Let's Read. Let's Move. With Chris Draft

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I am a huge fan of yours.
Wow. See that. You guys could learn from that.
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, please join me in welcoming one of our newest Washington
Redskin Line Backer and proud Stanford University graduate, Chris Draft, and our host for today
and the man President Obama has tasked with helping us learn and succeed in school and
life, United States Secretary of Education Arne Duncan.
Great job.
Good morning guys, how are you doing?
We have a couple of guys of here I want to introduce them. I need you guys to not just
raise your hand cause we are in a classroom setting but it’s not exactly just a classroom
setting. So, when I say their names, you guys got to get loud. I got H.B. Blades with me.
Mr. Rocky McIntosh.
Alright, now you guys are ready. I wrote a book and it’s called “Do You Want to Play
Catch?’ And there you go. You’re ready to move. So we’re going to read first and
then we are going to move. So then you want to play catch. When you look back to what
has made me who I am I hear a few words. What do I hear?
Do you want to play catch?
Do you want to play catch? Alright, so there’s my brother, there’s my brother Tony. He
is like hey do you want to play catch? Well maybe not baseball, but how about some wiffle
Anybody play wiffle ball?
I got a wiffle ball bat in my car right now. If you all want to play.
All right we’ll get back to that though. Do you want to play catch? Do you want to
shoot hoops.
Do you want to play football?
Do you want to right big wheels?
Do you want to talk until we fall asleep?
I learned a lot of things when I played catch hopefully you can too.
I want to play football.
You want to play football. Alright, let’s give him a round of applause.
Do you have a question?
Was it hard to write that book?
Was it hard to write the book? That’s a very, very good question. It took awhile.
It took awhile because I had the idea in my head and it just when I finally just sat down
and said alright I want to write it – I was able to do it. I think that anybody can
write a book. It is just that you have to have a story you have to want to say something.
If the Redskins got organized would you want to stay here forever?
Say that again?
If the Redskins are organized…..
If the Redskins were organized….are they taking shots at me – taking shots at our
The Redskins are very organized, they are a very organized team and I would love to
play for the Redskins for the rest of my life.
OK, before we leave, Ms. Joy is right back here. She has her hand up. We want to make
sure that everybody gets a library card. Alright now how many people have read five books this
summer? At least five books this summer. Well, that is a great thing right there, so what
we want to make sure is to get your library cards. So loosen up real quick. Make sure
you guys get your library card and then if you have already read five books, keep on
reading and then we want you to keep encouraging your friends to read also and share the books
that you guys have read. Okay, can we do that?
Can we do that?
Alright, good.