Kotwal Saab

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This bravery award goes to inspector Ramesh Kulkarni.
You are being sent to catch this smuggler
He might look like a buffoon or little stupid...
...but he is very dangerous.
I also doubt the Kotwaal (police officer) there isn't performing...
...his duty honestly.
Not many people know how to perform their..
...police duties as well as you do.
Subramaniam sacrificed his life treading this same route..
...of honest duty.
In his last report Subramanium mentioned that he..
...has collected a lot of clues against the criminals.
And that's why he was eliminated.
I know you have the ability and the sense..
..that's why I'm assigning this responsibility to you.
Just remember one thing..
It's easy to fight in the war because we know..
..who the enemy is.
But here the enemies' face is covered by a mask.
I think the time of death has arrived.
The same way the time to pick mangoes..
..and the time to pick apples arrives.
The same way the time to die has arrived.
Why is he called an MLA if he has never stood in a election.
His name is Mohan Lal Avasthi. MLA are his initials.
Stop! Hello brothers.
This boy hasn't grown up a bit.
This is not the guy whom you saw the last time.
This is his younger brother.
That's the thing with elections- it lets us meet..
...only after five years.
Brother, we have to visit all the districts..
...not just one village
And it takes five years to come to..
...this village after sorting out the problems of all the villages.
You should buy a car. It would make things easier..
What are you talking about?
I, peoples' servant, should travel in a car, while..
regular people walk on foot.
That won't happen!
That's why I've elected a new representative for you people.
His name is Seth Dharam Kohli.
He has a 'strong' name. He would be an independent..
candidate of an independent India.
That is, an independent candidate of an independent India.
You had said the same thing about Mr.Khalid the last time.
And promised to provide us a tubewell.
Where's the tubewell?
Has the tubewell not been installed yet? - No!
No? - NO!
I'll look into the matter right away. Come with me.
Let's go - Please get the box down.
Driver, help them.
Be careful, careful.
Who do they think they are?
I'll reprimand them right in front of you people.
Keep it here - Okay, sir.
Careful. There's a very valuable object inside.
Now see what I do.
Look. Hold it open for me.
Yes - Careful.
Now look. I press this button.
Now I plug this in.
And the lights are on.
I'm going to make a call now.
4, 2, and this is zero. This is the number.
Hello? New Delhi? Who's speaking?
I want chief.. huh?
Clerk of this chief?
I want to talk with the chief engineer.
I'm the MLA.
What? he's sleeping?
Wake him up if he's sleeping!
Is this the time to sleep?
See, people are working towards making their country prosperous..
...and Mr. Engineer is sleeping.
Now I'll see how he sleeps!
Hello, Mr. Engineer. You are sleeping?
What is this you're doing?
What good are you if you can't install even a one tubewell?
What? No, I won't take any excuses.
There's no tubewell. Order it from America then.
And if you can't order it, then tell me.
I'll ask Mr.Dharam Kohli, he'll write a chit, and..
....the tubewell will arrive in no time at all.
What? Till March?
How will Mr.Kohli's voters draw water till March?
You want one more chance?
I'll give you time till March. Now hang up.
All you people know is talking.
Hang up!
Now listen to what I've to say.
Tubewell will be installed, doesn't matter if you vote Seth-ji or not.
But remember, the voting-sign of Seth Dharam Kohli- it's that.
A woman churning out butter
I've told Seth-ji, if he wins the election, he should send..
... a 1kg packet of butter manufactured in his company..
.. to every house in the village
Victory to Dharam Kohli Seth!
Why should we give only packet of butter to the voters?
We should give two packets to everyone.
And then we'll buy back the empty tins for half the price.
A lot of people asked me what's the point of building a Eedgah.
I told them to shut up!
What's the use of talking about these things?
Ram and Rahim are one and the same.
Praying is the most important thing.
Allah will bless you.
Yes, we will.
But who will the Muslim people vote for?
Every Muslim who prays to Allah will vote for you, sir
How many voters there'll be in all: those who pray and those..
....who don't.
You don't have to worry. Every Muslim vote is in your pocket.
Very good. Goodbye. - Goodbye.
Can I say something? - Yes
Now that you've colored your house it looks extremely beautiful.
You should colour it from the outside too.
I don't want the income tax people to come after me.
Listen, I've arranged for a gala event this evening.
She's coming from Bombay and she dances and sings very well.
Seth-ji, our truck has been confiscated.
Was Mahesh arrested?
No, he ran away.
What was in the truck?
Rice, transistor and watches, sir.
Thakur is heading this way.
Hello, Seth-ji - What's the matter?
Did you have to confiscate my truck?
Your truck was confiscate outside my area.
Do you think I'd let your consignment to be confiscate..
...if it was in my control?
Write a report of a truck being stolen. Like..
I understand perfectly, sir.
Someone stole your truck yesterday and someone was..
...smuggling illegal items in it.
Just a moment..
Listen.. - Yes.
You go to the market and keep an eye out..
...for someone who looks new and suspicious. You get my drift?
Yes, sir, I do.
Arrest and jail him.
Come with me.
Nothing to worry about Seth-ji.
You should come tonight. I've invited someone special.
Tonight? I should go now.
He's a very capable officer.
Hey, a cup of tea.
Bring it here - Sir, he has asked for the tea first.
You little shit, come here!
You look like you're new here.
Get out of here!
Bring me a cup of tea.
What's happening here? - Sir, he's beating me up.
Where are you from?
I'm not from around here, sir.
Arrest him. Not from here, eh?
Listen ,sir. Me.. - Shut up!
So you were stealing the truck. Take him away!
Sir, listen to me..
Salt? Get the juice.
Hello, Seth-ji. Having breakfast?
You're here? Come over.
In a second..
Now go get some tea.
I was going through Alawalpur, so I thought..
....I should pick up some of 'those' pills for you..
..from Hakim Badrun Haq.
First he protesting saying it'll take time to make them.
I gave him a 100 bucks and out came the pills from his pocket!
By the way, Hakim-ji is 97 years old and he married...
...for the eighth time two years ago.
He was saying eating these pills twice on empty stomach..
...makes a 50 year old feel like a 25 year old from within.
I'll eat four pills then!
NO, Seth-ji, don't do that.
Two pills will reduce 25 years from your current age.
Four pills will reduce 50. Now you are 54 years old. What's the..
..point of getting these pills if you want to be a four years old?
What's the news about the voters?
Where'll the voters go?
Rest assured, your opposition will be defeated.
You've promised to build an Eedgah, two mosque..
a shelter for cows, two orphanages four temples..
and one degree college.
Stupid, donkey! - Sir?
I'll have to sell myself if I've to build all these things.
You don't really have to build these things, sir.
These are just promises.
Is that so? - yes.
I'll win, won't I?
I don't see why you won't.
There's nothing else I can do apart from politics.
