Q&A with Drunvalo: Episode 2

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Hello everyone, I’m Drunvalo Melchizedek and I’m here
today to answer questions. You have given me some exciting questions right now so I’m
literally just going begin to answer them. The first one is from Shannon Johnsons, and
she has 2 questions actually. And I’ll just read her question and then I’ll answer it.
She says: “Are crystals the highest form of earth or rock evolution? Or are they in
a form that is ultimate perfection, like something all life strives for or are they in a class
of their own?” Well, it’s really as above so below. All
things are linked together, all levels of life are linked together and crystals are
simply atoms that have decided to connect together in very specific geometrical patterns.
That creates crystals. They are the highest form of mineral life, which is one level of
life and if there’s something higher than mineral life, I am not aware of what it is.
There could be. So they are like an ultimate perfection of that. What you must understand
about crystals is there is much more to it, there are deeper aspects of this question.
Crystals are living beings, they are alive, they are conscious, they are aware, just like
we are. In fact, if you go onto the periodic table of elements, you’ll see on the table
that there will be carbon and directly underneath carbon, there’s silicon, which is one octave
below carbon. These 2 atoms by science are known as the living atoms, they are alive.
For a long time we thought carbon was the only living thing, we didn’t know there
was anything else. And in the fifties we discovered that there was silicon which exhibits the
same exact principles of life that carbon does. And so, when you’re holding a crystal
and you have one in your hand, realize that this crystal is connecting with you in ways
that you may just be coming aware of, and they can be your teacher, they can communicate
with you once you’ve become used to subtle energies. I worked for years with crystals,
I still do, not so much as I used to. I used to be really involved and used to give classes
on them all the time. But they are living, they’re alive and they are extremely useful
to your evolution if you will allow them to be this way.
Ok Shannon asked another question, let me see what it is. She says: “When one asks
for a ‘sign from the universe’, I assume that for the most part these signs are highly
personalized and perhaps only perceived by the asker. On the other hand, as I read in
the book, there are the triple numbers that signal certain learning patterns. These other
signals and symbols that appear, that anyone can pick up on, that are not such personalized
ones, what are they and what are they meaning?” Well, the indigenous world is very much aware
of this and so are the ancient cultures. Many of the ancient cultures, the Egyptians and
Sumerians and all over the world in the ancient times they understood that the signs were
a way of communicating with mother earth and father sky. So, when a ceremony is done for
example in the native American world, and if they’re trying to see if there is permission
to do something, for example, and they’re doing the ceremony around that, they watch
to see if there are signs coming from nature, things they can’t control, nothing that
they can have any influence on at all. And so, if they see lightning come down in a certain
way or perhaps in eagle flight directly over the top of their ceremony, these are signs
to the indigenous people, it’s communication from mother nature and they almost always
want three signs, or more, sometimes they want more. But usually, almost everywhere,
it’s three. And when they see the three signs, sometimes they will then do another
ceremony and they may do this 2 or 3 times watching for the signs to come over, if it’s
something really really important. You mentioned the triple numbers and let me
explain that. That is a very similar thing. That was something that was given to me personally
by the angels in about 1972, and they wanted me to use it as a way of confirming to myself
many of the things that I was experiencing within myself. So, if I was trying to see
if I understood something, perhaps about -whatever it was that I was trying to understand, I
would watch the triple numbers as they moved through my reality. I have no control over
that; it’s like I look at a billboard and there’s a phone number and it has 555 on
it. Or I see a license plate of a car that goes by and it’s 333. Or, there’s other
ways you can see those numbers, they could be in letters, like “mmm” is 444. If you
count the letters as 1 2 3 4 5 it’s a b c d e f g h I, those are 1 through 9, and
you start all over again 1 through 9. This is the procedure that I was taught. So letters,
you could have a 4 and an m and a 4, when you have that, it means it’s somewhat hidden
but it still is there. Let’s talk about, first of all give the “why” triple numbers
are important. I am not the first person to ever talk about
this by the way; Alice Bailey was one who talked about this. It’s all based on music;
if you look at the chromatic scale of twelve notes and on the thirteenth note there’s
