Aces Go Places 3 最佳拍檔女皇密令

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Who are you?
Why do you want me to die?
Catch him.
Catch him.
You're lucky I didn't kill you!
Who are you?
I'm the one and only super secret agent, licensed to kill.
You should know my number!
Why did you try to kill me?
I was just testing how good you are.
What if I had been killed?
Then you're not good enough.
Have you ever been put to the test?
I'm sure you'd want to try me out!
I'm real fast, you know.
That's useless.
Cheers. To our success.
Success in what?
In saving the economy and bringing world peace.
Doesn't seem like my cup of tea.
But Her Majesty thinks you're suitable.
Her Majesty? Who's what?
Do you see something wrong?
No, what's wrong?
The crown is missing, of course.
Get someone to draw in a new one!
The crown has been stolen.
The jewels on the crown were sold in Hong Kong.
You're a famous jewel thief.
So Her Majesty wants you to steal them back.
You must be kidding! If she wanted to,
she could mobilize the army, navy and air force.
Why me?
The trouble is, nobody must know of this!
You have to help us.
Get the jewels back secretly.
The whole world will support you in spirit.
I'm also giving you my best assistant!
I'm used to working alone.
If you insist.
Why don't you take a look at her anyway?
Don't be so polite. I'm your assistant 701.
King Kong...!
King Kong!
If you accept the mission, you will be awarded.
Never heard of thieves getting awards.
There's always a first time!
Don't bother. You only need to give her to me.
That's not for me to decide. Ask Her Majesty.
Takes too long to go and ask her.
But she's right here.
I hereby commission you.
What's this?
Her Majesty's secret orders. Your carte blanche.
But I said that I'd quit.
King Kong!
Trouble is, my soft spot is acting up again!
I'm home, dear.
Junior, is mom out?
Where did she go?
Out shopping, back soon.
Junior, only sissies play with dolls.
You will become a sissy!
Come, dad will play ride the bull with you.
Ride the bull, fun to do. Be a big boy, good and true.
Don't you enjoy it?
Great! Haven't had so much fun in ages.
Here's your mom. Let's quit.
Be quiet! Let's scare her.
Come in!
Who're you?
I'm the daughter of no. 6.
Who's no. 6?
Your part-time maid.
No. 6?
My mom's ill, I've come instead.
You don't look like a maid.
I will if I change and take off my makeup.
Sit down. I'll get you some tea.
Don't do that. I'm the maid!
It's O.K. I like to be of service to pretty girls.
Are you the master?
Just call me Junior.
Junior Junior.
Come! Be good! Don't cry.
Your kid just wet himself.
You brat!
How could you! He did it on purpose.
I'm sorry. Let me clean it up.
Don't bother, I'll do it myself.
Let me help you, come on.
I said 'no need'!
What are you laughing at?
You find it funny? Brat!
Have some tea.
Thank you!
Help yourself.
No thanks.
It's still not dry? We'll use this to blow it dry.
It's O.K.
Junior! You and your wandering hands!
What is it?
It's nothing. The zipper's stuck.
Why did you open your fly?
I didn't do it, my son did!
The fan!
I wanted to dry your dress. Sorry!
It's O.K. I'll to it myself.
He's at it again!
Why did you unzip my dress?
I didn't do it on purpose!
You're a dirty old man.
Oh no, it's my wife.
What do we do now?
Our zippers!
Let me help you.
Did you fix it?
What do we do now?
I'll strangle you! How do you like that?
What do we do now?
Go and stop her at the door.
Are you no. 6's daughter?
Where's the master?
He's disappeared.
Who let you in?
The master. He let me in, then he went out.
Take this into the kitchen.
Tell her you're busy. Tell her to do it herself.
I'm busy, do it yourself.
I'll do it later.
Hello Junior. Have you been good?
You play on your own.
I'm busy, do it yourself!
She's gone inside.
Go over to the sofa.
The maids nowadays, really!
Brat! Better to have an egg than to have you.
Junior is crying. Pick him up.
I can't get up!
Why not?
You'll be furious if I do.
I'll be more furious if you don't.
Master, you're in deep trouble.
I can't explain.
You wouldn't believe me.
I guess not.
I think you'd better tell.
Tell? Tell what?
