Lets Try This Again...

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all right let's try to steal can now this GOP response to it be elected
%uh if you do is you at least four
five days he does at the but
I I can't take it days on is that the whose for those of from guy scene
don't move came out aren't sure if they offered to steal all right
but by the winds
but it's not as good shot or not this dropping spot you
because of taboos shown in the down the street
the sheik that they would she be speed so
um does that give you know
the military that
crack a get to shali
I was three
at first
there was a lot of talk about rice's
all you have to ask you 'cause some say my views or beliefs should like that it is a
savings there of painewebber
I think there's no question that the isn't that equal tuning
he wins it so it
the top leader of this court
this will be a pot
and to talk to us about split
each goods in it's okay
and said
as comes from
captain tycoons
I mean this guy is on Sunday first day it was so it's a
she too wonders saying that
can we put this to a deal here
oh she
this is what I'm talking about here people
during the threats that the answer is are these dot
she top by her own life do you lead me to victory or it could disagree
that's just fine with me and the dead people
why to on
and I don't use
I can still secretly dispirited reports are correct
I mean I've tried to put you out from the marchers post of the forbes replied to
on the threats in jest
that cannot the courts all right
first saw this said forget something
with good credit doing it
get the game go and get well
I can't clap I do it does to get the get go I taught a friend star interested the gate
think that's the problem here people
it's a worthwhile five
that fabric so people so will I- I don't care
it's tough to keep fight but
thank you mister President but this came back it's like she the top problem on the stand
be this problem
comments he she can be
and for thought that that the but the game
that kid
probably go back to put one and that's just the problem
I will after the speech year
did he talk to you
for confused takes place
but the another
how is it that the magic says
why not
but about this games doubtful someone house
this was good bill
telling us
I mean it's like comparing this
I'm I don't think it's a good deed to free kidnap on
wal mart that's fight
because I talked on this
it this is just sort of writing get from this airport this is where
I can't drive that space to speak my mind and not
certain topics to stop any sense
my do I have to consider this boy was alive
got that of course as they did in the process go
I was expected to fight the black
that is they wanted to know what that section expected
that what I am
yeah I want to do that
do you get back to what we used to calm fears what good purpose but because
I think I was skeptical of the
I don't shoot their tapes that way I use it all was
and then that's it
down world know they'll find out that he got sick it
that's what I was saying I don't want to get all right
I may be too
back into four
i'd gets a lot of artists it
I said fine try to qualify for my vocal take a picture of stuff like that
ummm said I don't want the next three as a torment that's all that to work its up to
the squall fight
judges have some progress in good times but
I mean
I've got this economy lopez that
we are eighteen carts
other isn't that what you think are cannot say
I was thinking that maybe they want to work or hispanics who came during that time period
data released new step up I do think somewhat understand why
if I went to check on it and actually try this
that's what jerry brown did players back its intensity
prior prior to ask I think that his presidency
well you know I'm an actor and as a write-in candidate said it did not the but
in my case accept that I can do so
I anticipate doing is after all right
that has in the past have that much about that game
why would show up
spence in night
presently down on
advertised the big game that's it
I'm a teacher or a
you could have been used to go to your local carter's loans
you guys are going
that's a good point side
I say about that on TV gotti's could
but I don't want that to occur within my field but I'm going to play the game cherokee
yeah 'cause this is all about freedom of speech and they tell me that
straight-up all children two to ten vehicles work
we don't want
ten years ago well at times it
okay so
the region to say about it too late to meet at his deceptive I would not rule out too
talk about all that caught fire started scott they get feedback the pre-game series
I mean she doesn't know what the that with said they expected day
%uh a lot of talk about the cash prizes cried
about how their promises stop it then who
we're going to see
I'm she did
and I love it
that is not true Ed
she brought to do with she and do is use the that
and that is not true were on the back of my neck of the it because remember
i'd see my mind
okay isn't this really does well it doesn't make it
I wasn't really yes but what routes stuff like that it doesn't that they think they
can stop
because of the injuries that you thought they'd pass procrit is
it's a complete darkness but
but of heights program
come think about black the identicator program he's not going to be into the state agents
not counting the people but surrogates and I've just got to be better of people
you don't these programs get people thinking gets out there
go gee local schools and colleges as gay people back into our
the President gave extra the senate
I think the best price
you haven't
if you ask an honest about the game
many stocks
I'm jan hopkins
I told them that
this is it
I read every single time this topic because
a rich man's penis death
so I had to walk the idea for this sport of zepa if you accept the fact that
stuff but it's going there
yeah they see people have got to get them to be
trust me
there will not be easy as awesome as a stage as not
I love 'em
I think that if they get nice and cool people
it was dark bag that you have played I was this is
great to start a I've played good times may
well look I right now
white house not pay attention to the fall says so reason for beads the ticket all
I add up
not very many by to the region but
this is a side
to threats only contentious and I was out
and the
yeah rebel group idea it was
I'm convinced that I was you know he's got the
and and that is that class it's got the
this was an intentional act between myself
but just to have the type who's
part of the box
back to you
yeah up this kind of finds box yeah
okay I hope to keep thought that she is possible when a kid down local trailers job
and those are the two and I can start thinking ghastly to actions that all right
and also late tonight or courts all
that's not a kid
south ossetia his Clinton that so it does
irene ago move on to other things projects to take break for money
they channel adjusted of it takes is my second day
you can't sell
was it sealed
I'm going to get five dollars
those don't like the of the eight be
that this that they abortion
Senator I could not see said to my opinions
it's hard enough for kim I read it this threat to yet
if by sea to leave and that bell up on stilts
%uh trailing and the destruction of our result they cancel the I would know
but yet guys
until next time
for those of us strikers who out
think there is a tired the riots a thank you
paz state euphoric the outside of on done
that's the of secrets