Улыбаться солнцу );c [Smile to the sun]

Uploaded by ThisIsHorosho on Jun 28, 2012

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Guess what a black guy who couldn't steal a car does? [unbelievable 0_0]
That's right, takes a metro and sings a Rihanna song.
[Lada Kalina didn't start... how sad]
And the dealer said it'll let go in an hour.
The guy in the front has such a ...... complicated expression.
Prolly trying not to laugh coz if he does - they'll say he's racist.
Better try and stand three minutes in metro than three years in jail [real self-control]
In fact, it looks like they're an ex gay couple.
One is white, one is black and both the rainbow color.
The black guy tries to apologise but the white pretends that he's ignoring his suffering.
[cry bitch!]
[you ruined it yourself]
He may have a black soul [and a huge one, like Minaj's ass] but it's fighting to get out. Not like gingers.
I don't even know how to call him.
Stevie Wonder's grandson?
Son of Prince?
Or it's Blade going home from work and being sad about the fact that vampires walk in sunlight and sparkle rainbows.
At least he sings better than Rihanna [and a better haircut!]
Don't believe me? How about now?
[what if it catches some producer's ear?]
A miracle that no old woman shouted at him and no skinhead hit him with a pipe.
What kind of metro is this? [barbarians!]
And this is Horosho!
Second vid was sent by wowbash7
It doesn't have many views, it's not that original but it has this thing.
You know, people also have those things.
One of my friends can make a melodic farting sound with his armpits and everyone is asking him to demonstrate his thing.
And these girls also have their thing [saying "thing" too much is also a thing]
Show me your thing!
I find this thing amazing.
Wonder how many broken nails it too to memorize it [or arms]
And what must happen in your life for this to become your thing?
Show your thing!
Woman said, woman did [woman's a man]
Hey girls, there's a 100$ laying around!
What can I say, 2 hens 1 brain.
What kind of style is this? thud-hop? dub-smack?
With that pace they'll host their own show in Vegas soon.
If they survive a couple more rehersals.
Strange, even tho they're girls - the room is just as messy as mine.
And this is Horosho!
Third vid was sent by omol243
And you did a great job.
Because of this news cut, we'll learn something about a raise of morality in schools.
So a reporter comes to a random student asking "how will you celebrate your graduation?"
And he's like
We go home
Together with the parents we celebrate with a glass of Cola, for the health.
Then we hit the streets, propaganding a healthy way of life and smile to the sun.
They have their own atmosphere
Oh that Smile-to-the-sun Anonymous club...
Everyone's a slave to the system but they are propaganding a healthy way of life.
Drinking Cola and smiling to the sun.
What are you laughing at? Did you smile to the sun today? Prolly went straight to the PC after waking up, didn't even open the curtains.
Hello sun!
It's a lamp [Mario, your sun is in another castle]
Can you imagine? The next day all the hospitals will be full of schoolies who smiled-at-the-sun till the dropped.
Then we hit the streets, propaganding a healthy way of life and smile to the sun.
Well guys, smiles up!
And in the morning their eyes will be red coz... sun was too bright.
The guy's pretty good at lying tho. A real pro.
He should work in Auto Vaz salon [as a consultant]
Only a person like his can openly call Lada a car and not get red from humiliation.
And this is Horosho!
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Fred, where's my hash?
Fred, where's my hash?
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So, how do you cover from the rain?
"Rain" TV channel is shit. How do you cover from shit?
Change the name, passport, grow a mustache and get rid of the witnesses.
I drink the rain.
With the ass of nicki minaj.
I call Sasha Grey and she devoures the rain))
I don't open the door. You can't trespass on private property.
-Get away -Wait, need to fix it
-I can't lower it, it haz ma hands.
-I can't! -Yes you can, here we go
I can see far
Are you retarded?
What're you laughing at?!
Oooh, look
Like four tits on a pig
And six eyes. Oh wait, there're eyes under there as well. So eight eyes. Just like a pig :)
And this is Hoooooooo :D �