Holy Sonnet 06 by John Donne

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Holy Sonnet 6 by John Donne
This is my play's last scene; here heavens appoint My pilgrimage's last mile; and my race
Idly, yet quickly run, hath this last pace; My span's last inch, my minute's latest point;
And gluttonous death will instantly unjoint My body and soul, and I shall sleep a space;
But my ever-waking part shall see that face, Whose fear already shakes my every joint.
Then, as my soul to heaven her first seat takes flight, And earth-born body in the earth shall dwell,
So fall my sins, that all may have their right, To where they're bred and would press me to hell.
Impute me righteous, thus purged of evil, For thus I leave the world, the flesh, the devil.