a return, these cycles per second of the notes between each one of these notes is 11 cycles
per second and multiple ZEROVS, so it’s all 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, etc. that go up. So
whenever you see even double numbers, like you see 11, that means that a harmonic moment
taking place. But when you see triple or more, then a really harmonic moment is taking place,
and what that harmonic moment is about depends on what those numbers mean. So, what the numbers
mean is this: 111 refers to energy flow; it could be any
kind of energy flow, it could be money, it could be electricity, it could be sexual energy,
it could be anything at all that is associated with energy or even the subtle energies. But
it’s energy flow. It’s almost always positive. 222 means that a new cycle is about to begin
in your life and it depends on what you’re thinking about when you see 222, that’s
the other thing. It’s very much like the “ching”, whatever you’re thinking about
is what je ching talks about and the same way, whatever’s in your mind when you see
the triple number is what it’s referring to. And so, when you see 222, it means a new
cycle is about to happen and it’s based on whatever it is that you’re thinking about.
But what the nature of that cycle is determined by the next triple numbers that you see.
333 means that you have a decision in your life, about whatever you’re thinking about,
and that decision is going to move in two ways, it’s either going to become 666 or
it’s going to become 999. 999 means it was completed and whatever you were making the
decision on you made the right choice and it was solved, it was completed. If it went
to 666 it means that it went out of harmony and that you’re going to have to do it again,
you’re going to have to find another way to complete whatever decision that you’re
trying to make. I’ll talk about 666 and 999 in just a moment.
The next one is 444, this is a completely different stage of development here of the
numbers, and 444 refers to the mystery schools. It’s the school where you are in ordinary
life and you have just stepped in and begin to become aware of spiritual life and of the
subtle energies. And as you begin to study you’re usually reading books, and as you’re
reading these books that is the school, that’s the mystery school of 444. So you’re reading
about spirituality, you’re not really doing it so much as you’re trying to understand
what it means and the expansiveness of what the mystery school is.
Then there is 555. 555 is actually the highest number. It is the number of completion of
the mystery school. So we’ve jumped from the beginning to the very end when you go
from 444 to 555. 555 is the number of Christ, it’s the number of unity consciousness,
it is the pentagon, it is the angle of 72 degrees; it goes on and on and on, but it
is the perfection of the human being. 666, we all know that that’s the number
of the beast, but it actually refers to us and to the material world. We are carbon,
which we talked about a little bit before, and carbon is based on six electrons, six
neutrons and six protons, and so we are the number 666, and we are the material world
where we are at this moment in polarity consciousness. And so, that number, when you see it one time,
it basically usually means a warning. It means whatever you’re thinking about, be careful,
because the material world is about to enter into that. If you see it twice in a row, you
have to seriously consider this. If it starts coming up three and four and five times, your
life is in danger. You really just got to stop, be very very careful. If you’re driving
a car, I would pull over. In fact I did this one time, I was In Germany and a guy, 666
came up four or five times and he did pull over and his motor blew up, and I mean it
just exploded. And so another little story: I was in Australia
and somebody asked me about what 666 mean and I was walking down the street and I said
it is a material world, and I was looking like this and I didn’t notice there was
a sign low and I ran into it and bumped my head on the sign and almost knocked myself
out. And so, it’s physical is what it is, it’s
a physical thing. It can mean evil, but only in extreme cases. It usually just means the
material world. 777 is part of the mystery school again, there’s
three numbers: 444, 777 and 555. 777 is where you’ve been reading books, you’ve been
trying to understand the spiritual world, even trying to understand ascension and resurrection,
and meditation and all these kinds of things there’s such a witness. And then you step
into a stage where you go out of that study mode and you begin to practice, you begin
to practice meditation and yoga and you begin to practice pranayama or breathing, and you
begin to actually do this, and that’s the number 777. That’s what it means. It means
that’s the stage that you are in at that moment. Eventually you will come to 555, which
means you go from 777 where you’re practicing till the time you become a master. And when
you become a master and you actually understand what’s happening and you’re living it,
you’re breathing it, you’re making it real, that’s 555.
