Job Hunting Tips : Tools for Job Hunting

Uploaded by expertvillage on 19.11.2007

Hi! This is Tine Buechler from Business Growth Training and I am here today on behalf of
Expert to talk about your other job search tools. Most of us are very familiar
with our resume. We know the value of our resume and we immediately when we are looking
for work, think I must get my resume together. But there are a series of other job search
tools that you should have well prepared before you launch your job search. First of all,
you should draft a cover letter. A cover letter should be written for a specific employer.
One cover letter suits all? Certainly does not. Your job of your cover letter is to tell
this employer how your skills match this company. So each time you write a cover letter, it
should be done differently. But to start with you should have developed a draft, a format
that you are prepared to work with. The other is a thank you or follow-up letter after you
have had an interview. After somebody has spent a great deal of time helping you with
your job search, you should draft a thank you letter, have it prepared and then it is
ready to go. You just need to make a few changes and then you can send it out. Other documents
that you need to have depending upon the position that you are looking for, you can have another
document. For example, somebody that works in the computer field might have a separate
sheet that identifies technical skills, platforms that they have worked on and programs that
they have worked with. For myself because I am a trainer, I have identified different
kinds of training that I have done for different companies and it is a separate sheet. It’s
not my resume. It’s just a list of companies that I have worked for or training that I’ve
done. It’s a supplementary document that validates my resume. You might have professional
development and there might not be room on your resume for that. So you would have an
extra document for that. These are extra documents that validate in cross reference to your resume.
The other thing that you need to do is if you have letters from your customers saying
how well you’ve done, you might want a copy of that. That might be a good document to
have in your dossier. If you’ve had evaluations, performance appraisals that were particularly
positive, you might want a copy of that. These are all documents that cross-reference and
validate your resume and as part of your marketing package are very valuable.