You undid your zipper.
You got your son to undo mine.
Put your tie in my zipper. Both of you are dirty!
Me and my mom both quit!
Can't you part with her? Following her like that?
I'm done. My only witness is gone.
Darling wifey!
Darling wifey, listen to me.
Listen to me.
Are you determined to leave?
Yes, so what?
Then there's nothing I can do about it.
Never mind. I'll pack for you.
Just now Junior was saying to me,
he's waiting for you to cook his dinner.
He'll only eat if you feed him!
Just think, would I fall for a kid like her?
With a great steak at home, why would I want a hamburger?
Don't be so corny. Do you really like hamburgers?
They make for a pleasant change sometimes.
They're forbidden from now on!
I'll never eat another one.
Isn't the steak at home good enough?
Of course it's good. Just a bit on the tough side.
Watch out!
Darling, what happened? Where are you hit?
You broke my heart.
To the hospital. I want to get away from you.
Wifey. I...
This looks great.
She's going to really fall for me.
She's not dressed, I won't be either!
Where did she go?
King Kong!
Why are you not dressed? You'll catch a cold!
Well, I've got the towel.
I find it hot in here. I'm sweating.
Don't pretend you're losing it.
Come, into the bedroom.
So soon.
Why don't you go lie down on the bed first!
I'll wait for her on the bed. She'll be thrilled!
Don't sing.
Are you ready?
I'm always ready.
Then I'll switch off the lights.
Go ahead!
Don't block the light.
Your first job is
to recover the missing jewel,
known as "Star of Fortune".
It's court exhibit is locked in the vault of the police headquarters.
To reach the vault,
you have to pass through an electronic detector.
Are you listening to me?
You have to try and get through.
That's easy.
The lights are the electronic sources.
If the beams are interrupted by something,
the alarm will sound.
But if I put a mirror down at a 90 degree angle,
the beam will reflect back to the source.
Then the alarm won't sound. Do you get it?
That's solved then.
There's another problem though.
What problem?
Baldy is my best friend. I can't do this to him.
Do it for me.
No, I can't!
Baldy likes girls as much as me. He'll understand.
I know you've brought something. Show me.
You know I hate chocolates. I hate them most!
I bought them for myself.
You've never given me anything
all these years.
We've got a son now and not even a ring!
What kind of a husband are you?
That's why I bought something special for you.
For you. Do you like it?
Do you think it's too cheap?
Why do you look so terrible?
Do you have a fever?
Inspector Ho.
How was Paris?
Guess Baldy was after the girls again.
How could you do that to her.
You're a father now.
Well, I'll try to quit.
I'll buy you dinner.
She got hit by trying to save me. I gotta stay with her.
I've got a pretty chick for you.
What time?
8 p.m. sharp.
8 p.m. sharp it is. Don't stand me up.
Hey, dress up a bit.
Will you?
Don't worry!
Do you have a reservation?
I'm looking for my friend.
Where's the pretty chick?
Forget it. The one I wanted to see is busy.
The one you wanted to see wouldn't come.
The one I dread most, "Super glue", is coming.
What Super glue?
Sticks real hard to you.
You've got to help me stop her tonight.
You always leave me the dirty jobs!
Here she comes.
This way please.
What a chick! Can I have her?
She really sticks.
Let her. She can stick right on to me.
You go on then. Just don't let her know I'm here.
Here she comes, go on!
But I don't know her.
Don't worry, I'll help.
Then I'm off. Go on.
I'm really going.
She's really hot stuff.
Fine if you want to get burnt. Just leave me.
Go on, hurry.
I'm right here.
He's not here.
We should sit down and get acquainted.
Thank you!
There's something itchy on my back.
Your back?
Yes. Take a look.
There is nothing.
There sure is on my back. Your back?
Still lower!
Lower. Bit more. A bit further down.
Remember, it's you who asked me to go lower.
A little lower still!
I can't go any lower.
I'm into the danger zone already.
Who told you to go there?
How dare you enter without a pass?
Hold this, sit down.
Getting fresh!
I don't want to play anymore!
Come on. Can you read palms?
You can't feel my hands if you can't read palms.
I only know a little, the books say...
When do you get off?
It's almost time.
Who are you? Thief!