Seth-ji, don't be afraid. You can continue doing this..
...business as well as politics.
You look tired today.
The lawyer was telling me something about a special guest for tonight.
Seth-ji, can I come too?
Yes. Leave now!
Thank you!
What's your name? - Sir, my name's Bharat.
Bharat? Nice. Your father's name must be King Dasharath.
You'll have plenty of time to read the Ramayana in the jail.
Aren't you a smarty-pants?!
Sir, I wouldn't have been here if I wasn't.
Shut up! I'll beat you to pulp!
Show me the report.
When Thakur Gaurishankar, the police officer, found out..
..that the grain were being smuggled, he immediately set off..
..to get to the root of the matter and arrest the smuggler.
Sir, I'd heard of an illegal child, but didn't know..
...the grains can be illegal too.
Shut up!
I'll sever your tongue if say anything more.
Take this and add..
The accused, Bharat, shot the police officer - Wha..?
Hush it!
The accused, Bharat, shot the police officer and ran away.
But the police officer chased him and arrested him at..
..the railway station.
Sir.. - I told you to zip it!
And a pistol was found on him while he was being frisked.
Pat him down again.
Get your hands up!
I've found some money.
Do you also pick pockets?
I swear I don't, sir
Whose pocket did you pick?
This is my salary, sir.
I'm not lying, sir.
All of it?
Why not? You do look like a freaking deputy collector.
Your guess was only a little off, sir.
I'm not the deputy collector..
I'm the district superintendent of police.
Bharat Prasad Sinha.
Sir...my mistake... forgive me..
Now I've understood what 'Just below the lantern lies..
..the darkness' means.
The police station is the temple of the law..
..not the shop where the loaded could get whatever they want!
It's because of people like you that the police are defamed.
Poor are afraid to come here fearing no one will hear them.
The common people consider us their enemies!
I'm suspending you.
Go away from here. I said get out!
Look, I'm warning all you people that..
...I’m not going to bear all these things.
I've a responsibility, and I want everyone here to help me.
And I'll change those people who think they can't change.
Sir, my name is Niranjan Sharma and you've saved me.
I want to resign. But my old parents' thought prevented..
..me from doing it.
I got this job because I’m a good sportsperson.
But how can the game be played honestly if the..
...referee himself is dishonest?
I'll be calling you by your name, brother.
Tell me, Niranjan, who was going to be saved if I was arrested?
Mahesh? Who is Mahesh?
He's the Dharam Kohl’s right-hand man.
This city is ruled over by Mr.Kohli, sir.
Custom-officer Subramanium, who was run-over by a truck,
..had come to look into Dharam Kohli's case, right?
Yes. Sir, I can give you a lot of information.
But, luckily, I didn't tell it to Mr.Thakur..
..otherwise I'd have been run-over by a truck too.
Sir, I have a little request.
Sir, I want to be the city police-officer.
Yes, sir. Give me some time to provide you more info.
I'll tell you later.
"My lover is a cheat"
"He has another woman in his life, but wants me too"
"My lover is a cheat"
"I'm restless all day, and I'm awake all night"
"I'm restless all day, and I'm awake all night"
"He comes with the sun"
"My heart beats faster when he arrives"
"He lies"
"He lies"
"He has another woman in his life, but wants me too"
"My lover is a cheat"
"How can a flower which the gardener ignores.."
''...ever remain fresh?"
"How can a flower which the gardener ignores.."
''...ever remain fresh?"
"But he doesn't understand it"
"He is cruel"
"He has another woman in his life, but wants me too"
"My lover is a cheat"
"He traps me in his sweet words"
"He traps me and saves himself"
"He traps me in his sweet words"
"He traps me and saves himself"
"Like a child I believe his lies"
"How do I handle him?"
"He's very sharp"
You? - I've come in place of Thakur.
Come in. Have a seat.
Whiskey. Bring a whiskey for him.
No thanks. Where's Mahesh?
Who let him in?!
How did you get in?
Your servant brought me in.
Servant? Is this my servant's house?
Only you can know that.
Where's Mahesh?
Get out of here. You're just a two-penny good-for-nothing.
So you can speak English too.
Don't forget I'm a police officer.
And you shouldn't forget that your annual salary..
...is what he incurs as loss in his income-tax.
I'm not interested is what he loses as income-tax.
But I very well know how much profit he earns from his income-tax.
Seems like you've counted your days in this town.
Indeed I have.
But not my days, I've counted your days.
Where have you hidden Mahesh?
In your grave..
Okay. We'll meet again.
Nothing to worry about here.
He just came to let us know that he'll not sell for cheap.
People like him run to your mansion when they're about to die.
He can be dismissed immediately with just one phone-call.
Begin again..
hey, you've come from Mumbai. Why don't you show us something unique!
Isn't that right Seth-ji?
What she's doing is okay.
It's alright then..
Niranjan, they're consuming alcohol here.
But we can't do anything about it, sir.
Why? - All these people have health permits.
Nice. health permits.
Banwarilal, come here.
I'm assigning you here. Keep a watch on this mansion, but..
...be careful - Yes, sir.
Let's go, Niranjan.
You people surround this place. The rest, come with me.
Are you Mahesh's mother? - Yes.
Where's Mahesh?
What did he do?
Don't pretend that you don't know.
Tell me where he is.
This is no way to talk with your elders?
You keep your mouth shut.
Tell me where Mahesh is.
He's been missing for three days, sir.
That means that you don't want to tell me.
Search the house!
Wait. Do you have a search warrant?
Go. Who are you?
Why do you want to know?
Who are you and what's your name?
Prabha Sharma - You live here?
No - How are you related to Mahesh?
We're not related - Then what are you doing here?
Does anyone other than relatives and police..
....not have to right to go anywhere?
Sir, Mahesh is not here.
Tell him to surrender himself to police if he comes.
Or he should remember that the police catches those...
...who they want to catch
Come on, let's go!
Ramesh, get off at the next turn, return and..
..follow the girl. I want to know everything about her.
Mahesh is a right trouble-maker. I've no idea what he does..
..and where he goes.
I really haven't met him for three days,.
Daughter, do you get to meet him?
No, aunty, I haven't met him for months.
What am I supposed to do now? Even the police have started to visit us.
I've been disgraced!
I should leave now, aunty. I'll be back sometime.
Okay, please do.
Really? Thakur has been suspended?
yes, sir.
That doesn't sound good.
Any news from Mahesh?
Yes, sir. We've got the news that he can visit you anytime.
No, tell him not to meet me anytime soon.
Just tell him to be careful and send me that letter.
Yes, he's sent the news that he'll drop the letter at his mother's.
And I'll pick it from her as soon as I get a chance.
What's the matter, Seth-ji?
There was chaos at the selection process.
I never thought Mahesh would turn out to be so stupid.
