- Well, heís good as a water carrier and a panda player.
- Yup, he could act as a flying water carrier for us.
- Ivan, what do you think about that bug M5 were talking about?
- Oh, btw, did you notice that bug?
- DmitriySmeliy, the M5 owner was talking about that Ö
- It was a very cool bug, really amazing. DmitriySmeliy is right.
- Please go ahead and tell us what was that bug about.
- Gem doesnít see wards occasionally ñ that is a bug.
It works really occasionally.
- And M5 lost to EHOME exceptionally because of it?
- I donít think soÖ Most probably M5 lost because
they didnít even approach enemy base a single time.
There might be a chance that they lost because of it.
- But wards were still important, werenít they?
- Of course. Actually wards didnít make any sense in that game,
M5 just had to push blatantly, walk right under the wards
and show EHOME ìhere we are killing Roshan, come fight usî.
They had a good chance to win should they put up a good fight at Roshan.
They didnít have a single chance at EHOMEís base.
Actually that ward was good for them and they were lucky
not to destroy it with the gem. EHOME had to see M5 fighting at Roshan
and enter the fight themselves, but they didnít.
They were confident enough to win the match
with giving Roshan up and they really did it.
- On prodota forums people stopped to write
ìDonít mess with NSî under NS photo.
Now they write ìHang out in your forest for 20 minutes ñ lose a millionî.
By the way, who would be more difficult to face
in the grand final rather than EHOME?
- Moscow 5.M5 was the most fearsome opponent.
- He is now trying to make fun of themÖ
- No, I am not. I am serious.
- I think the same as well.
- M5 was the biggest threat. And they lost in the group
like complete retards! You wouldnít find biggest retards like themÖ
- Dude, they lost to Jesus!
- Well, JesusÖ Yeah, you can lose to JesusÖ
- Itís like there are two really good ones: Jesus and SilverCross.
- No, they didnít lose to SilverCross.
- No, they lost to Jesus, I didnít speak about SilverCross.
- No-no, they lost to another team. They lost to MUFC.
- They didnít lose to MUFC, they lost to MiTH.Trust, yeah. So they lost to Jesus.
- Well if they lost when Jesus was using Doom, they have a problem.
- Which one?
- EhmÖ a general one.
- Problem with the players, with the team, with the brain?
- I donít know, you could outplay Jesus.
- Okay, cheers for your success.
You didnít say by the way what would you spend your money for.
- Iíll waste them well enough.
- Where?
- Everywhere.
- What do you mean? Imagine that youíre receiving it tomorrow:
you go to the bank and say ìlady, please check how much money
I have on my accountî. And her expression is like thatÖ
- Why are you constantly interrupting me? Will you help me to cash them out?
- Well, I think Zero will take care of that. Cashout is possibleÖ
- No, I need YOUR help.
- Yea, of course I can, easily. You know it.
- I always knew that.
- Do you know how much $1 million weight in $1 banknotes?
- I donít.
- In $100 banknotes its weight is 8kg.So in $1 itís like 800kgÖ
Whatever, just take a limo like that,
overload it with money and go visit XBOCT in Yalta!
- Good idea.
- Will you do any shootouts and things like that?
- Thanks to our sponsors SteelSeries, Antec, KasperskyÖ
- And what about your main sponsor who is on top of everything?
- Alright, cut it out from the video!
No, I mean the one that was on your sleeve
for the whole duration of the tournament!
- Darer dot com!
- What Darer, you had another logo thereÖ
- Limos from Kiev!
- Ok, any shootouts?
- I want to greet my guys from Darer: Masterok and Pled.
They are awesome. They are giving up the games for me so I can win.
They are amazing guys. Who elseÖ
Well greetings to everyone who knows me.
But especially to these two guys: they help me to earn my money.
- Yea, you will now have a lot of new acquaintances!
- And join, guys!
- Shouldnít they visit