Then you go into 888, and 888 is a completion number. It completes only one thing and that’s
444. So when you’re in the school of 444 and you’re reading and studying things and
you’re trying to understand something, you’re going to see 888 a lot. And it’ll mean that
you’re trying to understand, say crystals that we were talking about. And you’re trying
to understand them and then one day you get it, you get that they’re alive, you understand,
you feel it. You really do understand it and you’ll see the number 888. It says to you
you’ve just completed that lesson in 444 in the mystery school.
999 is also a completion mode, it completes the cycles of 222. So 222 is when a new cycle
is beginning and if you see the number 999 it means, just like in 333, you have completed
that cycle. So 999 is tied to 222 as well as to 333.
000 means nothing. So don’t worry about it.
So these are signs just like in the indigenous world where they are looking for eagles and
for signs that will happen, that they can see the meaning from the symbol of what that
sign is. This is a very defying mathematical way of
looking at it and you can really tell what’s going on at any moment in your life if you
watch these things. Once you know this and you start looking,
it’ll blow your mind. Because mother earth is talking to you all the time. You don’t
realize this most of the time but she is constantly discussing things with you.
So, I hope that helps you. Let’s see, this one is from Michael Tumbling
from Russia. And he says: “Can I use the merkaba to teleport
my consciousness, not a physical body, to a parallel reality, to teleport to infinity?”
Well that’s a pretty deep question. The merkaba, just for those that don’t know
what this is: our body generates a physical field around our body, it is about 55 to 60
feet in diameter and it looks like a flying saucer around your body when it’s activated.
And the mearkaba is the means when you die, it is how you are able to move from this world
to the next world. And you use it when you’re born into the next world, so it is really
important. But it has many many many other uses besides just as a vehicle. He’s talking
about teleporting his consciousness to a parallel reality, and yes you can if you have the proper
relationship with your merkaba. You can teleport your consciousness into other parallel worlds
and to other dimensional worlds also. It is a form of movement, in fact the word merkaba
in Hebrew means chariot or a vehicle. And so you can actually even use it to simply
fly around the external world while your body is lying on a bed somewhere. And it’s real,
you can actually prove it to yourself. I remember when I was learning how to do this many years
ago, one of the things I did was, after I had done a whole lot of other things and I
was getting used to it, I flew down to a library because I was trying to see if this was really
real, and I flew into a library and in my ethereal body I took a book off the shelf
that I had never seen before, I looked at it, never seen it, opened it up, saw who the
author was and I read de ISBN number on there, and I memorized the number and the name, closed
it up and put it back in, flew back to my body, woke up, got in my body, drove down
to the library, found the book. It was real, which was enough in itself, it kind of blew
my mind, and then I looked at the ISBN number and it was the actual number, and when I saw
that number and it was the right number, that’s when my confidence in this kind of work increased
pretty dramatically. Since then I have been able to do almost anything in these levels,
and you can too. Anybody can, and it’s OK. When you’re in your merkaba and if you’re
doing it through merkaba science, you’re safe in there, nobody can mess with you. It’s
not like doing astral projection, where you’re held only by a little cord and you really
are not very safe doing that kind of movement outside of your body. But when you’re in
your merkaba, it’s not a problem. If you truly have activated it properly and you know
what you’re doing, you can really begin to study the universe, you can go to other
planets, you can go to other worlds and see what life is like. You can’t stay there,
you can’t bring your physical body with you under these conditions but you can do
that. OK everybody, thank you and till next time.
We’ll have more questions in the future. OK thank you.