BRUTAL 4 round knockout workout!

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bjbj Mike Chang: What s up YouTube! Mike Chang! We re back, we re outside, I ve just got done
working out, and I actually just did a cool cardio circuit, and I want to go ahead and
show you all this before I go back inside the house. So I did four rounds of this already.
So I m going to show you all one round of this. What it is, is you re going to do high
knees with jump roping at the same time followed by clapping push-ups. So it s coming out,
working over a little bit of your chest, I did chest a little earlier today. And at the
end, we re going to close it off with jumping squats with your hands behind your head. So
that s how it s going to look. You want to do 20 reps of this, followed by clapping push-ups,
10 reps followed by so, 20 reps on the high knees, jump ropes, 10 reps for the clapping
push-ups, 10 reps for the jumping squats. Total of four rounds, it s going to be about
200 reps. Really good for cardio; really good for your chest, legs, real one, does good
exercises to kind of finish it off. So try it out, see you all guys. See how you all
like it, I am out of breath. I m exhausted, I ve been working out. So, see you all guys
next time. Check out the website for nutrition, and more workouts just like this, and the
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