Hard of Hearing - Reading Lips [CC] [HQ]

Uploaded by sweetlikez on 07.10.2010

Hey everybody it's me!!!
Sweetlikez (sweet like z)
Does anybody find it hard to you know lip read?
People who are hard of hearing or deaf.
Well.. I'm hard of hearing so I'm going to speak about my experience. hahaha
You know, people have so many ways to listen okay?
People like to take notes, tape during lectures or class.
People bring ASL interpreters - sign language interpreters.
There's so many ways to listen.
My ways of listening is to read people's lips.
I've been a lip reader since I was a kid.
When you have a hearing loss, you depend on your eyes a lot.
& so if anybody talking to me they always must face me.
Sometimes it's fun,
to read people's lips know exactly what they're talking about
When you're going out with friends, especially loud places like..
restaurants, clubs, or concerts
I normally would have to carry one hearing aid with me
because the hearing aid picks up so many (much) noise
and it doesn't really help me to hear because the purpose of my hearing aids
is to pick up noise. Noise which I can't hear
So, if you're in a loud place: restaurants, concerts or clubs
it picks up a lot of noise
and so when I'm with my friends and they're talking and to add on top of that
you hear noises that picks up from your hearing aids
and it can be really overwhelming and for some, you can have a headache
at the end of the night.
The pressure of using your eyes in order to listen
Especially for those who don't know ASL Amer. Sign Language.
It's easy for them to sign because it's very visual.
But when you're hard of hearing you can depend on your hearing
and depend on your eyes to read lips in a noisy environment
can be really difficult.
So.. for me I take of my hearing aids. I wear one because it helps me
balance the noise & the music as well & what's around me
what's near me. so if my friends are talking
I make sure I focus on their lips & I make sure I understand
what I'm hearing on top of the noises my hearing aids are picking up.
When somebody is talking to me I normally have them talk to me
in the ear without my hearing aids
Everybody have different types of hearing loss
so I can only speak for me
When somebody is speaking to me they talk to the ear which I don't have
my hearing aids on, and they just talk
and I'd repeat what they told me or what I think I understood.
I focus so hard on the lips When you're in a situation where
there's so much noise, you use so much energy to hear
just to see, just to understand the process of reading people's lips.
during a situation where there's so much noise & there's nothing you can do
hahaha you can either make up a sign and make a fool out of yourself
and claim that you can learn (know) sign language but you really don't. haha
Listen, I'm really hard of hearing .. ok You need to come really close to me
so that I can hear or find some ways to communicate better.
and uh... It can be funny, it can be stressful, it can be crazy.
But I know certain things. When you go into a club
you know that there's going to be some talking going on
and you know that you're strictly going into a club to party
and you're not really there to communicate
It's a strategy I must always come up with me when my friends are going out.
When you're going to a concert, you fully know that you're just going to watch
a show and you're not going to communicate that well.
Reading lips is like you gotta find a strategy
know when to listen, when to enjoy yourself and when to focus.
but every day I'm reading lips and every day there's certain times
when to read lips and when it's not necessary to read lips.
It is what it is.
I just find it really really hard to lip read not really hard but uh..
it can be very exhausting
you absorb so much information and reading lips helps me to listen
watching the person's lips and translating what I'm reading.
uh.. taking what I understand or what I think I understand
and translating that language into my brain and understand what's been said
There's a fun side of it and there's a hard work side of it.
It's so demading.. it's like you need to pay attention
it doesn't matter where you are especailly when you're in a situation
where your driver's instructor talking to you and you're trying to focus
and you can't even look at the driver because you're driving you know?
and you got professors teaching in class and telling you what to do on your exams
I mean in order to listen, I gotta focus.
in order to focus, I gotta keep my eyes open and alert.
and for me to understand, I gotta watch you.
I ain't talking about getting an interpreter a sign language interpreter
and let them do the work for me.
and I'm not talking about getting a notetaker. I gotta sit back and relax
and chill.. no, no, no haha
If I'm not seeing you. If your facing behind me and talking to me
That's ridiculous. It creates more misunderstanding
and it creates more stress.
You know there's times, when you have a good day.
People are facing you and you're communicating so well
but at the same time, your eyes are tired.
the whole day passed by and you don't realize how much energy you're
taking from these eyes in order to listen
The whole day pass by and you like you're wondering..
"What did I do that was so crazy, that crazy, that makes me so
exhausted to listen?"
especially hard of hearing people or deaf. You know?
but then I realize my eyes read too many lips on too many days
You know what I'm saying? haha
one day I'm reading like a hundred people's lips haaha
and like the whole day pass by and like you want to go to bed so badly.
Your eyes are really tired. OOhh
You can't go to bed because you don't want to be rude and be like.
"Hey, I love to hang out with you but my eyes are really tired & I want to go to bed"
I'm just saying, it's a lot of work to read lips.
Anyways, totally random...but uh..
There's so many ways to listen I mean
It's different, haha
You know what I mean? I mean, it is what it is, hahaha
Anyways, I'm gonna go
But uh... thanks for watching..