Markeloff Summer Secrets - Episode 6 - The Place of Power (with Eng subtitles)

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Oct 13, 2012

Yegor, tell us about the place where we’re now.
This is “The Reporter”
My favourite place in Dnepropetrovsk.
As I told you before, I was an opening here.
Every time I go out I come here 100%
This is my favourite place,
lots of my friends and fellows hang out here.
So I can call on, say hello to everybody,
drink something and go further.
It’s always funny, nice and cool here!
So you like such places like bars, luxury restaurants…
Bars, pubs, where one can fall asleep right on the table.
You’ll be woken up like, “Hey, guy…”
Ok, tell us your craziest story.
Will it be ok?
Of course!
Are you really going to tell this story?
What about you were thrown to the jail in Bosnia?
Everybody knows about that, so I’ll tell this one.
Ok, so start!
Ok, this case happened approximately in 2007.
There was HR team.
We decided to go to “Asus Winter Cup” in Moscow.
As I understood it was fine.
And now a shaggy microphone will get you!
It was a long way to go, nearly 19 hours.
The train went directly from Dniepropetrovsk to Kiev.
Well, it doesn’t matter.
It leaves Dniepropetrovsk at 2 or 1 pm
and arrives at Moscow at 7 or 8 am.
So it was a long trip.
We bought lots of beer.
It was winter, the winter ASUS.
So we were on our way, playing cards,
drinking beer, everything was fine..
It was already time to sleep.
but the beer was still enough
as we bought some at conductor, the whole batch.
We wanted to eat some stuff like anchovy.
So I came to the conductor and asked her to give me some.
She gave me, but I was young and silly,
so I haven’t look at the consumption date.
So I ate one bundle, then another and went to bed.
I woke up because I felt very bad.
I slept on the 1st berth.
Usually everyone in the compartment
take off his shoes and goes to bed,
so the shoes are next to you.
I felt that something was wrong.
You had to throw up.
Yes, to throw up!
At this place and at this moment!
Yes, right!
Thought the WC was not far from our compartment.
I didn’t want to foul, but I understood that I can’t avoid it.
I took my shoe; it was high as it was winter.
Suitable for that.
But the worst thing happened when it was already filled.
I had to take the 2nd one…
An Olympic ribbon!
I will present you one pair of shoes.
In the result I fouled the carpet.
When the conductor came in,
she was like that, telling me to clean everything here.
I took this carpet which had the size like this, a giant one.
I entered the bathroom and saw the sink of this size.
So I had to clean it there.
Have you made it clean? With a soap?
Yeah… where have you seen the soap in trains?
He was doing all by his hands.
It took me 3 hours to do that.
As it was not easy to use the tap to make the water flow.
How long were you doing that?
Maybe 3 hours.
Thanks God our manager had house slippers
Which he took for the train.
Because I had no other shoes.
So I had to wear them with socks in Moscow
when it was 10-15 degrees below zero.
When I came to ASUS I quickly ran to the dark gaming room
so nobody could see me.
Took my place at the computer.
Had anybody seen you in these house slippers?
Even if they saw me they were laughing behind my back
and discussed it like “What a moron!”
I must be like that!
For example if you wear white socks with brown sandals, let it be,
But when you put on white socks and black house slippers
in such a cold – it’s really crazy!
Everybody will remember you for long!
I hope not.
Though I think so now.
I never had such a situation.
I think that there is a little number of people
who really had such a situation.
It’s enough to get crazy!
Yeah, such a story.
I was at “X-Factor” singing show, came on 30th, and one guy
comes to me and sais, “You’re Markelov!”.
“I know your son from Na`Vi!”
Besides, this fridge Yegor presented to his father.