Hurry. He's gone over.
Catch him!
So you want to die?
You will have a bald boyfriend.
A gift from heaven. He'll go crazy over you.
A soft hand is a loose woman, a hard one, wealthy.
Wealthy at times and loose sometimes!
How many are you, Sir?
Why are you looking at my head?
What can you see?
What has my head to do with fortune telling?
It's on fire...!
You lied. King Kong was here all the time.
I told you to keep her there and you bring her here.
I'm found out! Hot Lips!
What's this?
A whole batch of evidence was stolen from the station.
Even the station is not safe? Catch the guy?
No, we saw him come in here.
Can't be. I've been here all evening.
I'm leaving.
Sexy babe...
He's a real pro, like a diamond thief.
You're in trouble. You're the no. 1 suspect.
Lucky I was with you all evening.
I can prove that you didn't do it.
Let's call it a day.
Let's go...!
Don't tell my wife I was with a girl.
Yeah, I know what to do.
All the data is in, including what shouldn't be.
Ask anything you want to know.
It will answer any questions.
Just talk to it here. It'll answer.
And don't ask stupid questions!
You show me how.
What shall I ask?
It's a diamond heist. Ask about that.
Who is known for diamond heists in the world?
Stop. Enough. Stop printing!
Dumb person, dumb question!
Move over. I'll do the asking!
The one who did it used ropes, like King Kong does.
But it can't be him.
Cause I was with him that night, picking up a girl.
You should rephrase the question.
Who else uses ropes
other than King Kong?
Enough. Stop.
Damn useless.
It's not useless. Your question was dumb.
I was just testing it. It's as dumb as you!
Now we'll start over, properly!
Listen well. Who in the world, other than King Kong,
can get through our electronic detector system?
Something's up!
One last question.
Who, other than King Kong, can open the safe?
I've cracked it!
Attention all units, I've cracked the case.
Come in here quickly!
Well, who did it?
This fellow right here!
Didn't you know he invented the system?
That's why he's the no. 1 suspect!
Well, do you know where he is now?
Where he is now?
What does that mean?
He's dead!
How do you know?
He's my ex-father-in-law. I got him so mad he died.
That means no one can open the safe.
Then the heist did not occur. No more investigation.
You're off the case. Go home and wash dishes!
Better to have a fishball for a son than you!
Go, go on!
Go on!
Now there's just the two of us.
Tell me, who really did it?
That's impossible!
Cannot be!
She's so perfect
So perfect
Who else could compare with you?
How could I Ieave you alone?
I have no choice
but I will miss you.
Whatever you say. I'll promise.
Am I bothering you too much?
I don't know.
I just know you are always
on my mind.
I'll miss your kiss
and your smile.
I'd rather be prisoned by you
because I'm yours.
Merry Christmas!
Come on, don't look so spiritless.
It's Christmas, we have to do up the flat.
Lovely Christmas presents. Step right inside!
Merry Christmas!
I've been having the same dream for several nights.
That you gave me a fur coat.
What kind of a sign is that?
A sign of disappointment!
Show me that. Show me that wallet.
Get me that wallet.
Do you hear me?
This one?
Come out of there!
I've cracked the case!
Wifey. I've cracked the case!
King Kong's late. Maybe he's scared to come.
He's coming...!
You said we were going to have some fun. How?
Coming. Go on over there. They're waiting!
Sit down!
Don't move!
What are you doing?
This is the latest lie detector.
If you answer truthfully, the green light will go on.
If you don't, the red will light up.
Once it lights up,
you'll get a big present.
What's this all about?
Albert, quit the bullshit, let's get started!
This is a simple one. How old are you?
The truth!
It works!
You've had it. You are doomed.
You asked me to dress up,
on the night of the crime. What for?
Your question isn't very clear!
Rephrase it!
On the 9th of November
I was at the hospital
with my wife who was hit because of me.
Did you have another secret plot?
Yes, I did!
He said yes.
You asked me to introduce a pretty girl to you!
I didn't ask about that!
That night, you used 2 false hands to
make me think you were reading the paper
but you sneaked off to steal the jewel.
What are you talking about?
You were so excited about the girl.
Said she was hot stuff!
Nothing of the sort!
