Behind the scenes of GSL: Baneling - Ep 1, Part 2

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GSL Season 2 Code S predictions
The biggest topic right now is TvP.
Who is really the strongest right now?
Talk about imbalance has always been there so I disregard that
TvP, who's gonna win in the Final of GSL Season 2?
All Zergs are knocked out now, so it would be Protoss or Terran.
I think Protoss is stronger right now.
If the Protoss is good it's really hard for Terrans to win.
If the Protoss is at Parting's level then
it's really really hard as Terran to pull off a win.
Whenever I make predictions for the finals
everyone at the company hates me.
Whenever I predicted mirror matchups or finals between teammates,
those predictions were always right.
Last time with TvT and also the ZvZ, always got it right.
If I were to make a prediction for this season's finals,
it's definitely gonna be a PvP.
I predict Parting vs Squirtle.
So if you guys try to make a storyline of competing teams
or TvP rivalry, you should give up on that now.
Squirtle is doing so good these days. He's TOO good.
Actually in the team league it's really not easy
to win 2-3 matches in a row.
Squirtle has the highest win rate, and I believe
he has the better chance against Parting, too.
So you're saying that Squirtle will win?
Don't you think he'll make it to the finals?
I predict 4:0.
I had actually predicted a TvP final.
The Terran being MKP. I talked with one of the protoss players about this.
If MKP hadn't lost in the round before,
he would have definitely made it to the finals.
But as soon as MKP was eliminated from the competition
I was quite sure that it'll be a PvP final.
Of course there's high percentage of PvP….but…
Speaking as a caster, PvPs often end so quickly :(
In a Bo7 I'm sure there'll be at least 3 matches with 4 gate.
I'm going to be honest since this is the Baneling show,
There's something we say among us Code A casters.
If someone asks us "Won't the Code S finals be TvT?"
We answer: "We don't care! We're not casting it!"
This is rivarly!
Endless egoism~
When we are casting the Up&Downs, no matter how famous
the Terran players are we want them to go to Code S.
We try to keep Zergs at Code A :D
There was a time when there were 20 Terrans
among the 32 Code S players.
Yeah and we were like,
"We don't care cause the race balance at Code A is great!"
This season a lot of Terran players went down to Code A.
There's only 20 Terrans in Code S?
Send 5 more!
This is real! This is how we do in GSL.
It's time for Protoss to shine now.
I feel the same. Till the finals.
The league flow won't be the same everytime.
So for a future episode,
let's invite some players and talk more in depth.
I really want MVP to advance to the finals.
IM's doing really well these days.
If Squirtle makes out of the group as 2nd,
he'd face parting which is PvP in the semi-final.
If squirtle is the 1st in the group, final will be PvP
Every match is just so fun.
Squirtle should be the 1st in the group.
LG IM Sponsorship
We had some good news recently.
LG is sponsoring IM now and will even offer yearly salaries.
We finally have a major company as a main sponsor for a StarCraft II team.
Actually LG also sponsored our tournaments a lot.
They sponsored tournaments, did 3D Events for StarCraft II with us,
they showed a lot of interest.
IM has good results
and they have a great coach.
This trend with major companies sponsoring teams needs to continue.
Companies like Kia and Hyundai,
players need to get on stage driving a Hyundai car!
By sponsoring a tournament you really get the brand's name
out there and in the minds of the fans, I think the advertising effect is great.
Just like for this and last season's sponsor Hot6,
with the popular catch phrase
'Energy up! Power! HOT6!' for Korea.
when we did the Super Tournament:
'LG Cinema 3D - Super Tournament!' bamm bamm.
I can't forget that phrase.
Also when a major brand enters a sponsorship deal,
they can't easily let go of it.
Yeah when they do it
once they keep on doing it.
The contract with IM is for 6 months for now,
but when they see the advertising effect
I think they will keep doing it.
For those two to never be apart anymore they should just rename the team LG-IM to LGIM!
Companies like Hyundai and Kia are also really well known internationally.
Yeah when we went to the US we saw those cars a lot.
How awesome would it be if they sponsor a tournament
and give a car as a prize.
Then the 1st place winner comes on stage in that car.
Foreigners think that Hyundai is a Japanese brand.
If they sponsor GSL, people will realize that Hyundai is a Korean brand.
I think also beverage companies are very suitable as sponsors.
When playing people need to drink a lot after all.
I have dozen of Hot6 in my freeze.
When broadcasting there's really a difference between
when I drink HOT6 and not.
I'd be happy if 서경환 refrains from
drinking too much soda when casting actually.
That guy burps all the time duringt he casts.
"This is really important!"
From the perspective of the company
you can get a great advertisment effect with low investment.
Since the GSL is being broadcasted
worldwide the reach and the effect is good.
What about apple?
Apple needs to sponsor the GSL!
We're all using iPhones.
I also have an iPad and an iMac.
Samsung, if you would like to sponsor us
we can change that of course!
If they sponsor us with the Galaxy line
I will stop using iPhone.
Let's say that again for the Samsung guys to hear.
If Samsung sponsors us we will all switch to Galaxys!
This is the Baneling show, so we tell you what's up.
StarCraft I and II are coming together now,
so what's the skill level of TaekBaengLeeSsang?
I will self-destruct now.
Do you think only I will die?
For broadcasting I think you need
to have a rival to make it more fun.
Look forward to an even more honest and real 'Baneling' show!