"MONSTERS" (Day 5 Movie Club)

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Don't you hate all that space probe crashed
now these monsters running around

40 minutes later

I really hope no monsters show up

Yeah okay
77 minutes later



Hello and welcome to Day 5
of the DeFranco Nation Movie Club
That's right Oprah,
literacy just took a turn for the awesome
that's terrible
Today is Day 5
and if you saw the video the yesterday
we set the next 7 movies
that were going to talk about up
so if you haven't seen that yet,
check out yesterdays video
But today class, we're going to watch

which I'm about to do on the old computer here,
using the lovely the Netflix instant queue
which of course works on:

computers, iPads, iPhones,
all that good stuff,
Xbox, PS3
Xbox, PS3, Wii
almost everything,
and the reason we are watching Monsters
it was highly recommended,
but also hushed because it was a low budget movie
it actually only cost about $500,000

they did guerilla shootings,
so a lot of the extras, didn't know they were extras,
Directed by Gareth Edwards, main two characters
are played by Whitney Able and Scoot McNairy
and the movie is described as:
Six years after aliens invaded Earth,
a security force maintains tenuous control in the Infected Zone
straddling the U.S.-Mexican border.
Andrew, a photographer,
is documenting this war-torn area
when he's interrupted by an unexpected rescue mission.
Samantha, daughter of a media mogul who just happens to be his boss,
needs an escort home, and Andrew reluctantly takes on the job.
So I've heard very mixed reviews about this
going into the movie,
going to watch now,
if you have not seen it, watch it
because I'm going to talking about some specific stuff
off I go, and heres 10 seconds of the trailer

We're back, I'm very torn,
as far as this movie goes
I definitely see what a lot of people were saying
why they hated this movie, I definitely see why
a lot people loved this movie,
a lot of people were saying
there weren't enough aliens or creatures or whatever
"You know I wanted like
Transformers meets Alien


a movie where things actually happen."

on the other side people are saying

the whole point is that it's subdued
even though they are in this extraordinary situation,
it always comes down to relationships,
because this a monster movie where it's not like Godzilla
just attacked, it's like Godzilla just attacked and
he got a condo and he's chilling and
it's like six years later and everyone like
"Oh hey it's Godzilla, let's just fucking avoid Godzilla"
And looking at this movie, I can't help but stress
like it gets a little extra room to mess up
because it really was, it was made for $500,000
which is amazing, especially when you look at
all the stuff they got into the movie
the relationship between the main two characters is actually really good

that is probably because in real life they're married
but you do actually care about the characters
even though mistakes are made here and there
so everything starts off easily enough,
they're trying to get back home,
the only way to get back home is a ferry, they pay cash
then the main guy has sex with a mexican girl, which of course,
if you've watched any movie ever, means the Mexican
girl is going to steal his ID and his money
because apparently that's what Mexican people do in movies
Then they're forced to go through the infected zone
which, of course, is infected because
a satelitte probe six years ago crash landed
with some bacteria from the Moon,
which obviously resulted in monsters
and while you don't see a lot of monsters,
you do feel the tense situation,
because most of the time,
if you're going to see these things,
you're about to die,
so they go through, relationships evolves, you find out more
about the monsters, mainly that monsters have sex,
and then they jizz on trees

I think that's what happened in the movie
then everyone dies except them,
because well that's how a movie works
kind of when the movie got interesting,
was the last 20 minutes,
they get to this giant wall, which America has finally built
because as much as we complain about

Mexicans jumping our borders,
we like people picking our fruit but

giant monsters that kill people,
fucking the biggest giant wall you've ever seen
which I don't know see how that actually helps
since the monsters look like they fly, but then something
said during this part in the movie, that kind of just,
stayed with me, and it was the guy talking
to the girl and he's like "Once we get over those walls,
we're just back to our regular lives,
and like this will just have been a thing that happened to us,
and we'll perfect suburban homes,
and the world will continue being messed up,
but we'll be gone." And it reminded of when
I've talked to soldiers, who have come back to America
they refer to America as Disneyland
that the real shit is over there, with what
they have to go through and what they deal with on a daily basis
and they come back here, and it just is
weird artifical not
the raw nerve of what life really is.
And it was kind of a moment where I was I like "Aah, whaaa?
An emotional reponse,
victory for you director!"
of course they jump over the wall, they realize they want to be
together, there's this moment where you see the giant
monsters, like tentacle having
I don't know, pretty on of them came,
probably the guy one, then the military shows up,
you think everythings good, until you realize
that the people you think died in the beginning of the movie
were in fact the two characters you have been with
for the past 90 minutes, but does their
death change anyhting they've gone through, not really
it is still open ended, you don't know if they die,
but the main point of the story is, a lot of shit
is messed up and we put walls
to try and block ourselves
away from it, but what we really do is
trap ourselves and
really postpone the inevitable death
and shit that's going to happen to you
that being said, I think there were a lot of missed opportunities in this
movie, I definitely recommend it if you have
time to waste, but it is not a
must watch, I love to know what of course, what you guys thought,
since if you watch yesterday's video
you probably watch this video, this movie is readily availble
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it's a good time
and of course tomorrow, we're switching gears
and watching the movie Ponyo

I'm probably pronoucing it wrong,
so be sure to watch that, if you've already seen it,
send a video response to this video,
with the your opinion and review on the movie,
and maybe we'll use it tomorrow
anyways guys, I'm going to head off
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But guys, hope you're an awesome day
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