How come the green light is on then?
It must be out of order, like you!
Let's try again!
Go on, I want to know!
O.K. He wouldn't let go of her hand.
Even when it started sweating.
What else?
Said she was going to have a bald boyfriend.
And for her to go crazy over him!
I...It's the red light's turn and it won't go on!
Keep talking!
Says he gets real sexy with pretty girls.
And can leave his wife and kid!
Oh no! Now it's really broken. This is no fun.
It's O.K. You're innocent.
The detector shows you didn't lie. You can go.
How was Paris?
We're not through yet. Sit down!
She told you to sit down!
Remember I'm your pal. Help!
Help you? That'll be bit difficult!
It's you.
How can you do this to him?
It's ridiculous!
No. He doesn't deserve this.
You're a real friend.
Puffer fish, what are you doing?
Ignore her. Fight for me, to the end. Justice!
Now this is what I call justice!
Good. Now we begin.
Don't ask tough questions.
You have to answer truthfully.
Were you interested in that girl?
This question isn't very clear.
It's perfectly clear!
Did you have desires for her?
Just answer the question. Did you or didn't you?
I said no!
You're lying. Did you or didn't you?
Say yes!
If you insist!
That's right!
Damn you, Baldy!
I was in the hospital for you,
and you were after girls.
I'm ashamed of you!
Don't be so unhappy.
You've got her so mad she can't even speak.
I'll do the questioning.
Hey, don't get me in trouble.
Don't worry. I won't ask you about the girl.
Just give an honest answer.
Do you ever think of other women.
I don't want to answer that.
I want you to! No, I won't!
Will you answer or not?
I refuse to!
Hurry up and answer!
Over my dead body!
That means you're guilty!
You ungrateful, deceitful person!
I can't stand you either!
Oh wifey!
At your age, it's ridiculous to run away.
I've lost all faith in you.
Even if you ignore me, you must remember your son!
Junior, plead with your mom to stay!
Not bye-bye, it's beg-beg, not bye-bye!
You bastard. I'm in trouble and you rub it in further!
I'll just shut my ears to you!
I've never hit you before. Now I will.
Crying, eh? That's clever!
Go on!
Cry your heart out, I'm going to sleep!
Our next mission is to get the last jewel,
"The Royal Star", which is on exhibition.
The police is prepared.
I've found out that to catch us,
they have set up 3 blockades. The first is...
So the first blockade is so they can't get out.
The second is...
that no one can touch the stone.
A high voltage current is constantly charged.
Anyone touches it, and he'll be turned to ashes.
So they can't even touch the stone.
What's the third blockade?
The third?
The stone on display is not the real one.
Then where is the real one?
The exhibition organizer has the real one.
May I present, Mr Tso. The real stone is right here.
It will be kept in this secret safe.
Only Mr Tso knows the code to open it.
If I were you, I wouldn't be able to smile!
This is our last job, even though I've said this 7 times already.
But this time, I mean it!
What do we do with King Kong?
After this job, I'm going to quit.
I'll give him to you, but keep it secret!
Ladies and Gentlemen, your attention please.
This way, please; say cheers!
The TV monitors will tape each person.
The thieves have nowhere to hide.
If they get in, it's their tough luck!
All the rooftops are covered by marksmen.
Asia calling Europe, over!
The sun is out. Great for a tan!
Are we all set?
The whole world is ready; only South Africa is missing.
South Africa? That's Baldy!
Where'd he go?
I'm not his wife. How should I know?
It's O.K. I'll call him.
No answer?
That's impossible.
Don't tell me he's so stupid he's gone there.
If he doesn't crack the case,
I'll send him to Africa to wash elephants!
Welcome to our diamond exhibition.
This is the world's second largest diamond.
108 carats in all.
Enjoy the exhibition!
Santa Clauses?
I know it would be you.
You think I wouldn't recognize you?
Oh no!
Go ask Santa Claus for presents!
So many kids...
You mustn't go over there!
I wanna...!
You want a Christmas present?
There'll be presents for everybody!
Shut the doors!
Everybody in position. Don't fire at random!
Everybody stop moving. Stay calm!
Keep quiet. Do you hear me?
Asia calling the world. Santa is rising.
Where's Sun?
