Apple iPad 2 Giveaway! And Need for Speed Shift 2 for XBOX 360 Giveaway!

Uploaded by TheGeeksHere on 30.03.2011

Hi Guys ,this is Max with accessory
I’ve got mario with me and a few questions, do you like free stuff?
The answer is yes of course you do and we like giving you free stuff
So, I don’t but she does, I like giving you free stuff and likes giving you free stuff
So you can enter to win a free Ipad2 give away sponsored by ipad2 ipad2.
That’s right... will be giving you an ipad2 away to 1 lucky winner.
So how do you enter? All away from april 1st to april 30th, you can do one up the following.
You can like us on facebook, you can like our profile picture on facebook, you can subscribe to our youtube channel
And you can comment on this video, wich is pretty awesome because you’re already watching the video.
So take the time, leave us comments below, you automatically enter and not only that...
We’ll be tweeting this on our twitter, so you can find us at
And just retweet our twitter comment and you automatically enter to win that way as well.
But a..theres one more..and for those, you who remember the adress of myspace, we’re still on there...
So go ahead and ask us as a friend on myspace and you also be a enter to win.
Now, not only we're giving away an ipad 2 to 1 lucky winner
But 3 other lucky winner will also a win the need for speed shift 2 unleashed limited edition
For the xbox 360, for the xbox 360, so you can get your racing on a.. with us!
So yeah comment.. subscribe.. likes.. retweet..a.. there’s 6 chance for you to enter, there’s a lot of chances
You can a..get a..1 up on all your friends by doing all 6 or you can just take your chances and try away just to comment or two..
Either way it’s up to you and a and for those who actually already subcribed to us or already liked us
You are automatically enter already so you got 1 entry atleast if you like us on facebook before
Or if you already subscribe us on youtube.
So, way to go, way to be the one up there, guys.
Ahead of the curve, that’s you, so a yeah go ahead you can enter starting april 1st you have all away to the 30th
The winner will be announced on a May 6th so stay tune for that.
We’re pretty stood to give this stuff away, so I hope you are too.
Thanks for tuning in, I’m Max I’m Mario and you got it from a geek.