Emily & Ellie PA Cyber families

Uploaded by PACyberSchool on 23.02.2011

ELLIE: I graduated in 2008.
EMILY: I graduated in 2009.
We were already in PA Cyber whenever we first met.
She's been in the school situation that I was in,
so we can, like --
It was nice to have someone with my specific background
to bond with.
ELLIE: We had a leg up on other people
because we were used to scheduling our own classes
and managing our free time,
as opposed to a brick-and-mortar school,
where they have a set schedule,
and they have to go to lunch at this time,
and they have to do gym at this time.
We were prepared for all of the extra time.
And I think that's one big thing
that college students struggle with is time management,
because they're not used to having all of the extra time,
and so they waste it by playing video games or going on Facebook
or doing stuff instead of doing your homework.
EMILY: PA Cyber has a SAT prep class,
and I took it, and that was helpful.
-[ Laughs ] -ELLIE: Yeah.
EMILY: So it definitely prepared me
as much as you can be for the SATs. [ Laughs ]
ELLIE: When you get your scores back, then you're like,
"Okay, yeah, good job, PA Cyber.
Like, thanks for, like, making me well-prepared for this."
Everyone's trying to find their place.
Like, it's not any different, or we -- I don't think --
I know I didn't struggle as much as some other people did.
EMILY: But I felt like I was with the same pace
or maybe a little bit ahead compared to the other students
because I feel like in PA Cyber,
you're a little more accountable.
It just totally depends on what kind of student you are,
not what kind of school you go to,
'cause both have the same kind of opportunities.
ELLIE: It definitely works really well for some people,
and for other people, it's not for them.
And like Emily said,
you have to look at the individual needs of the student,
and that's what matters.