Sir has asked for you.
Did you ask for me, sir? - yes...
..go in. Someone's waiting for you.
Have a seat.
Please sit.
Better if you answer me honestly and correctly
Better for whom?
Everyone. But mostly for you
For the society
Aren't you there to look after the society?
Ms.Sharma, my job doesn't allow me..
..to put things in a round-about way.
And duty doesn't know anything about etiquette.
I know that Mahesh was there and I know that you know..
...he was there.
Let's assume that I knew
And assume I'll tell you. You'll get him hanged and forget about it.
But what about Mahesh's mother and sister?
Will the food come from police station for them?
No one has to snatch food from someone else's family..
...to feed their own family.
Where's Mahesh? - I don't know
You know! But you are hiding!
It's because of some people like you that we
haven't been able to catch him.
For God's sake don't blame me for this.
Do you have any idea why people want to hide him?
It's because he's the messiah for a lot of families.
He pays for many kids' studies.
You consider him the modern Robinhood?
These smugglers and black marketers aren't interested..
...in philanthropy, understood?
These people build hospitals, schools and temples just...
...so they could buy some respect for themselves and seal the..
...mouths of people like you.
Anyways, I've understood one thing now. That you keep a lot...
..of information about Mahesh.
What do you mean?
Are you saying that I..
it's not written on peoples' forehead.
Why don't you answer me honestly?
Where's Mahesh?
Where's Mahesh?
I think you can't figure out when people give you an honest answer.
Saying and hearing things in a round-about way is your habit.
You can summon me in the court if you want to ask me anything else.
Have a seat.
Since when has Ms.Sharma been working for you?
For about two/two and a half years.
I wanted to ask you a couple of question about her.
Go ahead.
Madam, letter for you.
Why have you brought this here? Leave it at the reception.
This is for you, Madam.
Why are you here?
Don't over-react. Give this letter to mother.
The person this is meant for will pick this up from my mother.
Go away. The inspector is here.
Who? The new inspector?
I don't know that. But he's in that room.
And he's asking around about you.
Get away. Fast.
Here's the letter, madam.
I'll come again tomorrow to meet you.
So Mr.Sinha, what do you want to know about Prabha?
It would be difficult to tell everything about her.
Who can tell what's in a woman's heart?
Mr.Fernandes, I respect you because you are a good teacher and have..
...been a freedom fighter.
This is a serious matter and I'm here to finish off..
...a gang of smugglers.
is that right? Please have a seat.
But how is Prabha related to the gang?
But why do you trust her so much?
I trust her because people are engaged in smuggling...
..and black marketeering to earn ample money in short time.
If Prabha was engaged in those activities, she wouldn't have..
..studied after working all day at her office. She wouldn't have..
...taught dance and singing to kids late into the night to pay.....
..for her mother's medicines.
"Like a flower keep your mind always cheerful"
"Spread the fragrance"
"Spread the fragrance"
"No matter how under the weather you are..
"..always be firm"
"Like a flower keep your mind always cheerful"
"Nothing in the world compares to the beauty of flowers"
"Nothing in the world is as generous as flowers"
"They hold the birds in rapture"
"They hold the birds in rapture"
"It soothes the heart of every living being"
"Like a flower keep your mind always cheerful"
"The sun-ray travels miles to bring us sunshine"
"and eliminate the darkness"
"The sun and the moon have come to visit us from the sky"
"Like a sun-ray keep your heart always clean"
"Keep diffusing your light and always be firm"
"Like a flower keep your mind always cheerful"
"Always be cheerful"
Brother Nandu, will you go and buy some biscuits for me?
Tell uncle and go.
Sir - What's the matter, Nandu?
Sir, I'm going out to buy some biscuits.
Biscuits? For whom?
For Prabha.
This late?
Lately, she been going to sleep at night eating only biscuits.
Should I go - Go..
Just a minute, brother Nandu.
Oh, uncle. For the first time in my life I'm jealous of Nandu.
You've never talked so sweetly with me
What are you talking about, uncle. If I knew it was you I'd have..
...asked in a much nicer way.
Who is it?
Me - Who me?
It's me, uncle Joe.
You've come to meet me after twelve hours.
Come in.
If this is how you are going to treat me after 12 hours. I can't..
..imagine how I'd be treated after 24 hours!
Please have a seat.
Why do come late so late? Do you have a boyfriend?
I've been teaching singing to Seth Badri Prasad's daughter.
No. There's no use of teaching how to sing to girls.
Biscuit? this late at night?
This is for the morning. You were saying there's no..
...point is teaching girls to sing. Why do you think so?
They want to learn singing to tell their future husbands..
...how talented they are.
And, after marriage, the rest of their lives are spent..
...suspecting their husbands, so there's no time for them to sing.
You want to know what happened today?
What happened?
Police visited the office - For what?
To question me.
What for?
About a smuggler.
I'd have believed if it were the case of theft.
Why would you have believed?
Because maybe you stole someone's heart.
Hey, all the biscuits are finished!
So what?
They are very tasty. I'll take these two too.
You order more in the morning.
You should go to sleep now.
Don't drink water! Nandu, serve us food.
Look, Prabha, a person who should him/herself.
Self-respect is a very important thing.
But self-respect doesn't mean you should deny other people's love
I'm very disappointed with you.
The thing is: If you want to eat biscuits for the rest of your lives,
..then you should find some other place for you to stay.
You call me uncle; you should learn to differentiate..
...between uncle and the owner of the house.
I'm the owner of the house only on the first of each month.
And for the rest of the 29 days I'm your uncle.
Okay. Sorry. My bad.
I promise you I'll never eat biscuits at night.
Now let's go. I'm famished!
Let's go.
Why did you not deliver the letter?
Why should I have delivered the letter?
Don't shout!
I'm not a member of your gang to do your errands!
Don't pretend to be goody- two-shoes. Deliver that..
..letter tomorrow. It's very important.
Look, Mahesh, if you trouble me too much I'll..
...hand over that letter to the police.
Don't talk shit!
If I didn't have to worry about Dinu uncle..
Again Dinu uncle
I've told you a zillion time not to mention
your Dinu uncle in my presence.
He was a good, honest man. Just like in the movies.
He shared everyone's sorrows. But nobody came to share his sorrows.
Because people were busy saluting Ratanlal- the smuggler.
There's a hospital named after Ratanlal in this city..
...there's also his statue here.
Did Mr.Dinanath achieve anything great in his life?
Ratalal's son used to come to school in a Mercedes.
And me- Dinanath's son- used to come to school in dirty, torn clothes!
Do you think I'm crazy to live a life of honesty?
Deliver that letter tomorrow.
Mahesh, you very well know how I hate you and your business.
I won't partake in any illegal activities.
Take your letter and get out of here.
You'll regret doing this later!
What's this?! - Shut up!
