Recipe for Twice Baked Potatoes : Storing Twice Baked Potatoes

Uploaded by expertvillage on 20.01.2008

Hi! This is Richard Buccola of New York City and on behalf of Expert Village. Today I'm
going to show you some twice baked potatoes. Storage, real simple. Tupperware. A little
trick is you don't have to cook these 100% until the cheese is melted. Leave it in there
for maybe 5 minutes instead of 15-20. Then just throw them in here, and then when they're
ready to recook you can actually with some tin foil put it in your toaster oven instead
of heating up the whole house. Sometimes it's hot out and the oven is hot. Real simple.
People are going to eat these. They won't stay long. They're great for snacks. Great
for just late night whatever. They're fun and they're going to spruce up any meal. You
can get all those drippings, all those different pieces of bacon and put them right on top.
Gracie is going absolutely crazy, so we're going to have to put this away and get her
some food before she goes nuts. These are really, truly the greatest potatoes you're
going to eat. They are one of favorites. They're like mashed potatoes with a little bit of
extra in a baked potato, and it's magic. I love making food for you guys here on Expert
Village. My name is Richard Buccola and on behalf of Expert Village, thanks for watching.