Crackòvia - Iniesta gusiluz[ENGLISH SUBS]

Uploaded by totalBarca on 04.02.2011

Puyol and Iniesta based with Spanish national team.
Puyol and Iniesta based with Spanish national team.
Puyi, would you like to tell me what are you doing?
Geez, Inieste, I couldn’t sleep so I thought “hey! I should chop some wood as the winter is coming”
Let’s see, Puyi…I don’t want to be a spoilsport; you know I’m the life and soul of the parties,
but we’ve got training tomorrow so turn off the lights and sleep
Inieste!! Are you asleep?
Puyi, dude…don’t make me angry, I have a very bad temper when I’m angry and you know it.
Jeez, you are right…let me see your angry face
Now your happy face.
Jeez you’re so funny, you lucky bastard.
Ok, let’s sleep…it’s four o’clock in the morning
Inieste, I…I have to confess you something…
I’m…I’m afraid of darkness…and since I don’t have here my cuddly sheep…
Well, now we are confessing things I’ll tell you something
But promise me you’ll turn off the lights and let me sleep when I tell you.
OK. Are you sure?
Sure as “La Pobla”*.
I’ll show you my secret, then. Turn off the lights for a while.
Jeez, Inieste, what are you doing? I’m scared!
You know I’m a bit pale, don’t you?
A bit pale? Fuck! You are as white as milk!
Well, take a look at this. If I make a big effort…
Jeez! You’re the fucking Gusiluz*!!
and can you keep shining like that all night long?
Yes, as a matter of fact I can.
Oh, that’s great! I’ll sleep holding you, then!
Well, that’s all I needed…
Good night, Inieste. You’re so kind.
I’ve got music as well, look.
Wow! And what are those? The batteries?
No, you better don’t touch that or I might slap you.