Asia calling Europe. Marksmen, get ready.
Got it! Hurry!
Oh hell, they've gone behind the billboard.
I can't see them, over!
What happened?
Big trouble. They've gone to the rooftop.
Tough day, eh!
Freeze or I'll shoot. Take me to the safe!
You wouldn't shoot? You're surrounded!
Take it, it's yours!
It's O.K. with me. I just need new glasses.
Up you go. Come with me!
Put your gun down!
Tell them not to follow us!
Don't follow us!
Baldy here. Don't move!
Over there, go. Should be over there!
You stay right here, kiddo!
Asia calling H.Q. We're going over to the east side!
We can see King Kong now.
Here comes Nancy. You're done for!
I saw you!
Did you hear that? My wife told you to surrender!
Wait till she catches me!
If not, we are going to shoot!
With Baldy here, you wouldn't dare.
King Kong. Don't play hide and seek with me.
We're speeding up!
Baldy, let's go into the underground.
Damn. I've lost all traces of them!
Move over!
Are we going on the underground?
It's O.K. I've got a stored value ticket.
My shoe's loose!
Up, up and away!
Attention, attention...
There is a U.F.O. in the tunnel.
Keep calm. We'll catch it
and find out which planet it's from.
Sit tight because I'm going to catch it.
Train arriving from Admiralty. Please do not...
Did I see right? There's a plane.
Why don't you land? Where are you taking me?
We're going to hit the hill!
I can see that, but we're out of gas.
What do we do then?
Let's jump for it!
Oh no...!
Don't you lie!
Hold on to me!
Let's go!
I beg of you. Come over here. Please!
Are you O.K.?
I'm O.K.!
The jewels are in place. No one can tell it's false.
That idiot is bound to fall for it!
Your telephone!
Who is calling?
The idiot!
Your call is through.
Hello Abbas!
The Statue of Liberty you sold me, is it real?
Of course it's real!
How come there is still one in New York?
That's a false one.
Those dumb Americans, they can't tell what's genuine.
You should take them to see the real one.
And now, what about the Crown?
It's ready. Any time you want it.
It's between you and me.
Don't forget to bring the U.S. Dollars!
Only you and I know about this deal. O.K.?
"A dot"? What is "A dot"?
Tell me, who asked you to do the job?
Been here for 3 days and nights, and not a word out of you.
You want us both to die of exhaustion?
I know it's tough. Why don't you take a day off?
You're forcing me to play tough.
Let's get him! Yes!
Pull his mouth open!
What are you laughing at?
Do you know there is a law
against policemen torturing suspects?
Yeah, so what?
It's a serious offence. I will sue you!
You're only bluffing!
It hurts more if it's a big one, hurry!
Don't make me do it!
Hurry! Don't force me to!
Hurry...! Don't make me do it...!
Calm down.
What's up?
I quit!
I told you he's no good!
He doesn't have the guts for it!
What do we do now?
Use the method my wife invented.
Cry, make a scene and pretend to hang myself!
Come on!
Does it work?
Of course it works. Whenever my wife uses it,
she doesn't even have to go beyond crying!
Been tough, eh. Have some coffee!
Feeling cold. Here, that's better!
What is it? Are you feeling O.K.?
Thought you were my pal. Yet you betrayed me.
You shouldn't feel so bad about it.
I know you must have your reasons.
You betrayed me because I'm your best friend.
What are friends for anyway?
My life is more bitter than bitter lemon!
Baldy. Don't go on. I've failed you!
You must have taken so much.
You're right. Tell me, who asked you to do it?
You would never believe me.
Try me.
Her Majesty, the Queen.
The Queen asked me to do it!
Don't try and fool me!
You think I'd buy such a dumb story?
It's the truth!
The truth? I'll flood you with my tears.
Really. I'm telling the truth.
The Queen asked me to do it!
You don't believe me when I'm telling the truth.
I'd pick someone smarter to betray!
Why should I lie to someone as dumb as you?
Would you believe me if I dropped dead now?
Forget it. I might as well do it.
I've never had a pal. But I don't betray people.
I'm always making fun of you. It's just a bad habit.
If you don't believe me, I might as well be dead.
No, don't do it. It's me who should die.
Go away!
Just leave me alone!
