4 Ambientes - Capitulo 1

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Why are you laughing?
Iím not laughingÖ
Yea, youíre laughing Teo
ItísÖ Iíll miss you so much
Weíre not broking
Well, I get used to living with you
We have already talken about this, Teo
Yea, I know we have already talken about this
but I donít understand why it must change We have been allright together
Lean, Iím talking to you!
Iím listening
WellÖ Iíll miss you
I donít know to wake up together
Whatís the time?
Half past ten
-Youíve got some time, havenít you? -Yes, I think so.
AnywayÖ you should put on your clothes, baby, if no, weíll be late
Ok, I go!
Iím going!
Where is my perfume?
Look for it on the living roomís table
-Itís not there Teo, where is it? -Itís not there?
I love you
Whatís wrong with you, Fede?
Whatís wrong?
Nothing I said!
Iím anxious because the moving
No, this is not anxiety
Not? So, what is this?
I donít know
Look at you Look at how you are
I donít know Fede I feel you more and more far
Besides, listen to me, you know you can stay here if you want
No, no wayÖ Itís your parents home
And whatís the problem with thatÖ? My parents love you like a son
Yes, I know And everything is allright with them
SoÖ are you ashamed?
No, Iím not
Yes, you are ashamed
No Sol!!! Iím not!!!
Thank you for everything We have already talken about that
I need to have my own space, my own place
Really, you should be to much desperateÖ
Yes, thatís right!!
BesidesÖ I canít understand why you want to waste your money
Perhaps, your brother leaves in one more week
Thatís my problem! Mine, ok?
When I arrive, Iíll call you
What are you doing, Gas? Sleeping?
No, Iím hereÖ having my breakfast
Ok, listen to me, Iím going now
Iíll be in the appartment in 20 minutes can you tell your brother?
ok, I tell him
And what about Sol? Is she ok?
No, no really But you know, her parents are there every day
So I wake up bad-tempered
I canít pretend to laugh or to be nice, Gas
I prefer to live with stranger people
so if I am in a badmoon, I donít mind
WellÖ anyway, unless you know my brother, heís not a stranger for youÖ
Yea, I know But itís not just that
I need my own place to organize meetings with friends and stay all the night if we want
That sounds awesome! We can invite the Designís girls
Yes Gas! Definitively, I need my own place
So, I donít know how many time Iíll live there, with your brotherÖ
Until I find somethingÖ
ok, listen what about your family? What did they say about you left?
And your brother? Will he leave or stay?
Fede, are you listen me?
Iím getting into the subway, letís talk later
Ití was Federico, heís going to the appartment
What happens?
Nothing, itís ok
Youíll get on well
If you sayÖ
Fede is a good boy, you wonít have troubles living together
AlthoughÖ heíll have to support that you are with your ìfriend girlsî doing ìsissy thingsî
Thatís true!
Perhaps, he only supports one day
No, the thing isÖ I donít know if I do well leaving here
Why? Are you frightened now MartÌn?
You have to think in your plans, in your life
Iím able to live alone here, donít worry
YeaÖ but Iím afraid to leave you and Mom
Afraid? Why?
you should be afraid because you are going to live with your ex boyfriend
NoÖ Itís other matter
And donít be silly because you really know what Iím talking about
You have to relax! Itís your time now, itís your life!
And you have to enjoy that!
Weíll be ok with Mom and Dad
Thatís enough GastÛn!
Donít call him ìDadî! Heís not your Father
On the other hand, youíll have to pay attention more than ever now
Because, I leave, so heíll hunt you every time You have to know that!
The taxi!
Letís go!
-But listen to me when I talk! -Yes, Iím listening
If you need something just call me, and I come
-You told Mom ìGood byeî? -Yes, she cooked a tart for me
-And what did she cook for me? -Nothing! Leave it!
You have a fridge full of food, GastÛn
Eat that!
oh, sorryÖ ìthe boy with his little tartî
YesÖ you wonít be free from me very easily
-Iíll come to visit you, and play the piano -Come on! The taxi is there!
-Regards to Fede -Ok
Iíll miss you guy!
Me too!
Nicol‡s, Nicol‡s.
Yes Mom, I listen you!
You listen me?
Yes, I listen you
I was asking you at what time you have to be there Please donít arrive late
because youíll make me to feel ashamed
Iím on time, donít worry Very good!
Hey Nikito!
Which clothes are you wearing?
What are you wearing?
Jean and the blue jacket you gave me
And perfume?
Foí sure!
Itís delicious!
Yes, itís imported
you smell the money I paid for that
Foí sure!
And whoís the person you go to live with?
Your Argentinian friendÖ and whoís the other?
Be nice and polite!
Donít make me feel ashamed Nicol·s Alejandro, please!
donít forget that in Argentina everybody remember to
Gloria Del Castillo
Yea Mom! Mom, I have to go now!
Itís late, ok?
And donít you say ìhelloî to your father?
He is at the Court everyday, and wellÖ
he deserves your greetings, doesnít he?
Give him my regards Mom!
Ok, Iíll do that
You didnít say that with so much enthusiasm
so Iíll lie him to make him feel happy
Ok Mom, I leave you, Itís late now!
ok, ok Take care
itís seven fifty
And whatís your name?
Weíll be neighbors We should get on well
Well, Iíll bring your change
No, keep it
Ok, thanks
And what about that man?
Heís coming
And what about this guy? you didnít tell us nothing about him
Good boy
he had troubles in his house
Really, my brother didnít know what had happened
Ok! No problem! Weíll have enough time to know about him
Anyway, weíll have lot of family days
I donít think heíll stay long
Why? Is he homophobic?
I donít say that I say heís a boy, heís experimenting
And if we donít receive that ìhot guyî who is coming thereÖ?
I agree
you can go on agreeing
Hi Fede!
-Iím late, sorry -No problem
Could you find the place easily? -Oi
Lean, Fede.
-Well, letís come in -Yes, come on!
-I go -Come on, Tini!
Oh! so stupid me!
-Forget about parties, ok? -Oh, no! you are so boring!
No, Iím not. Why? Will this appartment become a disco?
-Letís see, Federico which is your opinion about this? -Federico said yes
-No, Federico will agree with me, wonít you? -Federico said yes
Bad way Tini! I believe you need sex
You are who needs sex!!!
Oh no! Excuse me, excuse me!
May I help you?
Come in!
Yes, for the old times
Sim, pelos velhos tempos