I don't consider smugglers worthy of any respect.
Your good days are over, inspector.
Niranjan, rein this scoundrel in.
I'll avenge this!
Take him away!
Sir, he doesn't say anything. All that we got from him was this letter.
Welcome. Please sit.
Niranjan, can you get tea for two of us?
I only drink alcohol.
Go ahead and bring some tea. I'll have it.
I went to your house.
I'm sorry. I wasn't at home I hope you were looked after well.
Next time, visit me in leisure.
You belong to a good family. How did you get into these things
My father used to say the same thing.
Who's this Rajasahab?
Rajasahab? I don't know any Rajasahab.
the one mentioned in this letter.
What letter?
The one we found in your pocket.
I didn't have any letter in my pocket. I'm being framed!
You've been caught red-handed this time!
Just correctly answer what is being asked to you.
You are still learning the tricks of the trade.
How could you just assume that you'd ask the questions and I'll answer
I know other methods to get information too, Mahesh.
No harm in trying those methods.
Sir, banwarilal has been murdered.
Who's Banwarilal?
The constable that you had posted outside Dharma Kohli's house.
How? He too was run-over by a truck.
People who mess with Dharam Kohli don't live long, inspector!
Lock him up.
Let me go. Let me go..
Sir, there's your constable. You had put him there.
What am I supposed to do now, sir?
Tell me, what shall I do now?
Do people who work for you always die, sir?
If it is so, order him to wake up again, sir.
Dear brother and sisters.
What can I say about Mr.Dharam Kohli
It's plain stupidity to show the sun to...
It's plain stupidity to show hold a candle to the sun.
Now I request Mr.Dharam Kohli to come to the dais and say..
..a few words about the upcoming elections.
Victory to Mr.Dharam Kohli!
Mother India! - That was a nice film!
Mother India. First, I salute Mother India.
And I have a request for my dear brothers and sisters here.
I'm not fighting the elections
Sir.. - I'm not fighting the elections.
Why? Because this is Bapu's country.
That is, the country of Mahatma Gandhi.
Nice - This is the country of non-violence.
It's a sin even to talk about violence here!
The word 'fight'...here...um.. reeks of violence!
That is why I'm not fighting the elections.
I'm contesting the elections.
The government asks us they consider family planning.
I ask Why? Why should I 'plan' my family?
The government says the population will increase if you don't
I ask, if not the population, what will increase? Elephants?
Yes, then the government says...the govern..
Then the government says there'll be food shortage
Then I ask why is I, Dharam Kohli, alive?
I'll feed everyone butter from my factory if there's food shortage.
Rivers of butter and milk will flow through this village.
Applause. Energy!
But be careful... be careful...ind...no..
I'm Dharam Kohli- the independent candidate of an independent india.
Victory to Dharam Kohli!
Let's go. - What's this?
This is the warrant for your arrest.
Don't you see I'm giving a speech.
You can give the speech in the court.
Move now!
There's a law in the country that the opposition..
You are not the opposition. You are a smuggler and a killer.
Handcuff him.
Inform the lawyer.
Where are you taking me?
You can't make me walk like this..
..I'm a heart patient. I'm not allowed to walk.
Walk now and you'll have loads of time to rest in the jail.
Look, inspector. - I'll look later.
Mr.lawyer - What's the matter?
A tragedy! Mr.Dharam Kohli has been arrested.
Who? - the new police officer.
Hurry up! In the mean time I'll call some people.
This is not good.
Hello. Who's it? Mr.Siddique. There's been tragedy..
Mr.Dharam Kohli has been arrested.
Yes, in the police station.
Niranjan, record his statement.
I tell you once again..
How did you get in? - Get out
Hey, what's your name?
Bharat Prasad Sinha.
You'll regret arresting me.
You don't know - I know everything.
I know that you are engaged in the smuggling of illegal drugs.
Mr.Subramanium and Banwarilal were murdered.
What proof do you have? Where's the proof?
You are accusing me of all these things because I'm...
..contesting the elections.
You want to defame me.
So people will consider me a dishonest person and not vote for me.
But you won't be able to sabotage my campaign, understood?!
Call Dr.Agarwal
Mr.Dharamdas, there's no use of this acting.
You'll have to answer everything I ask.
He won't answer any of your questions.
There's a limit to everything.
There's no limit to the dishonesty of your client..
...and my honesty.
You are talking as if you rule India!
I'll take this matter to the supreme court if the need be
This is not the supreme court, this is the police station...
..and this criminal..
Don't you see that he's a heart-patient.
Sir.. you should take him to some nursing home immediately.
No. Niranjan, put him in some government hospital.
Call an ambulance and take him to some government hospital.
We know this man is a dangerous criminal.
But this is also true that he is a heart patient.
What if something would have happened to him?
Sir, his crime, his cunningness and his....
...impudence made me lose my temper.
These criminals are very cunning, sir.
They know the law very well.
More than us.
They twist the laws meant to protect the innocent to..
..their own advantage. They hide behind it.
But we'll have to obey these laws as long as they exist.
Can you approve a request of mine?
Suspend me.
What are you talking about?
Yes, sir. These people will drop their guards once they know...
...I've been suspended.
They'll carelessly continue their work. And..
...I'll get more time to continue my research.
Don't be silly. How can I suspend you without any reason?
There's a reason, sir.
Their lawyer has filed a complaint with you against me.
They've made a written complaint. They'll think they've won.
And I'll go tell everyone that I've left the job.
But sir, for the time being, it's better if this stays
between the two of us.
Don't let even the people who come in place of me know about this.
Don't disturb him
The news I've brought for him will make him all new in a second.
What's the matter, Awasthi?
I'll let you know the gist of the matter, sir.
I did everything I could after your arrest.
I called up every of our contacts and..
...got your release order signed.
Police commissioner himself said sorry.
And inspector Bharat Prasad Sinha was dismissed.
Yes, the commissioner asked him: 'You bloody fool! Who do you think...
...you are?!
How do you know all this?
From the police station. Some Raza Zaidi has come in his place.
Pande joined this hands together as soon as he saw me.
I asked him who was it meant for.
He said there's just two people in the world who are worthy..
...of joining their hands to.
One is the one with the blue umbrella...and the second.
No, not me..you. Mr.Dharam Kohli.
What are you thinking about uncle?
Have a seat, darling.
I was thinking the rules of arithmatic which I taught..
..all my life cannot be applied to the human life.
How's that?
Sometimes even one man is enough for a hundred.
Take the case of our police officer.
Oh, I understand now.
You've become his fan after being reprimanded by him
How would I not be?
The person who has the guts to drag a person like Mr.Dharam Kohli...
....to prison deserves utmost respect.
Forget about being reproached, I'm ready to get whipped by him.
Silently bearing crime is a crime too.
But considering Mr.Dharam's power, it seems that the officer won't..
