Browser Test: Chrome 12 vs Firefox 5 vs Internet Explorer 9 vs Opera 11.50 vs Safari 5

Uploaded by duncan33303 on 08.07.2011

Hey guys so today I’m here with the next in my series of browser tests,
today taking a look at Chrome 12, Firefox 5, Internet Explorer 9, Opera
11.50 and Safari 5. Before we begin let me explain a bit about my testing
procedure. All browsers are fully updated to their latest non-beta release
and all were tested using a fresh install with no additional options enabled
such as hardware acceleration. Each test was run multiple times on the same
Windows 7 computer. The first test is the V8 Benchmark, a Javascript test
made by Google. This is a good indicator of overall Javascript performance
for websites such as Gmail. Here you’ll see that Chrome dominates the
competition with Opera and Firefox following up behind. Next we have the
Peacekeeper benchmark which is a great overall test of browser performance
and one of the most influential tests of all. Here Opera pulls out a narrow
lead over Chrome with the rest of the browsers considerably farther back.
Getting away from pure speed and into memory testing, each browser was loaded
with multiple tabs open. Here you’ll see Firefox takes it’s typical lead with
Opera and Internet Explorer a bit behind. With HTML5 becoming a growing part
of the online ecosystem the HTML5 test measures how well each browser supports
the latest web standards. Chrome takes a solid lead here however all browsers
with the exception of Internet Explorer do a great job. Lastly we have the HTML5
Fishbowl. This test focuses on how well each browser taps into the GPU of your
computer meaning native hardware acceleration is a big factor. Internet Explorer
aces the test with a perfect 60 fps and Firefox does a respectable job while the
others fall flat. Unlike previous tests there is no overwhelming winner this time.
Each browser with the exception of Safari had at least one area where it did a great
job however if I had to pick just one it would be Chrome. Opera impressed me
thoroughly with it’s performance and excellent interface, Internet Explorer remains
one of the best looking browsers I’ve ever seen and Firefox 5 remains a great go-to
choice however all things considered today Chrome remains the winner.