Rittenhouse Roller Pump Reversal Instructions

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O.K. Noel from Rittenhouse again.
Roller pumps
another subject
reversing them and why.
You have the reverse a roller pump to use on a gas driven engine.
Because P.T.O shafts run
Gas engines run counter-clockwise.
So to make it work
you have to reverse it.
So as in the earlier
earlier video we do the same thing we take it apart
except that we don't have to change the seals
or anything like that.
So when you get your pump by the way
it comes with a
parts breakdown manual.
In there
you're going to find
instructions on reversing your pump.
Now this shows
three different pump setups
with the impeller.
It tells you which one
and what number of
pump. You may have to change
the impeller itself
or you may not. You may just have to switch it around.
All depends on the pump that you buy.
Check the instructions
and follow them
and you will not have a problem once you put it back together.
Now we are going to split this one again.
Now that we've got it split one thing we want to do
We don't want to damage this "O" ring when we
take off
the uh...
the shaft
we'll pull the "O" ring out.
And now we're going to
put this in the vice
beat the back off
and then we will continue from there.
O.K. we've stuck in a Vice knocked it apart.
Now we're going to reverse it.
We do'nt need.
We've looked at our instruction. We know what we've got to do now.
Put them aside.
O.K. Like before we've got to take off
this plastic piece.
And the reason I'm saying like before
is because there is another video up on roller pumps
on how to repair them.
But anyway we knock off the plastic piece. So that
the shaft
can come through.
Remember earlier in the video
this was sitting like this
as per the standard
Now what we're doin
is we're taking the longer part of the shaft
and we're actually put through the
like so.
Take your piece of tubing that fits
drive it back down.
Make sure the impeller
is fully seated.
Now we're going to leave this as our
little stand.
We're going to put the pump back on top.
We're going to replace our "O" ring
and put our rollers back in.
If they happen to get a little dirty make sure you clean the dirt off
before you put 'em back in.
Otherwise you're going to start
tearing the pump up
right away.
There are rollers are back in.
We're going to join
the two halfs.
We have to take out
this plastic piece.
Cause we are going to use it on the opposite side.
So we install this back on top.
Use your other collar piece.
Drive it down to seat
the shaft on the bearing.
Turn it upside down.
We are going to reinstall bolts now.
Now you have it all tighten up.
Go ahead put the uh... dust covers back on.
Now you're pump is reversed.
Ready to
use with the gas engine
Note you can tell when a pump is reversed
by seeing the four bolts and the shaft coming out. If this was the
way that the uh...
pumps come
you would not be looking at the four bolts.
Now there is a few things
that you should know.
Once your finished with unit
you should rinse it out
and then run some anti-freeze through it
a fifty fify mix that has a rust inhibitor in it.
It helps keep the inside clean and
the roller from getting stuck.
If you let it sit over the winter
I would suggest that you take
squirt some oil inside
spin it around.
Let the oil lubricate the pump
that way it'll keep it from rusting
and you won't have a problem next year when you go to use it.
I hope this video through helpful to you.
If there's any questions you can always call us at Rittenhouse.
We'd be glad to talk to you on the phone.