..be able to last much here.
He'll either be transferred, or he'll be killed.
He was neither transferred nor was he killed.
Come in, officer.
I'm not a officer anymore.
I've resigned.
Dharam had threatened me that either he will remain or me.
And even I thought it'll be difficult to last as a officer any longer.
But we have to fight them to our last breath.
That's why I resigned
I will complete the work I was supposed to do here.
Bravo! Come in.
Please have a seat.
Government servants are bound by many laws.
And just law is not enough to teach lesson to the people who..
...don't care about law.
In these conditions, a common citizen is more..
..powerful than a police officer.
But will you be able to do this alone?
I'm not alone, sir. You people are with me.
And I know that a lot of people will rush to help me
when the need arises.
I have come to you to know more about Mahesh and the people
who help him.
Okay. But we can do this later too. Where are you staying, by the way?
I've not decided yet since I arrived here just today.
I'll stay in the guest house.
Did you get a room there? I haven't been there yet.
I thought I should visit you since your place is on the way.
If you need anything just let me know
Thank you very much.
Okay. I'll leave now. I'll come to meet you in a couple of days.
Listen, can I get a room please?
I want a room for two or three months.
Do you know English?
Yes - Then have a look at the board?
Dogs are not allowed here.
This city is ruled over by Mr.Kohli. If you want to..
..live get out of here.
The truck-drivers here are careless.
How dare he come here?
Listen, I'll go inform Seth-ji.
You go follow him.
Welcome Bharat. Welcome.
Have a seat,
How was the night?
It was okay.
How much sugar? - Put in 14-15 cups. That..
..should cheer him up. Where did you sleep last night?
At the platform? or the waiting room?
I knew you wouldn't get a room at the guest house.
How do you know?
Thakur Dharam Kohli's enemy in the city? Impossible!
You must be knowing a lot of people in the city
Where can I be a paying guest?
No one would want you as their paying guest
But there's a person who loves to get himself in trouble from..
..his childhood. But...
But he's a little off in his head.
He'll keep you without any rent.
Where does he live?
He lives here. In this very house.
Why would I want to put the lives of the only..
..honest people in the city in danger?
My life has become old now- second hand.
You know, when I was a teacher, I used to tell tall stories to..
..students: Always tell the truth.
Is there a better time than now to put these teachings into practice?
We Indians spend half our lives touching our elders' feet.
Go get your things here.
Nice. Very good.
I'm very happy just to hear it..
..that there's someone crazier than me here.
Have you every flown a kite? Let him loose, let him loose
You don't understand?
Stupid! Follow him!
Bharat, why are you so late?
I'm afraid when you stay out so late.
Why are you afraid?
They should be afraid. I've collected so many clues..
...against them that they should really be afraid now!
Listen, the servant where I teach singing at was crying.
Her son was Mahesh's partner.
Those people murdered him too.
Where does she live?
Behind the school.
Give me her name and address.
You won't be able to find them just by the name and address.
Then? - I'll take you there.
Wash your hands and legs. I'll serve you.
You people have eaten, right?
Yes, uncle has.
Don't do anything right now.
Why are you letting off Mr.Sinha so losely?
If you understood, you wouldn't be what you are right now.
You'd be Seth Mohanlal Awasthi.
How dare he come back into the city after being dismissed?
There's surely something strange going on.
Sorry to inform this sir. But one by one people..
..have started to support him.
Who are those people?
One who's supporting him is the old Fernandez. And that girl..
Who's Prabha? The same who was seen at Mahesh's house often.
Even she is showing signs of dissent. Today she took him to the lane..
...which has the Banyan tree.
The lane with the Banyan tree?
That is where my stuff is going to be alighted. - Yes, you're right.
Come with me.
Prabha, I can't tell you how thankful I'm to you for..
..bringing me here.
If I hadn't come here I wouldn't have known the truth about...
...a lot of things.
You go home. I still have to meet a lot of people.
Will it take some time? - Yes, I might.
Take care of yourself. - Don't worry.
Sir is back there. But madam is heading this way.
Hmm. Be careful. If this works out, Seth-ji will..
..pay you handsomely.
You've understood, yeah? - yes, sir.
Go to the lane with the Banyan tree and inform him after 15 minutes.
He shouldn't return her before 15 minutes...Bharat.
And while you're heading that way inform the bus driver to wait..
...for madam.
And to head out as soon as she gets in the bus.
You go sit in the vehicle. When I signal...
This is room number 36. Sign here.
Whose telegram is it uncle?
It's for you, darling.
What's the matter?
Mother's health has deteriorated further.
Hurry up. You can still get the bus.
Just yesterday I had got the letter informing that
...she is in a much better condition.
And suddenly this?
Don’t' worry. Go get ready to leave.
Inform Mr.Bharat and call my office and let them know.
Yeah, hurry up.
Listen, Prabha just got a fake telegram informing..
...her that her mother is in a serious condition.
Prabha is in great danger. Go and save her.
Uncle - Bharat, what's the matter?
Where's Prabha? - She just left.
She has asked me to tell you that she got a telegram informing...
...her about her mother not being well.
This telegram is fake, uncle.
Yes, uncle. Look at the date here. This has been sent 20 days earlier.
Where's her house, uncle?
It's some 50 miles away from her.
The village's name is Kanchanpur. What should
we do now? The bus must have left
I'll go look, uncle.
Please take my luggage if you are going to Rampur.
Yeah I will take it with me, but there's still time to leave.
Brother, my bus has left already. Can you please..
...take me to the bus?
I'll pay you whatever you want.
Yes, go sit on top of the bus.
Thank you.
Poor guy, he's counting his last breaths now.
He had say goodbye to the world in the prime of his youth.
But what can I do? It's the destiny written on the forehead.
Give me hot tea.
Can't you go a little faster. I have to catch that bus.
Where the hell are you taking me?
Prabha! - You here?
Prabha, that telegram was a fake.
What do you mean fake?
There a lot of things to explain. I'll explain them to you later.
Dharam Kohli's people are after us.
Then? - Let's go home.
Come.. - You...
May you live a long life daughter
This is my aunt.
And, aunty, this is my..um..I mean. we....
...we stay in the same area.
I'll go and meet mother.
Aunty, get him seated.
Please be seated. I'll get some juice for you.
Aunty, one glass won't be enough for me. Bring a...
..bottle full of juice.
I'm very thirsty.
Okay, son. But sorry, I never asked you your name.
What's your name son?
Bharat Prasad Sinha.
That means this Bharat Sinha is still working with the police.
Who would you rather have control of things? We or the police?
Yes, be careful.
Bharat is a nice guy.
He's so simple.
Does he work with you?
No, he's also a paying guest with uncle.
I felt like meeting you. He asked if he could come. I said yes.
What does Bharat do?
It's too early to ask these questions.