Let me die. Do you hear me?
No. I'll do it for you
O.K. You go ahead then!
What are you waiting for? Go ahead and die!
I'll do it but tell me, who asked you to do it?
I told you, the Queen!
I know your tricks. Go hang yourself!
I can't get down, save me!
Come save him!
Baldy, hang in there!
Don't pull. I can't breathe.
Had your fun?
Out. Quit fooling around! Get up!
The Governor wants to see you!
And you too, hurry! Me?
Chief. You're back! I'm helpless against mustachio.
Turned the station upside down during my vacation.
Sir, these are the people you wanted to meet.
I would like to introduce someone to you now.
This is our man from the Bond Street office.
He has special orders from Her Majesty.
You 3 are to assist him, on Her Majesty's Secret Orders.
You go ahead, I don't want to play this game.
You can't quit. You have to take part!
Shut up. I'll deal with you when we get home!
Let King Kong continue!
I met a Special Agent in Paris.
He too had special orders.
I even met the Queen. Have you ever met Her?
They got me to steal the jewels. I nearly lost my life.
I'm not going to do it again.
You were set up. You're dumber than a pig.
You were fooled too. What does that make you?
That was...
Oh, shut up!
Since you're both pigs, just shut up!
The people you met were imposters.
They used you to steal the stones
to sell the crown to an oil sheikh named Abbas.
A bus?
Abbas loves to collect rare things.
He tried to buy the London Bridge but failed.
So they told him the Queen is selling her crown.
How can anyone be so stupid?
Sure. There are two just as stupid. He's one!
And the other?
The other is you!
You have to stop this deal
and catch the whole gang.
Don't worry Sir!
They've always worked perfectly as a team!
Not until he apologizes to me first.
Thanks for telling me the truth.
But I still have to sort it out with someone.
I'm off!
Stop the car...!
Get down!
Get on. They're trying to kill you!
You owe me an explanation. Why betray me?
There's no time for explanations!
Get in and I'll explain later!
Well, you can start now!
My dear King Kong!
Actually, I know you're in love with me!
It's a dead end. Back up!
The road's over there!
This is great!
What to do with them?
Drown them!
They're letting in water.
Why are you so happy?
We can be saved now that they're letting in water.
Bite me.
Bite you?
Bite the button on my chest.
Are you serious?
Hurry! If you don't, we'll drown.
You get it now?
My secret weapon!
You want to drown us, do you?
You've got a surprise coming!
Let's meet at the rendezvous point.
Get ready to leave! Yes sir!
Look, helicopters.
Notify the Sheikh! Yes sir!
Sir, helicopters are here.
Where? Above us.
What do we do now?
Attention all units. Go and pick it up now.
Prepare to change course!
Attention those of you in the submarine.
I've picked up the Sheikh's yacht.
You guys can proceed with the rest.
What are they going to do?
You'll see for yourself, jerk.
Be careful!
We cannot fail this mission.
After the exchange, we'll serve drinks.
But we mustn't take a single drop,
cause the drinks are drugged. Got it?
Everybody in position. Remember to act real!
Act real? You said it!
Give me a massage. Let's have some grapes.
Grapes indeed! You like grapes, do you?
You'll never change. Won't let up any opportunity.
You know we always have a fallback plan.
If anything goes wrong,
I'll press this button.
The red light will go on,
and you'll have to press this button immediately,
to fire the torpedo and destroy all of them.
Boss, I know what to do.
That's good.
Prepare to depart!
Attention all units. They're on their way.
Go away!
Are you all ready?
All set.
Let's go!
The money!
The U.S. Dollars.
Where is the crown?
I love her!
Bring the crown!
Let's drink to the deal.
Serve them drinks.
I have a pyramid. Are you interested?
Really? We already have two.
Don't move!
Everybody freeze!
I'm sure he doesn't understand French.
He won't understand my dialect!
When I say 'get down', you draw.
When I say 'get down', you draw.
Everybody get ready.
Ready. Ready.
Wait, troublesome.
We've set traps. Leave now or never.
Give me the U.S. Dollars. Your pal King Kong is still in my hands!
Baldy. Give him the money.
Hand it to him.
Sure. I'll hand it over. I'm handing it. You get it, right?
