Orange Caramel - Lipstick mirrored Dance Tutorial

Uploaded by mirrorHD on 29.10.2012

We will explain the point choreography of the song Lipstick
There are two points I want to explain to you
This is the choreography in the chorus part
You have to stretch your hand like this, and put your hand on the hip
Tap like this, and for the leg start with the left one
Pull it up, and down
With beat, like this.
Let's start "Put out my lipstick..."
"I kiss your lips"
Second part, it's the 'Oh oh' part
When we say oh, pull your arms up like you're surprised
Then, pull your left leg up to the back
Like you drank alcohol and you are staggering, like this
The right leg should be like kicking a jegi, pull it up
Hands should be like this
"Oh oh..."
Special points, chapter one!
Before this there is a part where it says "Put lipstick secretly on..."
Like you are putting on lipstick
Let's start "Put lipstick on secretly"
Special point chapter 2... Special point.
Chapter 2
There is a point where the choreography goes with 'hiccup'
Put your hands together and then put it on your neck
Stump your feet when you go 'hiccup'
You have to look surprised
Now you looked at the special choreography one and two!
How was it... This was Orange Caramel!