Who are all at your home?
No one
My mother and father have passed away,.
What about brothers and sisters?
I had one sister
Son, why haven't you married yet?
Because I never thought about it nor did I have the time.
Mom, is asking for you.
You should go have some rest now. Your bed has been made in..
..that room over there.
Prabha, I wanted an advice from you. If you're not too sleepy...
Can you sit with me for a while?
Did you want to ask something?
Huh? That's the thing I don't know how to ask.
Look, Prabha. I'm not a poet.
I don't know how to to talk in similes and metaphors.
My speech is lackluster.
I used to hear from people that this life is beautiful
And I didn't used to believe it.
This life stuck in the quicksand of crime and theft..
..how can it be beautiful?
I hadn't met you until then.
Today your mother and you aunty asked me to look at ..
...suitable boy for you.
So I thought I should ask for your advice.
If you wish, I could tell them I've found myself for you.
Don't be in such a hurry to make a decision.
Do you know anything about me.
Prabha, that is my worry.
But I know one thing...
Look... - Listen..
I've told you that I talk dull.
I answer in yes or no. And I expect a yes or no as an answer
Tell me, what your answer is.
Nandu, nandu..?
Nandu, go and arrange for some sweets.
And get the champagne bottle out.
Sir, what's the matter?
What if I haven't married? Can other people marry or not?
Bharat and Prabha have married.
Really? Yes.
No, wait! Let me see if this telegram is fake or not.
Looks okay to me. Go, hurry up.
Hey, where are all of you going?
This is my house.
Shut up!
Where are you talking all these things to?
Who are you?
Where are you taking my furniture to?
This is your house. Half of this belong to someone else.
How's that?
That's a long story. I'll tell you later.
Come in, Padma Come in.
This is your mother and father , right?
These are my mother's bangles.
The rest of the jewelry was spent for my studies.
But I never touched these bangles.
She used to say that these are for her daughter-in-law.
I've an important telegram to send. We'll leave as soon as I come back.
Do we have to go today itself? Can't we wait for some days?
No, Prabha, I've some important things to do there.
As soon as it's over, we take leave and come here right away.
I'll go to post the telegram now.
Listen, the neighbors are not nice people.
They might come to meet. Get rid of them.
Are you the new people here?
No, this is my house.
Your house? Did brother Bharat?
I'm Saraswati. - Saraswati..?
I'm your sis-in-law.
Oh, I know Bharat never told you anything about me.
I'm dead for him.
Yes, yes, yes. I had told you not to invite anyone in this house.
Come inside. - Brother..
Brother, please forgive me for wanting to meet my sis-in-law.
What did she do to deserve this?
I feel ashamed of telling to you what she did.
Still I want to know.
She's characterless.
She had relations with he to-be husband ever before they got married.
So what?
What do you mean so what?
Is it okay to have that kind of relationship before marriage?
Do you know that she was about to be a mother before marriage?
But she did marry the person she was supposed to marry?
And everyone makes mistakes.
Prabha...let's go..
We'll surprise uncle.
Where did the furniture go?
What happened to you, uncle?
I was so happy to hear the news of your marriage..
...that I told Nandu to put all the furniture away.
I'll bring in the furniture if you increase the rent.
Or else - Don't kid, uncle.
Oh, you people are here. Those rascals...
Shut up, nandu. I've told you many time not to talk this much.
The thing is...
Where are you going, Bharat?
I have some work, uncle.
Why don't you take a leave from picking up fights today?
I'm not going to do that, uncle.
Uncle, now you've started.
This has all happened because of us, right?
Nice. I get the beating and your get the credit?
This is the certificate of my honesty, Mrs.Prabha.
It's a matter of great pride for me to know...
..that the most dishonest man in the city counted me
among the honest men.
I wanted to talk to you about something.
Be seated.
You are in-charge of this police station.
I want to ask you why criminals have been given..
...such a free reign in this city.
Who are you?
Are you one of those people who insist on..
...knowing the name before delivering justice.
Look, I'm not used to hearing bullshit.
Who are you?
Hello, sir. - Hello, brother.
This is Bharat Prasad Sinha.
Sir, I'm in the uniform therefore I'm shaking..
...your hand. Otherwise I'd have kissed it.
So you are the one who's dared to put his hand in..
..the mouth of the crocodile?
Someone or the other had to put an end to it.
In this city, you can select the way you want to be doomed.
I don't have anything to say right now.
I just have one regret, that I didn't get to serve under you
after being posted here.
But I was excited that I’d get to meet you..
..and ask you how it feels like to serve with honesty..
...and integrity.
Let's go to the quarter and have a cup of tea.
Let's go.
These people are so smart that they brought louts from outside..
...to mess with Mr.Fernandez's house so no one could suspect them.
But I'm not going to spare those people because of whom..
.... an honest officer like you had to resign.
Honesty is a way of living, Mr.Zaidi.
Like people in all the other fields, people in the police force follow...
..this way of living.
And the other thing is I've not resigned.
Yes. That rumor was spread so Dharam Kohli could...
..let his guard down and be careless. And that is what happened.
That's astonishing, sir. We didn't even suspect it.
How would you suspect? Only the commissioner knew about this.
He's going to telephone him yourself.
But this thing is very confidential. No one should know this.
Because till now we haven't been able to tell who's on..
..our side and who's on Dharam Kohli's.
But I have a bad news.
What? - Mahesh escaped yesterday.
While he was being taken to the jail from the court.
No worries. He won't be able to escape.
He just a part of Mr.Dharam Kohli's crime machinery.
You prepare for tomorrow.
What is going to happen tomorrow?
Seth-ji, if you wish I could call some people up..
Shut up! why did all the activities have to stop..
..if I fell ill for sometime
I had kept all the city under my control and you..
...couldn't even keep one inspector under control?
You, why are you here?
I've run away.
Why did you come here?
Did you not know that there are police everywhere..
...around this mansion?
You're right, sir. You should have thought about that.
Now the police will come looking for him here.
Get lost!
Hey, listen. Awasthi, tell him about Prabha.
What happened to Prabha?
Ms.Prabha Sharma has become Mrs.Bharat Prasad Sinha.
Yes, and that is not all.
She told all the addresses to Bharat and got them all raided.
The police have got all the papers.
Even Seth-ji won't be able to escape now.
Awasthi, come with me. Don't you worry, Seth-ji. You'll..
...get all your documents back.
Let's go eat.
Just a minute.
What are you doing?
This is my house not your police station.
You will not be obeyed here. I'm the boss over here.
I just want to go through this file one more time
File won't become cold. Food will.
Okay, let's go. But keep this file somewhere safe.
Will it go somewhere by itself.
Madam, this is not some ordinary file. This file..
...contains information about Dharam Kohli.
Even the wind shouldn't be able to touch it.
