Radio City Christmas Spectacular 2011 - Rockettes and 3D

Uploaded by DanceOn on 16.08.2011


ANNOUNCER (OFFSCREEN): Please welcome the world's greatest
Radio City Rockettes.
LINDA HABERMAN: Hi, my name's Linda Haberman and I'm the
director and choreographer of the Radio City Christmas
I've been directing the New York production since 2006.
It's a brand new number called "We Wish you a Rockette
Christmas." We have a number of brand new ladies.
We also have some that have been doing the tours.
We have shows that happen outside of New York.
This year, there's one in Nashville and one in Boston
and Durham.
And some of the ladies who've done the tours are going to be
dancing in New York for the first time so that will be
exciting for them.
But we're projecting on the walls and ceiling of the
theater so that you're going feel be like you are literally
at the North Pole.
So you're going to really be surrounded by Christmas.
There's also a new 3D element.
I don't want to say too much about it, but it's a number
with the Rockettes and 3D.
It's very cool.

MELISSA HILLMER: I've been a Rockette for 12 years.
MALE SPEAKER (OFFSCREEN): You've had a journey.
MELISSA HILLMER: I have done every version of this show
that seems possible.
As a Rockette, we're doing some amazing new choreography
that hasn't been done.
And we have new costumes, which is always exciting-- to
have something made for you.
There's just a lot going on this year that makes 2011
really spectacular.
We're very lucky to have Linda Haberman, who is a wonderful
director and choreographer.
She's taken this vision of not only the Rockettes but the
whole Radio City Spectacular and changing it and growing it
every year.
It's exciting to be part of something so new and the
cutting-edge technology.
So it's not nervous, but it's exciting.

The Radio City Christmas Spectacular opens 11-11-11 and
runs through January 2.