40 Ways the Internet Has Changed Our World - Safety

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>> (John Walsh)I can only look back to 1981 and realize how naive this country was.
>> NATSOT: ìWeíll recreate crimes of dangerous fugitivesÖî 00:00:12.000,00:00:21.000 >> Back in those days, the FBI did not get involved in child abductions. There was no Americaís Most Wanted, literally my wife and I searched for our son alone with some volunteers.
>> (CBS News) ìAdam Walsh disappeared from a Sears store in Hollywood, Florida in 1981. He had been there with his mother.î
>> There was no National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. There were no Amber Alerts, it was very hard to get the media involved in Adamís case.
>> (MSNBC | December 16, 2008) ìLetís get right to that breaking news out of Florida today. Police say they have finally solved the 1981 killing of six-year-old Adam Walsh. Adamís father is John Walsh, host of Americaís Most WantedÖî
>> Lotís of things have changed. And lots of those changes have been made in the private sector, by businesses partnering up and saying law enforcement canít do it alone. Itís been a huge, monumental change but thereís still lots of bad guys out there and thereís lots to be done.
>> (Americaís Most Wanted) ìOk, letís goÖlet me tell ya something bro, youíre in big big trouble.î
>> In 1988, when the show first premiered, FOX was a fledgling network. It was one night. Americaís Most Wanted was only shown on seven stations. And our first capture, Iíll never forget, was David James Roberts,
>> a convicted serial rapist, murderer of four people, two of them small children ñ he was caught within three days by tips to the show. And guess what he was doing, he was running a shelter for the homeless.
>> Since then, we have caught 17 guys off the FBIís 10 Most Wanted. The worst of the worst. Many, many guys off the Marshals 15 Most Wanted. I think itís the great use of the combination of the power of television, and of partnership with law enforcement, and our web site which has helped us catch over a thousand of the worst of the worst.
>> When we first instituted our web site, Bill Gates, the creator of Microsoft, stated that Americaís Most Wanted was one of the few truly interactive web sites. Where you could really make a difference.
>> The web site became a huge asset to the show. Weíve caught 40 fugitives from being shown on the web site alone. Some of them never made it to the television program.
>> (Americaís Most Wanted) ìI always said Iíd go to the end of the earth to catch anybody who hurt a childÖî
>> I say weíre now the Worldís Most Wanted because we work with Interpol, we work with Scotland Yard, we work with police from countries all over the globe.
>> (Americaís Most Wanted) ìArmed with a fake passport, a Mexican drivers licenseÖî
>> We caught someone in Belize recently from a twelve year-old girl who watched the program and gave us the tip on the web site, she couldnít call Americaís Most Wanted from Central America. She went to our web site and took down a convicted pedophile teaching school in Belize.
>> The web site is a huge, important tool for Americaís Most Wanted.(Americaís Most Wanted) ìMr. Snyder, did you know you were on Americaís Most wanted? No comment.î
>> (President George W. Bush) ìThe bill I sign today will strengthen Federal laws to protect our children from sexual and other violent crimesÖî
>> The intention of the Adam Walsh Act was to create a National Sex Offender Registry. It was unanimously passed by the House and Senate, both sides of the aisle.
>> It was passed three years ago on a horrible anniversary for my wife and I. It was the 25th anniversary of Adamís abduction and murder.
>> President Bush signed the Adam Walsh Act in the Rose Garden, which changed a horrible day into a positive day.
>> Up until I met with President Obama, the Act had not been funded.
>> The National Sex Offender Registry is so important because there are 100,000 convicted, level-three rapists of women, molesters of children at large in violation of their parole or probation. Whereabouts unknown.
>> Those guys need to be rounded up. It would be a National Sex Offender Registry that you could access online. You could go online to your State law enforcement agency, to your county law enforcement. You could see whoís in your neighborhood.
>> The power of the Adam Walsh Act is the ability to track sex offenders online to keep their whereabouts known to the public and for the average mom or dad to look online and know that level-three violent sex offender is somewhere in their near neighborhood.
>> (Americaís Most Wanted ñ President Obama) ìWe are going to do everything in our power as long as Iím in the White House and as long as Iím the father of two girls, to make sure that weíre providing the Stateís with the support they need to make this happen.î
>> Congress has to get busy. The President has said that he will make sure the Adam Walsh Act is funded. Itís been three years. People waiting for that money, Attorney Generals of their individual states. I still say to people, put pressure on their Congressperson and get the Adam Walsh Act funded.
>> (Americaís Most Wanted) ìThe endgame for Snyder is nearÖî
>> I think the Internet is a huge asset and a resource in catching the bad guys. Yes, they use it as their private hunting grounds and they sit in the anonymity of their dark rooms and try to groom children.
>> Exchange information and trade child pornography. But the Internet has become a wonderful, incredible tool in making people aware, of making people know what resources are out there.
>> Letting people do the right thing ñ not as a vigilante but by cooperating with law enforcement. And itís been a great tool for law enforcement to track the bad guys. The Internet really is a crime fighter in many aspects.