Alright. You go sit at the table. I'll put the file in the safe.
Okay Prabha, I'm leaving.
I won't be able to come from lunch.
Okay, even I won't have lunch then.
Now you are imposing yourself on me.
I won't eat without you. End of the story.
Look, just a couple of more days...
We get to spend with each other only during the lunch.
Sometime I think it was better If I was a criminal..
..Atleast you'd have chased me!
Okay, I'll try my best to come back. Come.
Who is it? Who is it? Come in.
What happened?
Bharat sir has asked to me inform you that he'll be back for lunch.
Okay, tell Bharat sir thank you very much on my behalf.
Tell me to come a bit early.
Okay, Madame.
Who is it? - Hello, Madame.
The inspector has asked me to tell you that he'll come...
..early for lunch.
Early?! Tell him to come within half an hour.
Errr um...Yes, Madame.
You're here already? Yes, I was waiting for you.
Yes. Your house is so beautiful.
Infact, this looks more like a heaven than a house.
Sorry, I haven't recognized you.
How would you be able to recognize me if you haven't seen me?
My name is Mohanlal Awasthi. - I serve people.
But, he's at the police station. - That's why I'm here.
There's only one thing missing from this heaven-like home.
There are no good pictures here.
I've a friend who's very interested in photography.
He takes beautiful pictures of landscapes.
You go through them. If you like any of them, we'll work something out.
I don't want any pictures.
But going through them won't cost anything.
I told you I won't want them!
But go through them..please.
Hey, you're stuck on the first picture.
Go through them all. There are even better pictures after that.
Keep all these pictures with yourself.
The negatives are with me.
But I won't be able to see the ruin of this heaven-like home.
I tried to convince Mr.Dharam Kohli...
..that yours is a new marriage.
And if the inspector sees these photos, then your..
...marriage will surely be doomed.
And he did tone down a little bit after I explained it to him.
He said Mr.Inspector is not my enemy..
This can all be put to rest if he hands over the file he brought..
...home yesterday.
And if you do that everyone will have peace and quiet in their lives.
I'm off.
Oh yeah, just call Seth-ji before coming home..
...but I do recommend that you hand-over the file.
Prabha! You ordered me to return early and here I am.
Please get a cup of tea. Hurry up!
Let's go in.
Nope. First we'll eat something and then we'll go out
Leave the magazine here. I want to read it.
Hurry up!
Shame! You too?
You are like Saraswati.. Why didn't I die before seeing these?
Hey, where are you going?
I was coming to you.
You had forgot the file.
Now that's a model wife. You look so nicely after me.
But Mrs.Bharat Prasad Sinha, I don't need this file anymore.
Did you drop the case? - How would I drop the case?
But the arrests will start from tomorrow.
And tomorrow signifies the new start of our relationship.
Tomorrow? - yes
Assume that we've found the real truth today itself.
Zaidi told me: Sir, you don't have any work here today.
So go home. And if you are seen out of the house before tomorrow..
..I'll put you in jail, along with sis-in-law.
Atleast we could spend some time together.
Prabha, what's the matter?
Tell me. - Nothing.
This little happy piece of news brought tears..
..to your eyes? Imagine what would happen when I fill..
...your life with happiness.
Don't cry..come with me.
"Companion, forget that we ever loved each other"
"But, trust me, I've always been faithful"
"Companion, forget that we ever loved each other"
"Companion, forget that we ever loved each other"
I regret that I never read any poetry.
I can say only one thing right now: you look ravishing!
Where should we go today?
"If circumstances do us apart"
"The distance between us will only be the illusion of the eyes"
"If circumstances do us apart"
"The distance between us will only be the illusion of the eyes"
"Who knows, maybe we could be together again"
hey, what are you thinking about?
I don't remember when I was as happy as I'm today.
then should I ask for something. - Ask?
I'll get it, yeah? - Ask it and see for yourself.
Forgive Saraswati.
I don't remember how my mother was. So I..
...I don't know what a goddess is like.
I found out the difference between goddesses..
..and women with just the name of the goddesses only when I met you.
Today is the day to be happy, Prabha. Be happy today.
"I hope this night never ends"
"I hope this phase of love never gets over"
"I hope this night never ends"
"I hope this phase of love never gets over"
"I'm afraid the next waves would take away..
...with the serenity of the heart"
"Companion, forget that we ever loved each other"
Hello? Is it Mrs.Prabha Sinha? Susheela Kumari?
Wrong number. Hang up!
Yes, hello. Who? Susheel Kumar?
Ah, first it was Susheela Kumari. Next it was Susheel Kumar.
Wrong number! Hang up!
How strange! Every time I dial I get the wrong number.
I was thinking.. -You were saying Prabha would come running..
...after she knows about the file.
That's the thing about women, sir.
They are not punctual!
I had told her to call you
But I think her phone has stopped working.
Or sir...there it is!
She's coming, right? - Not she, he is!
Ah, Bharat! He might not take bribe but he must hold...
...dignity dear to his heart.
It's not Bharat who's coming. It's the commissioner. He'll..
..be reaching the police station in half an hour.
Does that mean it's the end of the game?
No. You've done so much for me sir. Your game..
..will not be over as long as I'm alive.
What more do we want? The excise people will..
....deal with the smuggling angle.
We just needed these papers.
The arrest of the driver with the truck number BRS291 was very helpful.
Where's the copy of his confession?
Now we have all the proof that Mr.Subramanium and Banwarilal..
..were murdered by these people.
Where's the file?
How did you assume that I'll give you the file?
I'm not here to leave empty-handed.
Give me the file.
He has taken the file with him.
You are lying.
Mahesh! have I ever called you a liar?
And I wouldn't have given that file to you even if I had it.
His success is more precious than my happiness.
Take a good look at this and make sure that nothing is missing.
You? - Where's Mr.Bharat?
I'm here.
Hand over the file to me if you want you and your family to be safe
Are you threatening me?
I'm not threatening you, I'm just making you understand.
Tear that file up or I'll ruin your and your mrs.
Lock him up!
Bharat, what are you doing?
Sir, look at what he was doing.
He dared to forcefully enter here and was trying..
...to tear all these files up.
Sir, he's trying to frame me.
He wants to take revenge.
Revenge? Against what?
That's private.
Don't make things up!
He'll know if I'm making things up after he listens..
...to what I've to say. - Tell me.
I can't say it in front of him!
If you want to hear, take me somewhere else.
Zaidi, can we sit someplace else?
Go to my quarters, sir.
Let's go. - Wait, sir.
Handcuff him before you take him. He's an escaped prisoner.
Why would I have come back If I wanted to escape.
What is he trying to do?
He's just making a last-ditch effort.
Let's finish our work
I think I'll have to go to jail.
Seth-ji, we will get the designation of 'political prisoners', right?
Shut up! Stupid! Don't say silly things
I might have to run.
you, get out.
