[FC] ENG SUB - 101220 JYJ Fansign - JaeSu.. Junsu admits he needs "it"

Uploaded by ln15721 on 22.12.2010

During The Beginning fanmeeting, Korean fans asked JS, what was the meaning of ‘it’ he’s talking about with JJ during a-nation
Fans quote what Junsu said during 2009 A-nation: “I need it”!! “I need it!"
(Junsu looks confused) Fans: backstage! You were wearing blue clothes! at A-nation!
JS & JJ discussed it. (T/N: It looks like they don’t remember or they’re pretending they don’t remember.
(T/N: I think it’s the second one. Hahaha)
Fans: We’re not asking you for something hard~
Jaejoong: That’s what Junsu said then, right? Fans: Yes!
One fan: But Jaejoong-ssi, you were the one who asked him
Fans chime in: … do you need it or not?”
JJ: You don’t need it*? Tell me~ JS: You’re.. you’re…you’re making me suffer.
JJ: hey hey~ Tell me how you really feel. You don’t need it?
JS: I need it*
JS: You know~ JJ: AHAHAHA
Junsu and Jaejoong finally cracked up. (T/N: WE KNEW THEY KNOW.)
JS: We can’t say this here! JJ: Oh dear~
Fans: Why not?~ Please tell us!
JJ: We’re…we’re adults too.. We have to keep it rated PG.
One fan: We’re over 19! 2nd fan: It’s okay!
3rd fan: The imagination is something that is more dangerous!
JS: What did she say? Fans repeat: “The imagination is something that is more dangerous!
JS: I’ll allow you to (imagine) more dangerously.