Endless Space - GAMES2GETHER Trailer (UK/FR/DE Subs)

Uploaded by endlesspacegame on 06.03.2012

GAMES 2 GETHER is a brand new way for gamers around the world
to participate in the creation of the 1st game from a new studio.
If you have always dreamt of becoming a real member of a dev team
without enduring code debugging,
crunch time frenzy and offices smelling cold pizza,
then you have come to the right place!
Here’s how it works!
You will be able to follow the development of the game on our website
and have a real impact on the game’s content!
You will discover the trials and tribulations of the development process.
You will get to know each team member
from the shy but talented Graphic Artist
to the quirks of our Creative Director.
You will choose art and game design elements
and discuss them with the dev team and other gamers.
The most active gamers will get invited to promo events,
visit us at our studios in Paris,
get their name in the credits and a lot more!
There's no need to be an expert to be part of the adventure,
and it’s starting right now with our first game.