Disciplina 101: tu forma o la mía - ¡Oye! Episodio 8

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Oye! with Lucia and Dalia
Episode 8 - Discipline 101: your way or mine?
>> Lucia: Welcome to ¡Oye!. I am Lucía.
>> Dalia: I am Dalia.
>> Lucia: And today we have a very special guest, Sofia.
>> Sofia: Hello.
>> Lucia: Today, we are discussing a topic that is very special to us as Latinas -
and that is parenting.
And in this country we might find that our parenting style is perhaps
a bit different from the parenting style of the typical American woman.
And it doesn't mean that one style is better than the other
but there are differences between the two.
So today we are going to focus on those differences.
And also let's not forget that whatever parenting style we use,
this will form who our kids are.
So Dalia let's start with you!
>> Dalia: Well as I always tell my kids.
This is not a democracy. I am a dictator!
>> Lucia: And it works. >> Dalia: It works fine.
The kids understand it, we understand it and my husband does too!
And that's how we manage this situation.
We are not friends.
They need rules and structure as you raise them.
And, I tell them the moment that they don't like what I do or say,
then I tell them "there is the door". Bye! And that's it.
>> Lucia: That's it! So very traditional. And you Sofia?
>> Sofia: Well in my case my kids are little.
But "to reason" which is what I see many American women do...
They say "look you have to understand that.."
>> Lucia: Darling, here are all the options that you can choose from...
>> Sofia: No, they don't understand you!
Well sometimes they do and sometimes they don't.
I am firm and I like structure.
And for me it's very important that they understand that there are consequences. >> Lucia: Of course!
I am on the one hand very Latina...
I also like discipline and structure
but I am not good with what they call the "follow through."
>> Sofia: The follow up!
>> Lucia: Yes! So now we know that we all have rules in place.
But if you had to single out 2 or 3 of your most important rules
in the way you are raising your kids What would these be? Sofia?
>> Sofia: For me anything to do with TV, the computer and anything like that,
including little video games like Nintendo, 0:02:24.000,0:02:27.000 I want my kids to engage as little with these as little as possible. 0:02:27.000,0:02:31.000 And, in a restaurant I can't stand when we are eating and they are on the telephone! >> Lucia: Oh, please!
>> Sofia: I say it's ridiculous since we are in a restaurant for one hour... >> Lucia: And she is sitting there texting!
>> Sofia: Well, mine doesn't text but she does play games. And I don't like it!
>> Lucia: No. My 16 year old texts the whole time
so I tell her you either leave it over there or you don't go out with us!
>> Sofia: Exactly! Otherwise when do we talk!
And that's it and I know they are small...
>> Lucia: Well you know what Sofia, they might be small
but that is the time when they go through their formative years
and what you do now will stay with them for the rest of their lives! >> Sofia: Exactly!
>> Lucia: So Dalia for you, what are some of your rules?
>> Dalia: For me, one of the most important things is the "education",
in other words, to have good manners. >> Lucia: Oh my God!
>> Dalia: I grew up with the tradition that when I would enter the home,
I would say hello to everyone.
If I went to my friend's house, I would give everyone a kiss
and say hi to everyone no matter who they were.
Now, so many kids, they enter my house,
they go upstairs or wherever in my home, they go to the rooms, to the basement, wherever
and they don't even say hi! >> Sofia: Not even hi?! >> Dalia: Not even hi!
>> Lucia: And many times they don't even say "thank you"!
After they've been in your house all day
and you even fed them and they don't even thank you!
>> Dalia: And for us I think it's important
and it's also part of our Latin culture!
>> Lucia: For me my number 1 rule in our house is "communication."
And that is something that has been important since my kids were little
but I feel that now this is even more important now that my daughter is 16,
because she is now going out and I know that sometimes they are drinking.
So I've already told her, if you go out and you are drinking,
I want you to pick up the phone and tell me, "mom, I've been drinking."
Communicate with me and let me know if I need to pick you up.
I'd rather do that than imagine that she gets into a car,
now that she has her licence, I don't want to imagine!
So, that is one important rule.
And, the other is lying.
Once again I tell her you can say anything and even insult me
or tell me different things but PLEASE, don't lie to me!
Ok, so I think with that we have a lot of material for this segment.
So, in summary, we have two different parenting styles,
we have the American style and the Latino style.
The good think about Latina is that we can incorporate a little bit of both.
>> Dalia: Yes a little bit of both!
>> Lucia: So, with that... I am Lucia!
>> Dalia: And I am Dalia.
>> Sofia: And, I am Sofia.
>> All: Until next time!
>> Lucia: Come on Lucia do the cuchi coo!
And, I'm telling you at first it was cute 0:04:54.000,0:04:57.200, but then I really felt like I needed a different type of role model!