Awasthi.. - Yes
Wait. You'll come with me.
This Dharam Kohli will take me to his grave with him!
Sir, commissioner has asked for you
Mr.Zaidi, I'll be there in a few minutes. You've..
..arranged for everything, yeah?
Don't you worry sir. Everyone of those will be arrested today.
Look at this, you'll know how dangerous this man is.
Sir, you'd have also understood that he's making this a private affair.
And that's why he is after me!
What kind of private affair?
because I know everything about your wife.
What do you know about my wife?
I asked you what do you know about my wife?
Stop acting! I know that you know what I know.
Don't beat round the bush, Mahesh. Or else!
You want to know? I had a relationship with your wife before..
...she married you.
What are you doing?
Let him go!
Will killing me prove that your wife is a decent woman?
Sir, was I called her to listen to all this?
Listen, lock him up!
Just a minute. Your 'decent woman' is waiting for you in that room..
...over there.
You here?
Commissioner had called me.
Prabha, just say once that all this is untrue.
I'll go and break this teeth right away.
All you have to do is say that all of this a lie.
Why are you quiet, Prabha?
Not everything is a lie.
What do you mean? Meaning..you..
and Mahesh had...a physical relationship.
There's some truth in it.
What do you mean by 'some' truth!
Does that mean you're half my wife and half his.
Now I'll have to tell you everything.
Go ahead. Not many husbands have the honour..
..of knowing everything about their wives.
My mother was always ill. And my father had become handicapped.
So I came to this city looking for a job.
And I started living with my father's friend- Mahesh's father.
Back then, Mahesh was not as he is today.
I went to live in a different house after I found out..
..that we are not meant for one another
We had even talked about marriage.
So... - You had to sell your body and decency.
Why are you leaving without completing your story?
Complete it! - What's the use?
Where will you go?
I don't know.
To Mahesh's house maybe?
I'd have never guessed you'd be so characterless!
Okay. You're free to go.
And you should let me go too.
Did you go through the file, sir?
You were up to my expectations.
Bharat - Yes, sir?
I want to say something to you?
People commit mistakes, deliberately or not.
It's not right to snap-judge them on the basis of these mistakes.
Do you meant to say that I should let Mahesh and..
...Dharam Kohli go?
You know that I'm not talking about them.
Then who are you talking about, sir?
I'm talking about, Prabha.
Forgive me, sir. I have a lot of work to do today.
I don't have the time right now.
Hey.. Forgive me.
A few things need to be arranged, sir.
What are you talking about?!
We got the warrants just now, sir and we were just going to leave.
Okay. You people should go and get done with the arrests.
Ramsingh, get Mahesh for me - Okay, sir.
You can leave, Ramsingh. - Okay, sir.
Did you call me to look at my face?
Please be seated.
Is this the new way to torture?
No. You should get it out of your mind..
...that I want to take revenge from you for you and Prabha.
If I had known about it earlier I wouldn't have even married Prabha.
Bharat, I really had something for Prabha.
I didn't marry her only because..
..I thought she deserved someone better.
But now that I know what you've to say, I think..
...even you are not worthy of her.
I had not called you to argue on Prabha's behalf.
Then why did you call me here?
To know what we talked about and how we spent out nights?
Ramsingh, take him away!
Seth-ji, where are we going?
We're going to hell!
But we'll return for sure.
Get in the car. Let's run away.
Seth-ji, why do you go to the effort of driving the car.
We've got a car for you. Get in!
yes, sir.
Nothing. Leave
I saw it and you were saved from a lot of explaining.
This is an office and not a place to talk.
Yes, I lost the place where we are supposed to talk.
I had come to return these bangles.
I have no right to wear these now.
You should take a few days off. You need rest.
I'm leaving.
Prabha, don't leave me. I'm alone!
I'm the only one knows how alone you are.
Why did I have to hear all that from Mahesh..
..why did you not tell me?
I wanted to tell you everything about my past.
But when I saw how you treated Saraswati..
...over such a mundane matter...
Mundane? You think getting into a stranger's bed is a small matter?
Girls who don't know the difference between a husband..
..and a husband-to-be deserve to be kicked out!
I never betrayed you.
Infact I loved you like any girl would love any guy
How many people you've said these things to?
You know only god and the devil. You don't know anything about humans.
What kind of compulsion is this that prevents
you from living without me or with me?
I don't know what to think!
I whenever I try to think I think about you.
I know this is wrong, Prabha.
Knowing won't make any difference.
Now you won't be able to give me the same respect and love.
I'm leaving. And you'll be able to think clearly after I leave.
This won't do! I'll destroy this police station!
I'll get everyone of you dismissed!
You haven't gotten hold of a beggar.
I'll take you to the supreme court.
Sure. Go ahead. But don't piss us off right now.
Ramsingh, lock both of them up.
Sir, there's no more place in the prisons.
Okay, Niranjan, get them seated and arrange for them..
..to be sent to the district jail.
I'll call.. - Think before you call.
Go sit there!
Seth-ji, they'll learn their lesson pretty soon!
Hello? Who? Jailor?
This is Zaidi from the police station.
You've heard right.
Many arrests have been made.
Listen, the prisons here are full. I'm sending..
...some special prisoners over.
Yes, listen, these people are dangerous.
Be careful with them.
They're quite famous personalities.
I'm sending them in my jeep. Keep a watch over them.
Does he look like a delicacy to you? - eat..
..what you want?
Get out of my way!
Give me the revolver. I told you to give me the revolver.
Don't move! - Gimme the revolver
I'll shoot!
I knew. I knew this was going to happen soon.
They had come to arrest Kohli. And Mahesh worked for Kohli
So he couldn't bear to see me being friends with Mahesh
And that is why I was apprehensive when I said yes to Bharat.
I never crossed any boundaries when I was with Mahesh.
Tell him that I loved him with all my heart.
But why are you going?
You'll live here, with me, in this very house.
No, uncle
He'll start remembering about the past whenever he sees me.
Mr.Fernandez, where's sis-in-law? Mr.Bharat is asking for her.
She has just left for the station.
You go to the station. You know sis-in-law, right?
You go to the station and I'll get the ambulance.
Ambulance? What happened?
Bharat has been shot!
Shot?! how?
This is not the time to talk. He's in a serious condition.
She must be on the way, sir.
Uncle..Prabha - She'll be here soon, son.
She won't leave you.
But I've left everything....
Don't say that..
Sir, she's here!
She's here? Oh, god!
Prabha, you've come..
I was waiting for you.
Prabha, wear these bangles. Mom wanted you to wear these.
And tell Saraswati that I've asked for forgiveness.
Niranjan, hurry up The ambulance is here.
This medal for the utmost courage and..
...determined performance of duty is given to district..
..superintendent of police, Bharat Prasad Sinha.