Let's get out!
Over there!
You're bigger, you stop them.
Where do you think you're going?
Stop them!
They're flying up.
You know what to do. Cast the net.
It seems one got away.
So what. You go look for him.
Let's quit and go have a beer instead!
All get up and go to work!
The water rises. I'll kick the door open. We can get out.
I've come to save you. They've left to make the deal.
But you are Her Majesty. Why are you here?
She's my niece. Of course I have to save her.
Say thank you to auntie.
Thank you, aunt.
Hurry, let's go.
I've connected the torpedo switch to
the dynamite depot. It'll blow up.
Then we'd better hurry.
I'm going to fire the torpedo!
Fire the torpedo!
King Kong still was on that submarine!
Only the good die young!
King Kong, fare thee well!
King Kong!
Her Majesty!
Praise the Good Lord!
Congratulations to you three, on a job well done.
I knew I could depend on you.
I can't believe how smooth this has been.
Something is bound to go wrong.
Shut your mouth. Are you cursing me?
Be careful!
Now that the mission is completed,
you can go on leave.
Give it to me!
You people down there, listen to this.
Do you see who I have?
It's Junior!
My son!
Why did he take Junior?
Listen carefully. I don't want much.
Just the crown and the money.
You can send only one person up.
And don't try anything funny.
Junior, mom is coming to get you.
Dad too.
Take it!
How should we handle this?
Give me!
The crown and the money are with me.
After them.
Give me the crown and the cash!
Damn you. I told you not to steal again.
My last time. We have to try and save Junior first.
He's here. Stop right there!
Stay right there, all of you.
Stay right there.
Send the dumbest person up with the crown and money.
Wifey, he's asking for you!
Stay right there.
Not you. I want the bald one.
I'm saving my son!
But it's my son, too! Let me go. It's too dangerous.
Let me go. I'm the dumbest. I'm coming.
I'm dumb! Dumb!
Don't move! You Chinese are so indecisive!
What do you mean indecisive? We're being considerate.
We're not as cold-blooded as you.
Yeah. Ignore him. Let's continue.
King Kong is going up on the other side.
Let's divert his attention.
Why did you hit me?
Hit Me. No!
Hit me back! Do it, I'm telling you to! Here goes.
What are you doing?
Take that!
Why did you hit so hard? I'll kill you! Come.
If you don't shoot him, I'll shoot your son.
Hurry! Shoot!
You'd better shoot right now.
We can have another son but pals are difficult to find.
Go ahead and shoot!
My life is worthless, you should save Junior!
Don't waste time. Go ahead and shoot!
He won't have any pity. Just shoot me!
Have you really decided?
We'll give up our son for a pal!
No, no, I want them both...!
I'm going to count to three: 1, 2....!
Hold on to the baby!
Better you fall than let the baby fall!
Damn you. Choosing the baby before me!
Don't let your hands go or we'll all be done for.
Hold on Baldy, don't let go!
It's not my hands. It's my feet giving up.
See? You can't do without me.
I'm O.K.!
Are you alright?
I'm fine too!
Where's Junior?
Do you know what you are doing?
Oh, Junior!
Oh, Junior!
Damn you!
Good boy!
Are you alright?
We're fine! Just fine!
Then you can go to the airport!
The airport?
Now you can all go on vacation.
Let's go to South Africa and see the elephants!
I'm from the Agency.
Are you three Kodojak, Inspector Ho and King Kong?
We sure are!
We have a secret order for you.
What? Another secret order? What secret order?
The President's!
It's the President!
Her Majesty's secret order got us into this mess.
I don't want to play anymore!
Come back, King Kong!
Haven't you left yet? It's time! Bye-bye!
Any troubles you have, you can share them with me.
Let's sit down and talk it over.
If you need help, I'll be right here.
At your beck and call.
With you by my side, I'll never be afraid.
United we're strong.
I'll back after you
Have no fear, rest assured.
What a pair we make.
Any troubles you have, you can share them with me.
Let's sit down and talk it over.
If you need help, I'll be right here.
At your beck and call.
With you by my side, I'll never be afraid.
United we're strong.
I'll back after you.
Have no fear, rest assured.
What a pair we make.
That's what we are,
always a pair of aces.
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