Aion KOR - Elyos Origins (with ENG subs)

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After the Tower of Aion was destroyed, we were unable to escape from shock and chaos.
However, we had begun to build a new sanctuary under the guidance of the five Seraphim Lords,
and the glorious city of Sanctum was finally able to show its majesty after ages of effort.
But the peace was only temporary.
We were soon faced with feelings of insecurity as mysterious rifts began appearing in many places.
As the number of people gone missing from venturing into these rifts had increased,
Sanctum laid down the order to investigate the strange phenomenon.
An expeditionary force was sent through the rifts of no return,
and those lucky enough to return brought back stories of shocking discovery.
The ruins of ancient cities.. a world overflowing with Aether...
and the grotesque creatures that dwelled there, who resembled the Balaur, whom we had long forgotten..
we named this world, "The Abyss."
The Seraphim Lords formally ordered an in-depth investigation of the so-called Abyss.
And so, the legion of Storm was formed, and Deltras was put in charge as its commander.
The legion then discovered a massive rift leading into the Abyss,
and the legion dived into the rift, without realising what kind of danger had awaited them.
Upon arrival, we discovered beings that resembled our brethren,
but also bore striking differences. Were there more survivors of the Great Cataclysm?
Calling themselves the Asmodians, they declared their allegiance to the god
who was responsible for the Great Cataclysm, Zikel.
While Deltras kept his calm, Zikel insulted him.
The Elyos, and the Legion of Storm then chose to guard their honour,
rather than their lives. They met their demise in the cold lands of Morheim.
Upon discovering that our guardian Deltras was killed by the Asmodians,
we, the Elyos sunk into deep hatred and wrath.
The five Seraphim Lords proposed punishment to those responsible
for the death of Deltras, with total support of all the Elyos.
And soon, the first battle in the Abyss took place.
Since then, a millenium had passed..