REMEMBER WHEN (Zombies vs. Ninjas #10)

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I need more pressure!
We're losing him!
Not on my watch! Forceps!
This is a can opener!
Pressure's dropping!!
Don't you die on me, dammit! DON'T. YOU. DIE. ON. ME!
It's no use. We lost 'im.
Guys, forget the TV. This is a good chance to engage in some old-fashioned conversation.
What do you say?
Why do you guys always have to be such colossal jerks?!
All right, Tanzy, relax: Tonight will be "Conversation Night". How 'bout you kick things off and
we'll try not to die of boredom.
What's on your mind, Tanzy?
I was just thinking back to the time Rogi competed in that big dance contest.
I'm king of the world!
Tanzy, what the hell are you talking about?
I ain't never been in no dance contest! Though I have been known to bust a move.
That's ridiculous! I remember it vividly!
Maybe Ninja girl confused with time she start riot at karaoke bar.
Now THAT I would have remembered!
I will swear to the fact that I've never sung karaoke!
Well, there's no way you guys could forget that time Andre fell in love with Bartleby.
That's ridiculous! My relationship with Andre has always been completely professional. The
very idea that he might have romantic feelings towards me is absurd!
This is crazy. Why are we all having memories no one else can recall?
Well, while you losers sort out your brain farts I gotta go drop some kids off at the
pool if you know what I mean. Laterz!
Great news, Ninjas! I've successfully tested my latest invention: The "Flash Forwarder!"
A device that allows people see brief flashes of the future!
That explains it! We're not remembering the past. We're seeing things that are yet
to happen!
Wow, guys! While I was on the crapper just now I had the greatest memory of all!
Look out!
Thank you, Mr. Gay Zombie Centaurcorn!
Holy ----! It's Zombie Megan Fox!
Then what happened?
That's just it. The memory ends right there!
Dr. Braynes, are these future events that will happen, or might happen?
I'm not sure. The machine needs more work to enable longer glimpses into the future.
And for that to happen, someone is going to have to come up with a lot of money.
What the ---- are we looking at?