English subs-Quran Remedy Miracle Healing-Surah Rahman-PTV Program(Part 3/5)

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I had the words "Rabbe zuljalale wal ikram" on my mind..
and I had in my mind that the Lord(Allah) is verily the most Superior..
He shows his Superiority and He is compassionate, merciful and generous
At that point I was convinced that if I hear Surah Rahman, I will be cured.
You yourself are a doctor..
..and you advised her not to continue with the remaining 8 injections?
Well, actually the first time she heard it, I was there as well.
And my personal feelings told me there was something in it.
The first time that she heard? Yes the very first time..
I felt vibrations all over my body when I heard it.
My whole body was trembling within..
and I can't spell that feeling out exactly in words..
but after hearing it for the first time it made me believe that..
..this is the ultimate remedy that we were so desperately seeking for.
The (Interferon) course which was 9 and 1/2 months which is rather long
which we were constantly preservering with.
Alongwith it, we tried many other medications as well (homeopaethic etc.)
What improvements did you find in yourself?
I felt that my temperature which used to rise..
..between 4 and 6 pm..
I used to feel the skin on my face stretching towards my ears..
Felt high fever..and immeasurable pain in my legs..
I used to take injections and tablets..
So..during the first 7 days of hearing..my leg pain eased up..
And the streching feeling on the face stopped..
How many days in total did you listen? 21 days..
In the first week I listened twice a day..morning evening..
And in the next 2 weeks, I listened thrice a day..morning afternoon evening.
So how long has it been since you heard it for 21 days?
It's almost a year now..
And in this year, you did not face any related problem?
No..I did not face any similar problem as before..
So her ALT(liver test) came to normal range? Yes it did.
After 21 days.
All the liver parameters became normal? Yes all of them.
You as a doctor know of the instoppable damage of liver diseases..
What logic did your mind accept that your mother was healed by this Surah?
When her ALT came normal initially, I myself was pleasently shocked.
And I had her PCR done at the end of the 21 days.
And it turned out Negative..
I told him the PCR is very expensive and you've spent lots on my medication..
The PCR cost 12000 rupees.
I said,"You've already spent so much. ALT is normal now. Forget the PCR."
(Smiles) Yes getting the PCR has it's advantages.
Yes..so the quantative PCR turned out negative..
And she was physically Ok. All her symptoms had gone. All the proof was there.
I then contacted Mdm Bushra who was handling her case.
I told her,"We didn't complete the injections and had done the PCR..
..without consulting you as her ALT was normal."
She told me that my mother is very lucky.
That her PCR turned out negative.
And for that my mind can't find any logic(smiles).
We have one more guest on my left..Alisha Asif.
And her illness goes something like this....
Her illness is something desribed clinically as depression..
In which a person feels low and inferior..
After which she suffered general anxiety disorder in medical terms..
In simple terms..non stop worries..
In it, a person reaches a certain stage...
..where any small incident which is against their desires..
..causes panic attacks in which it's difficult to breathe and hands tremble..
You feel as if everything will end there and then.
For this problem, she visited her psychologist Dr Erum.
When you visited Dr Erum, you were suffering from an attack..
What exactly happened at Dr Erum's?
When I reached her place, my condition was very bad.
Believe me, I couldn't walk.
And I needed support to walk. There was darkness all over.
It was difficult to breathe, my body was cold.
I did not think I'd survive.I asked forgiveness from Allah and read kalma.
As soon as Dr Erum saw me, she said this was a panic attack..
..due to anxiety and told me to come in.
Me and my husband went in and she made us hear Surah Rahman.
I was having the attacks for the past 2-3 days.
As soon as I started listening, I felt my body tremble a bit.
As though it had sunk in my body.
I felt lots of comfort.
How shall I put it? Such as a crying baby finding comfort with it's mother.
Believe me.
I continued listening with concentration and really felt peace.
And on the way back, I went home without support.
After that you, you listened to Surah Rahman for 7 days?
No, not for 7 days. She told me 7 days but...
I just heard it for 3 days.
And I became completely OK.
I felt better and I started doing housework. Got busy with the kids.
Then I started having the attacks again.
Then I contacted Dr Erum and told her about the attacks.
She asked me if I heard the Surah for 7 days.
I told her that I felt I was OK and did not complete 7 days.
That's why I had stopped it.
Then she told me that I had to complete the 7 days.
Then I listened to it for 7 days.
How did you feel on the 7th day?
Not the 7th but on the 5th day when I was hearing...
..my body was so heated up that I felt very feverish(103-104 degrees)
Even narrating the story now sends shivers in my body(smiles)..
With closed eyes I imagined Kaabah to be right in front of me.
..and I imagined I was in front of Allah, He was answering my prayer.
and that He was watching me.
and that He was aware of my pains..that He will want only what is good for me.
On the last day all your symptoms were gone? Yes they were no more.
In fact on the last day while listening I thought about..
..calling Dr Erum and telling her that my battery was almost full(smiles)
Oh..battery full? (laughter) Yes..full.
Ms Erum, your patient came to you with a panic attack and..
..you made her listen to Surah Rahman.
In normal circumstances, a doctor would treat her with..
SSRIs, Fluoxetines, electro convulsive shocks and benzodyzapines.
But Dr Erum, you gave her the Surah Rahman therapy.
How did you develop your belief and how do you feel when you hear it yourself?
Yes..basically as all doctors would agree, the definition of health is..
that all elements(body,mind,spirit,social element) should be healthy.
What we tend to do is emphasize only on 1 aspect.
Psychological patients are naturally disturbed.
They are disturbed from all aspects.
The suffer mental issues because of the social pressure.
They have numerous problems in family, relationships etc.
The general rule is that psychologists don't prescribe medication.
The patients of severe depression that come to me...
..have suicidal tendencies and panic attacks as you know.
It is not easy to counsel them that it will be OK soon.
And that it's not going to kill you but they don't understand.
I have listened to Surah Rahman myself. I have been prescribing it for a year plus.
I personally feel that medicine only creates dependencies.
The problem at first was to send the patient to they psychiatrist.
With all respect to the psychiatrist, they just keep them there.
With long medicine prescriptions.
And the patient is always in fear and lacks confidence due to the dependancy.
I saw the Surah Rahman program on tv. Then I started applying it.
On milder cases initially. Also listened to it myself. Found lots of peace.
Felt different sensations and vibrations.
Whoever has heard it knows what the exact feeling is.
Then I said to myself why not try with my patients.
What I do is I make them hear it in the first session after counseling them.
Then I ask them how they feel.
When she came, she was virtually collapsing, nearing her final hour.